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  1. Thank you. I think with correct planning it should be to hard to do. Though the pings at the top of the winner windows are missing. So will have to try and sauce them.
  2. That's a very interesting read! Thank you very much indeed! I shale be giving that a try. Although I to have used duck tape as a temp repair damn it. Will tow the van the 2 and half hours home from storage. Repair and then the 2 and half hours home! Will be a long weekend!
  3. The main window the split is top to bottom!! Ito not help that I store my van near Great Yarmouth but I live in Northants! I'll give the people a ring in Halifax thanks for that. I did think superglue I'd need to see if there's a screwfix or such like bear by to get a 3 or 4 clamps to make sure can hold it closed whilst drying. Thank you
  4. So after pulling the van out of winter storage ready for her usual clean. I Spot that my front window has 2 inches of water sat between the layers of plastic. Great!! Then notice that the middle one is even worse and is clearly split top to bottom. Any ideas on repairs or does any one know of a half decent salvage yard to get replacements!!
  5. Thank you. Sadly the wallpaper issue is now on a back burner. Have got the van out of storage to clean and two of the front windows have delaminted!! Brilliant not very happy!
  6. Well I'm up to the van this weekend I'll have to have a look and see what's what then really. Iv had a look online and replacing wall board doesn't look like the easiest of jobs! Maybe time to call in the pros!
  7. If I'm honest I bought the van in its current condition. I could see that there had been ano issue but before buying I had the van check over by a local swift dealer who confirmed that the repair was good and there was no other damp in the van. But like you say I don't understand why the repair hadn't included the papper. It isn't anything major though so if going to cost a fortune to repair I'll probs leave. Thanks for responses.
  8. Hi, I am after wallpaper for my swift challenger 2007. I have had a damp issue addressed but now require new paper. I cant seem to find any were to sells it at a none rediculous price. Also any ideas on the best glue for new paper? Thank you
  9. Thanks iv got a couple of dealers neat by but tbh they they very helpful! I'll keep searching for a breaker. By mirror braket covers I mean the crome caps that go over the plastic brackets which hold the mirror in the main gang way. I would add a pic but can't work out how to!
  10. I tow a Abbey GTS 215 with my 2009 Skoda Octavia Saloon. 2. 0L td DSG. Iv got a witter removable tow bar. Can't fault her at all. Pulls like a train. I get 40mpg on average. So can't complain!!
  11. Hi, Iv just purchased the above caravan and need a couple of spares for it. I understand the bits I require are the same as of the same age Abbey. But can't seem to find them onlin. Any suggestions please greatly received! I require mirror brake covets, sink cover/chopping board. Fly cover for roof hatch in bathroom. I also don't suppose if anyone knows any were to get seat covers from? Many Thanks
  12. Fold down electrics, and a hidden socket for tow bar. Brilliant bit of kit by whitter.
  13. sturgessrick


    From the album: Octavia VRS

    Best site for ammenties we have ever been to I think, the other side of this had two taps. Because the t. v. signal was rubbish you could plug in, though I be honest we didnt have any issues with the one on the van.
  14. From the album: Octavia VRS

    Typical of the peaks far to windy to but the sun shade out.
  15. Has anyone seen the new calor 6kg lite weight bottle, it claims that the bottle is 50% lighter than a normal bottle. Has anyone bought one of these yet? is so did it make alot of difference to the nose weight? The other problem im running on butan atm and this is propane. Is a gas regulator an easy swop?
  16. sturgessrick

    Discovery 4

    I owned a D3 for just over a year, and tbh it did tow amazingly!! I found it very roomy and had plenty of storage. Sadly they are the only nice things I can say. Iv never owned such an unreiable car. Every month a new issue would come about, EPB sticking on even though cleaned at ever service, adviced by a dealer not to use it if I was going to leave the car unused for more than a day lol, new compressor because a £5 relay stopped working, a new alternator, egr values, bushes worn at just 50,000 miles, yes it a heavy car, but then why not get better bushes the car cost £28,000 brand new. E
  17. I looked at a 4x4 octavia be it scout or normal and found getting a used one to the spec I wanted was like finding needle in a hay stack! Sadly couldnt afford a new one! And tbh we use our van 4 times a year due to a very busy work schedual and we always very selective of the sites we go to. Nice to hear from other skoda drivers!
  18. Im very interested in seeing what the new octavia would look like, wonder what vw or audi chassis they going to borrow!! Lol thats why i love skoda, vw and audi parts, yet i pay 5k less. Very happy man. Going to keep to vrs for a while yet!! See what happens in the fucture mind, as the misses car could do with being chnaged soon, and she has taken a very big liking to mine, i regularly find it gone when i get home!! So maybe give the octavia to her and get myself a superb. ........... Ummmmmm
  19. I used to tow with a landrover discovery 3 and wont lie was amazing to tow with. But the constant repair bills were not worth it. Also the 22mpg no mater what I did!! Lol The octavia vrs is brilliant my second now had a 08 estate before the landy that was written off!! I did look at the yeti, just wasnt for me atm though the 4x4 almost did swing it! Idealy would have a 4x4 superb estate, but aye maybe when im another 20years older!
  20. I went down the Newquay for a weekend of sea canoeing last year, on a open single mambo. We rented the gear for while we were down there. I am quite a fit guy and quite strong to due to my job, and there was times that even I realy struggled with the waves. Saying that, it was amazing and loved every second of it, apart from a RNLI jet sky taking me in after canoe all but knocked me out lol. I shall be going down there twice this year to do the same again. Though renting isnt maybe the cheapest way to do it, was very handy, we arranged a meeting time for when they would drop the canoes at
  21. I found it very hard to get information on how my car would tow and though I would do a mini write up for anyone who maybe having the same worrying feelings as myself. I recently bought a Skoda Octavia 59 plate hatchback VRS 2L CDTI DSG. Knowing that these cars are 1. 2mm lower than a standard Octavia I was worried how the rear suspension would handle with the weight of the van on the back. We have a 2 birth Abbey GTS 215 weighting in at 1200kg (more like 1400kg with motor movers, battery and 7. 5kg gas bottle). I had a witter detachable tow bar fitted to the car with a single movable
  22. From the album: Octavia VRS

    Spot the tow bar?
  23. From the album: Octavia VRS

    Witter detachable.
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