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  1. And also on the pre-2016 Sport - the latest with the deployable towbar has an eye on the side
  2. The little pegs will press out from the rear (quite easily!!) On our 2103 Clipper, one flew out and disappeared, so I replaced them both with stainless steel bolt/locknut and will apply the same fix if/when the ones on our Cruiser do the same
  3. Actually not true. .....my insurance company was quite happy with only one fitted, albeit with a slightly lower discount, gave me the same discount if I fitted another "through wheel" style lock on the other side. ...such as a Bulldog type of lock. Also a Buccaneer twin-axle is a "bogie style" axle, similar to an articulated lorry trailer (very different to the twin-axle setup on the 2012 Unicorn we had) and it is impossible to life it high enough, or drop it low enough, to get one axle clear of the ground. .....please do what I did and try it yourself. ...
  4. I honestly don't notice the extra 3 inches per side, although given that I drive a Range Rover all the time, there is not a lot in it really.
  5. Fear not. ...our previous Buccaneer Clipper was fault-free over three years (see one of my previous posts) and the 2012 Bailey Unicorn Barcelona we had prior to that had to go in for damp repairs twice. .....it went after 11 months! Sadly a lot of the posts here tend to be from people who have had problems - the plethora of owners who have suffered no issues tend not to post! As Keefmac says, if there is an issue it's what happens after the fault occurs that separates the good from the bad. I'm with you on this - our narrow one was brilliant - this one is awesome!
  6. Imagine the situation……you are down on the Vendee in France with your 12 week old Buccaneer Cruiser…. The weather is glorious and the caravan site peaceful, friendly and well appointed….. You decide to go out for the day and close up the windows and hatches onto the “daytime” latches – have a fabulous day in La Rochelle and return to the caravan around 4pm. You open the door, to be hit by a wave of warmth, as the interior of the caravan is around 31 degrees. As you enter, you happen to notice that the left hand corner of the wall opposite the door looks rather like this…. Yo
  7. If I understand my 2016 Cruiser ALDE manual correctly, the system works by reducing the current draw of the ALDE boiler/heating system to limit the draw when other items (Microwave; hairdryer etc) are turned on. ...I don't believe it will operate in the way you imagine in terms of managing the current draw caused by the air conditioning system: Excerpt from ALDE Website: At one end is a clamp meter, that fastens around the 230 V live wire at the vehicle's mains in. The other end plugs into the control panel. Now you can set the max 230 V current the vehicle is allowed to draw. If this
  8. Ours was replaced at first service by dealer, using new part provided under warranty by Elddis.
  9. You and me both!!!!!!!!!!! I use one BPW wheel lock and one Sold Secure - Insurance was fine once I told them. ..
  10. We had yachts in Plymouth and then in the Mediterranean for years - then we did the sums and worked out that we could run a big twin-axle for exactly 10% of the running costs of a yacht. ...simples!
  11. What? EDIT - Actually please don't respond. ...I'm sorry I posted in the first place.
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