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  1. Bought a TD4S new in 2013 on a 63 plate. Base model with a few extras { pan roof, heated screen, HSE alloys}. Now on 72,000 miles and been a great car for us. Only issue was a faulty rear tailgate switch which was sorted under warranty. Dealer serviced until out of warranty then local independent, they rarely see Freelander's other than for servicing. Our's is manual and still on it's original clutch and front brakes. Rear discs and pads replaced a few year's go. Does everything we want and can't think what we could replace it with. Looked at a Discovery Sport a few months ago but wasn't that impressed and the trade in price for ours was too low.
  2. The closure is on from 10pm on Friday until 3am on Monday over several weekends until late October. Main work is being carried out at Kirkby Thore, total reconstruction of the carriageway and re-surfacing in several other locations.
  3. Hi, just got back from a week away today and noticed water pooling on the roof in front of the stargazer rooflight on our Elddis Supreme 482 (dealer special). On closer inspection the roof is visibly sagging in the middle. Either side of the rooflight are areas where the roof can be pushed down and it pops back up, the rest of the roof has no movement in it. Recall work was done to the rooflight at the first service in May. Before we went away discovered that the hot water boiler wasn't working and no chance of getting repaired until after we got back. Whilst away noticed that the microwave has come loose in it's cabinet and dropped on one side. Van goes back in September for damp repairs to side and floor around the battery box, the repair list is getting longer. Andrew.
  4. Hi there, not sure if this will help you but I have a brochure for the 1980 244 saloon which lists the gross laden weight as 1780kg and the permissable trailer weight as 1500kg. . We tow with our '77 Granada but only a small Viking Fibreline from 1979 which is well within it's limits! Andrew.
  5. Nice picture,what was the caravan?, never seen one like it before. We tow a Viking Fibreline with a 1977 Ford Granada.
  6. Our Challenger Sport 442,bought new in February this year, is on it's third charger unit. The original one and it's replacement were failing to charge the battery. Andrew.
  7. Check the condition of the A frame at the front of the chassis, these can corrode quite badly and break. We have the small 2 berth Viking and this area had to be repaired on ours. Do you know what year it is?
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