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  1. Yes, I noticed that, I was just hoping to pick up a helpful reply from Whitter as the local stockists are unable to source the part
  2. Yes the Barbs that hold the bulb holders distort with the heat and disengage from the metal work. It only seems to effect the stop and tail light bulb holder as it has two contact springs. When I phoned Hella UK to see if I had missed a recall or revision the lady was quite rude and told me there was no problem. ....customer concern and service at its best!!! BTW, you can get the holders quite cheaply, instead of buying the whole unit
  3. Up Date on this topic: Hella UK have not even replied to my correspondence, Yet all the caravan dealers that I have spoken to recognised this as a big problem. They consider a warranty claim is not worth the cost of the part and just replace the faulty holder until it fails again. I wonder if the NCC are aware of this problem?
  4. HI, slightly off the current post, but I am trying to get a weather cover for the ACS 21 fixing position on the tow bar itself. Please can you help. The Post ACS unit does not fit my tow bar Thanks
  5. Hi All Has anyone else suffered from an apparent rear brake and side light bulb failure, only to discover that the plastic clip that holds the twin bulb in place has become loose on its metal bracket due to distortion of the plastic clip that holds the bulb and its spring contacts in place
  6. Last digit after the CRN number is the year. .....spoke to Ventura today!!!
  7. Hi, Did you sort out your porch awning? I have a low height Isabella/Ventura cadet in Blue and Sandstone to sell it's to suit 220-235 height and in very good condition if that helps. It is too short for current caravans
  8. Tall stepladder, 2ltr pressurised spray gun (Wilko) with standard Fenwicks, extendable brush as already mentioned. I agree with left hand down about the snapped hose connector! I feed a spray hose over the top of the step ladder and finish off with Fewicks Bobby Dazzler to make it easier next time. I use the same Wliko sprayer for the Fenwicks Overwinter too
  9. And only the very latest Phones will accept a 4G signal. For us caravaners who are retired, it is not worth it! Makes me smile that way we are all praising the vitues of our own experiences with our choice of phone and network. .......Hawkeye, the OP bought his choice of phone back in September!!!!!
  10. Definitately agree on the "where you are" bit, I use a Vodaphone dongle and usually have to drive into City centres to get 3G the normal old fashion signal takes forever. I Checked with a VodaPhone shop for info in case it was a faulty dongle. As fas as Orange's coverage, Its not my statement it's a communications industry fact; But it still matters where you are!!!! no matter who you are with
  11. Hi Trevor, thats not the case at all. I intended getting an Android, in fact a Galaxy ace ll or lll, but after some research and information from my son, who is far more knowledgable than me, I discovered that the Android system would not completely syncronize with my "mail box" ie sending, full deatils of the contents of all my mail boxes to my desk top and laptop ie Sent items,deleted received replied all folders even new and calender entries. That was important to me. The question was asked, I gave my honest opinion based on my own experience. I am not an Iphone geek, but I would not swap it!!! ( and Orange now EE does have the best 3G coverage in the UK too)
  12. Thats more or less what they said to me, but did not cofine it to the working week. It seems hit and miss, they have rung me about four times but I changed the battery every 6-8 weeks before the folding 4w solar panel was used. Now its a lot less!
  13. My son persuaded me to go for an Orange Iphone, from a Nokia 6310 Classic and the only downside is battery life. I would never swap my iPhone now as it completely links with my IMAP email giving me total control over all my email functions, synconisizing absolutely with my lap top and desk top with sent items, inbox calender and everything else. If you don't need that try a Samsung or a Blackberry. Incidentally, it has also made my point and shoot camera reduntant and the picures I take are automatically streamed to my desktop by the time I get home. .......I was very reluctant, but now I am a total convert. Contrary to other posts it works perfectly with non apple bluetooth kit and Orange gives you 3G more than any other provider
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