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  1. Thanks for all the knowledge and leads, lots to go with. Makes planning so much easy. More might come along but I have a good outline already, planning is the hardest part. Thanks again.
  2. I am starting to look to next years holiday already and after any help/recommends from the forum . In particular Kent and east Sussex where I have never been. We have a dog so need somewhere to walk her and prefer quiet smaller sites .C.Ls are our usual stops. Thats about it really . Any help gladly welcome. Thanks . Bill
  3. I have used just strong household bleach for years, work in over the slabs and leave for an hour or so, hose off. Tried the pressure washer before but it damages the surface of the slab . Maybe not so good if the bleach washes onto grass or a border. Works for me on the patio.
  4. The government will still want its tax from somewhere and I imagine it will increase the tax on petrol and likewise on electric charging in years to come. I will hold onto my current diesel car for as long as possible in the hope the electric revolution will make it a good proposition to tow with one. I believe we will all be driving EVs in the next 10 years as they make technical breakthroughs . I suppose one city had to be first.
  5. I have a 2012 crv 2.2 , had it 5 years , tow a 1500kg van and never had an issue ,car drives really well. I am particular about loading both the car and van and have done thousands of miles . I was going to trade-up but couldnt see the point. Never failed an mot , long may it continue.
  6. Similar problem 18 months ago same area ns wheel. The dealer repaired . After talking to the workshop I sealed around the underfloor perimeter where the floor joins the walls with the same sealant and kept an eye on things ; seems to have put things right, fingers crossing.
  7. I had a guy on a site last week decide to pack-up and leave at 0430 on a Sunday morning, I could tell he was trying to be quiet but failed miserably . I had a word with the wardens about the earliest time you can leave and they said there is a quiet time from 2230 but no-one had asked when it ended ! No doubt it woke a lot of other people as the diesel engine plodded through the site. Such is life!!!!!
  8. Filling-up the toilet with Blue, spilt some on my shiny brown shoes; the mark is still there. No matter what I used it wouldnt come off .Lesson learnt
  9. Mine could be different but on mine a 2015 U3 the cable was coiled-up and I gently teased the wiring out, it came out for about a foot and the fitting would hang down, plenty of cable.Just be careful.
  10. I cannot see how you would sustain your usage of power, especially as you are a self confessed gadget freak, given the British weather and lack of clear skies to recharge your main battery. It would all be hit and miss and weather dependant and I imagine quite stressful. Having a generator would work but lots of sites simply dont allow them.
  11. I have 2 isabella awnings , mainly use the porch for stays of 3 or more days. I find it a doddle to put-up on my own and dont mind doing so. The other half sorts out the inside of the van feeds me and provides a drink and I actually like putting the awning up. I have done it so many times i dont know why it creates so much friction. Watching Steve Biggs on u tube was the eureka moment. Wouldnt buy anything else.
  12. I dont have any problems with mine. It sits close to the front window or on a shelf at the front, no extra aerial, I do check coverage before booking a site. I have only once had a poor signal but that was where the pitch was . Works well for me and hopefully will carry-on.
  13. I had the same model and year. Only minor issues which were all sorted at service. We had it 3 years and sad to let it go, only traded for a different layout. I think they are good vans .
  14. Had ours 7 years cannot understand why there not fitted to new build houses, which would keep the cost right down. Having them is a real bonus and yes they pay you for exporting power and you can use as much as they generate for free. In our estate there are dozens of systems.
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