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  1. Having just read through the posts ; is it no wonder new caravanners get confused about what they can tow. Its not straightforward but should be .
  2. I like the layout of my U3 but have had a fair share of problems including the dreaded axle and roof leak amongst others . I concur with silversurf that the corners of the underneath floor ply have a tendency to go soft and need watching. Its a pity but I wouldnt buy another Bailey unless they radically improve the build quality. I hope they dont go the same way as the uk motorcycle / car industry.
  3. I guess they might use the area in the Telegraph or similar. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/06/30/leicester-lockdown-map-areas-included-rules/
  4. Heard on the local westcountry news lots of sites are cancelling bookings from Leicester. Wonder why!
  5. Its alright imposing additional social distancing measures in Leicester or in fact any area ; but on the 4th July people from these areas will be going on holiday around the UK and abroad. Its going to be difficult to close the lid on any outbreaks as lots of infected people will believe thy are fine !!!!
  6. I am hopeful the boffins will eventually find a vaccine or drug that inhibits the effects of the virus; but this could all take months or even years; I believe a SARS vaccine still has not been found after years of research although now money is no object . Until then all everyone can do is take protective steps in shielding and account for those who think they are invulnerable when they do not know how they will react. This could be a long road . If and when they open any sites everyone will have to decide their own risk and survival strategy . Its the frustration after a long winter and having to sit around in this glorious weather that is the worst. We have to remain positive!!
  7. Three miles and I have cycled over a few times to check and enjoy the quietness , I mean do jobs!
  8. The government will only introduce this drastic measure to protect the over 70s ; its not as a form of punishment. Yes some will not obey and that will happen, same as I am sure there are those who have symptoms and still have been going out. The disease will take longer to halt and the lethal risks will still be there. who wants to face this will be a personal decision in the end.
  9. As much as I want to take the van away it would just be crazy. Imagine thousands of vans and cars moving around the country to hot-spots ; it seems mad to even think about it. The pressure from the public will be difficult to resist in the end but it might mean a worse second wave with a longer lockdown. The longer this goes on the more I think this year is a write-off. Sad but safe. I have a number of friends who think they have had a mild dose of this virus; but they might be wrong. We are all optimistic and think its us that will get the mild form ; the truth is non of us know.
  10. My F.i.l owned 2 statics from new, they were sited in Cornwall and when he came to finally sell due to illness he took a big hit. They are great, providing the site is good and you have like minded owners around you but should you fall unlucky it is quite a gamble. I would go along with a big tourer on a seasonal site that maybe you have to get moved by a haulage company ; that way you could reduce the type of car you need and should you not like the area/site have an option of re-locating. Whatever you decide I hope you are happy.
  11. I think at some point we are all going to have to take a chance as I dont see this virus becoming eradicated in the near future. Even if it was cleared in UK we could import it again by a visitor from another country. I dont want to find out if I am susceptible or not , but unless the boffins find a vaccine or more likely some drug that mitigates the lethal effects we will be stuck with an indefinite timeline. You couldnt make this up .
  12. How to bake good bread in the oven after many attempts. Finding out our neighbours kids are not that bad really! That more people will Talk (at distance) than ever before . I can access the countryside much easier on foot than I thought and still reach areas I know, on my dog walks. The quietness of a garden shed in the sunshine with a cup of tea and a book.
  13. He got-it in one. The world needs a global action plan supported by the well-off nations; I am hopeful this will happen when the dust settles. We may not be so lucky next time.
  14. The health authorities still do not know all about this virus and are on a learning curve. If it is true then this is significant and will be difficult to eradicate from all mammals, domestic and wild. The optimist in me is saying the boffins will have a vaccine breakthrough SOON.
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