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  1. The brand new CR-V has a lower towing weight than the previous versions, it has no diesel engine only petrol and hybrid. However the previous 1.6 twin turbo diesels (available until the end of 2018) had a max towing weight of 2000kg but only 1500 kg for the auto.
  2. That really winds me up. The warden on a CMC site tried using that excuse to me earlier this year until I told him your loss and got back in the car. (Here come the replies defending the warden for managing the site 👍) He soon came running after me apologising and said to pick whichever pitch I wanted and to move the traffic cone out of the way. It's not the first time this has happened, so we made the decision that it would be the last CMC site for us and we've used the Tranquil Parks sites since. For the areas we visit, they have been noticeably cheaper than CMC sites and the facilities and site layouts as far as we are concerned are better.
  3. It's to stop the undesirable caravanners (they are about) from leaving very early in the morning to avoid settling their bill. The same type that also walk out of restaurants without paying.
  4. They will also tell you that they are Cornish not English.
  5. A lot of the Cornish people I have met proudly declare that they are Celts.
  6. Is it a standard Quattro or dealer special? Dealer specials can weigh more due to the extra equipment, our van which is a dealer special Quattro EW weighs about 15kg more than the standard version.
  7. As Durbanite say's above, try Which legal services or your local CAB. I've heard quite a few horror stories about Swindon Caravans lately, yet Dan Trudgian swears by them. He probably got a brilliant deal on his new van and all the accessories he's had fitted to it 😉.
  8. Yes good tip to stop the Teflon from scratching in transit, I use the bubble wrap that they came with.
  9. We looked at the Tefal ingenio set for our van, but even with 50% off through the caravan club we still considered it expensive for four items. A couple of weeks ago I called into our local Lidl, who had sets of saucepans and frying pans exactly like the Tefal ingenio set with removable handles. There were 3 different size saucepans and frying pans in each set for £14.99, bargain and with a 3yr warranty. They all stack neatly inside each other taking up less space which is ideal for the van, so we bought both sets for a grand total of £29.98 and I can confirm that they are very robust.
  10. Llew

    What's changed

    "The country has close to full employment"?? Let's face reality here, a lot of people especially those in the service sector such as restaurants, fast food chains, hotels, retail etc are on zero hour contracts. As far as employment figures are concerned, you do realise that you only have to work an hour a week to be classified as employed. With the uncertainty over Brexit and the huge numbers of employees not knowing when their next shift is going to be, is it any wonder why people are not spending their hard earned cash.
  11. We've got the car and house insured with Admiral and they have never charged us for making changes to either policy.
  12. We have a 2017 dealer special Sprite Quattro EW with an MTPLM figure which is the same as your van, although it was upgraded to 1800kg because we had an AWD motormover fitted. The van is towed by a 2008 Honda CR-V which pulls it effortlessly, I get 38 - 45mpg solo driving and 26 - 30mpg towing depending on conditions. Our CR-V is the older i-cdti engine, your price bracket will get you the newer idtec engine which had slightly more power, torque and better economy figures. Also, don't discount the latter CR-V'S with the 1.6 diesel engine twin turbo 160bhp models. I was a bit sceptical of towing with the CR-V with this engine, but two mates of mine report that they are better than the older 2.2idtec which they had previously. One of them tows a twin axle which is heavier than ours and both report improved fuel economy towing and especially solo driving. I will be giving the 1.6 160bhp model serious consideration when the time comes to change our trusty CR-V. Just to add, the kerbweight on mine is 1713kg, the idtec was slightly heavier and the 1.6 versions range from 1650 - 1716kg depending on which model, the top of the range EX versions being the heaviest.
  13. It was a sarcastic comment hence the smiley face.
  14. There's always one who has to turn a post political. In the interests of fairness, we could end up facing the Tories for a few more years. 😱👎 That's motorhomers for you, park up anywhere for free. Probably been there all night and is now using the stores toilet facilities. 😁 😈
  15. There is a very easy explanation to this photograph, it's obviously someone who moves the white marker pegs on club sites, to compensate for poor reversing/manoeuvring skills. 😜
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