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  1. And dont forget to check its got a working carbon monoxide alarm
  2. Thanks, I think I'll go back to 4x3
  3. Nice van the Adria. ..... I wonder what the "polyester damage resistant exterior" actually consists of. ....
  4. Carpets when its dry, vinyl when its wet. We also have a 'no shoes in van' policy
  5. Thats a great story David, I wonder though, did he give up selling new vans, or did he have his dealership taken away from him . ...
  6. Yea just seems like mindless vandalism to me
  7. Must admit I have to do a half double nelson on mine to move it
  8. Thats awful !! hope your insured. ....and not much security at storage site ?
  9. "stardrops" ?? whats that ? . ....I'm beginning to think I'v lead a sheltered life
  10. yea 40 flood alerts on the news this morning. ..... bizarre
  11. As yet medical science has drawn a blank on this one
  12. Which setting do you guys use, widescreen or 4x3 ?
  13. Our awning carpet got muddy last time out so I need to clean it but we have a hosepipe ban, so I thought I might dunk it in the bath. ...any other idea's ?
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