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  1. dreadly


    Just get a small 45ah car battery or similar.
  2. I have seen a few vanners get caught out with this. .. The lorries slow going uphill, you pull out to overtake and by the time you have passed you are at the top of the hill or are going down the other side. This can cause stability issues as generally towing is more stable uphill than down. A good friend of mine is with traffic police in Germany and he says they only check speed through roadwork section on Autobahn, not general traffic. The current 50mph roadwork on the M3 have been in place for a couple of years now, the only people I have heard of getting tickets have exceeded 70mph average.
  3. People are still buying DSG cars and still worried about towing and reliability, it's good to know people are still looking at this post and giving their experience. I think It gives a little long term aspect to a post.
  4. With the DSG, if you select 'S' down steeper hills it will shift down and apply more engine braking, very useful. The secret is to keep the oil changes regular as per the schedule. The only failures I have personally heard of have been high mileage cars that have missed DSG oil service and the dry boxes which I am not keen on personally.
  5. I have a 9 year old Touran DSG with one of the early 6 speed oil submersed clutches that was still towing 1. 5Tonnes until last year. It towed great, much better than a manual. The secret to easy and quicker shifting in a DSG I find is to let the engine idle and 'grab' the gear, then accelerate. If you accelerate before it grabs it doesn't like it so much. BTW. .. No problems with it to date but I do change the DSG oil every 4 years or 40k miles and engine oil with 507 spec every 5k miles.
  6. We use them on our VW Touran and have done for some time, they are fantastic tyres IMHO. Always very surefooted and they tow well, much less FWD wheelspin in the wet than the previous Michelin Energy tyres. I'll be honest, if they are available at the time and the right price I would not use anything else at the moment, I have been impressed.
  7. Yes, as you rightly state. .. I did consider all this and decided it would be no more than an irritating hobby. There is a chap that operates an electrical repair service and does ok out of it but I have big overheads and three young kids. Time is not a thing I have. I can make bigger money doing other things. As far as I know though, you would only be obligated to offer warranty on the actual repair you carry out, not the other aspects of the device. Difficult to support though.
  8. It's a small cost in the massive budget of caravan ownership.
  9. I seem to remember the caravan clubs advice being 3 to 5 years for high pressure tyres (i. e. large single axle - over 60psi) and 7 years for low pressure tyres.) But it's been an age since I last checked. http://www. caravanclub. co. uk/media/1022844/caravan-tyres-and-wheels-mo. pdf Beware that most of the advice on tyre websites is aimed at car tyres, not caravan specific.
  10. I'm pleased I helped in some way. .. I wish I had made a video of the process. It is a very bad design from Truma, not having peened the drive pin or god forbid use a woodruff key or some such method.
  11. I sort of agree but you seem to be forgetting that many caravans have mains lighting installed alongside 12v lighting and in these cases the gains are still relevant. Many mains light housing units are saved from shortened lives due to the additional heat output of incandescent bulbs and the caravan owner gains from the lower mains power usage overall, especially on current limited supplies. Not to mention the more obvious gains of the 'bulbs' lasting longer and being more resistant to vibration than incandescents. I have had many problems using 12v LED's in a caravan using resistor type fittings as they do tend to fail prematurely running at even 13. 8v for extended periods. I spent a fair bit extra on the 'driver chip' type and all was well, along with much lower running temperatures.
  12. Well. .. I currently have a Hyundai i30 (Base model 1. 6D) as a loan car and I must admit, it's not bad. Fairly impressed for the money.
  13. What causes this? - Is it all related to the Vacuum pump failure early on?
  14. So. .. The saga continues. The CX-5 was towed in the the dealer on Monday (again).. Got a phone call yesterday from dealer that they are waiting for a new turbo. Less than 50k miles? Surely that's not good.
  15. It is highly likely that the electrical connector on the board under the sticker membrane (Flush button) is also heavily corroded. Sounds like you may have a lot of replacing to do.
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