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  1. I joined one of the Clubs lifetime ago when there were few options of other sites to go to, and few ways of finding them. But times have changed - the internet has come along, there are hundreds of alternatives to Club sites, all now with on line photos and reviews. If I were young and starting again I doubt if I would join a Club at all. There doesn't seem much need.
  2. A great uncle was 18 years old in 1918 when WW1 started and bravely signed up for the army- but found that war so horrific that he deserted and went home to his mum. His mother was afraid that he would be found, arrested, and shot - as deserters were in those days - so she persuaded him to re enlist, and he did that using her maiden surname and a variant of his first name. But though I have tried to trace his two different army records they were mostly destroyed by fire in a German bombing raid in WW 2 - so I only have the family story to go on.
  3. Paul, your profile says Wells, Somerset, so pop along to Wells Tyre Service in the town and take their advice.
  4. Insure your caravan for a defined market value. If it's a total loss take the money from the insurance company and start again with a caravan of your own choosing.
  5. I don't have New for old insurance on my car. If it's sold, stolen or catches fire I get the market value. I insure caravans in the same way.
  6. Be patient, keep saving those vouchers, and see how things are by next June or July. If you are well, if the vaccine has worked, and if things look rosy, then make your August booking via Tesco boost and Eurotunnel then.
  7. Bob Martin, you can't exchange or refill a Calor cylinder in Spain. The most widespread Spanish bottled gas brand is Repsol and butane is more common than propane . As Wispman has said gas dealers are widespread - they may sell you a full Repsol cylinder, or you may have to obtain an empty one first (from a market stall perhaps) to make an exchange . You will also need a Jumbo adaptor to fit on to the new cylinder and a pigtail from that to your existing bulkhead regulator. You can buy those in UK before you go and it might be wise to get them in advance.
  8. Your description of the beach at Formby is perhaps what we saw in this photo of the beach at Piemanson in the south of France The long stay motorhomers there were digging pits in the dunes to empty their toilets and pour away their waste water, and then got quite cross when the local authority there cleared the area on health and hygiene grounds a couple of years ago. Motorhomers will park anywhere they can if it's free.
  9. German caravan so designed without an oven . We bought a feeble mini one the size of a biscuit tin from Argos . It might still be somewhere in the shed.
  10. This is Walmer in Kent - news from there this week says parking restrictions will be agreed to stop this . So it can be done.
  11. The last 500 metres onto the site after leaving the A 3078 is a single track lane with passing places. Some people get stressed by that.
  12. Alan, the southern tip of Italy looks fairly disease free at the moment though the winter weather is not as warm as in Spain. Have a good trip.
  13. Alan, where are you thinking of going to escape the winter weather?
  14. If you google Living in Spain after Brexit youwill find a lot of answers - like this simple statement from the government. And to take the first step you will need an address.
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