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  1. On certain routes, at certain times of day and on certain dates CMC is cheaper.....but not to St Malo, not to Spain, not to Roscoff at weekends, not in the summer holidays, not if you are a non member, and not on overnight sailings. So Mr Plodd is right - it's best to check.
  2. Saintjersey, as you are willing to change your motor insurance it might be worth speaking to the AA. They act as brokers and place insurance with various companies, and I am told that they may well be able to arrange motor insurance which includes cover for Bosnia. It might be worth a phone call.
  3. Staying on a long stay site in Spain for the winter sounds like going into an old folks home. What's tne average age of the residents? Would they trust me to take my own tablets or does a care assistant come round with a trolley? It's not my scene at all.
  4. Colin , if you can get to Newhaven easily from where you live, and if a Dieppe arrival suits your eventual destination, and if you avoid the brutally timed overnight crossings on that route , and if the price is right, then you can safely book a short daytime crossing on that route. It's just a ferry. You sit in their lounge and drink their coffee. They carry you across. And Rick Stein visited Dieppe for part of his current TV show and said he rather liked the place.
  5. Saintjersey, You cannot buy local insurance at the Bosnian border at Neum to cross the six mile strip which is within that country. Some people get green card insurance for Bosnia in the UK before setting off, some drive carefully across that six mile strip of Bosnia without insurance, and some by pass that bit of Bosnia by taking the car ferry from Ploce to Trpanj to stay within Croatian territory. Those three choices for you to get down to Dubrovnik.
  6. Not mythical at all. And maybe not utopia either. But Camping de la Plage at Port Grimaud as its name suggests has beachfront pitches, although those the other side of the underpass across the busy N98 road are more pleasant and more shaded in woodland. There are photos and reviews on line.
  7. But bear in mind that the OP said he was going for the last week in April / first week in May and the Martragny campsite doesn't open until 25th May.
  8. Which airline are you thinking of? EasyJet and RyanAir don't carry dogs, but I know that British Airways will allow it - because my neighbour brought a dog home that way when they relocated back to UK from Hong Kong. I have no idea what it cost them and suggest you might contact that airline for prices to Spain.
  9. Use the comparison sites such as Compare the Market, Go Compare and so on, as well as quotes from the big Clubs. You will quicky get an accurate figure which will depend on where you live and where you store the caravan. Good wishes.
  10. moorgate

    Tight drive

    How did you manage before movers were invented in 1997 ?
  11. A wide sweeping U turn under guidance on a ferry deck is common. Reversing is very rare. Sailors yelling at you is non existent.
  12. If on the 1445 sailing from Portsmouth and arriving late in the evening Camping les Capucines at Ranville is open all year - but do let them know you are coming.
  13. You say you are heading for southern Spain so if you don't fancy Zaragoza you can go via Madrid if you prefer. Is that an alternative for you?
  14. B/F own price is £460 for those dates and times, and without the four nights on campsites, so borrowing a 10% Friends and Family discount code doesn't get you close, and even those with their own full Club Voyage membership getting 30% discount are still out of pocket .
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