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  1. Motorway parking is possible. Motorway cafes sell cups of tea. Motorway shops sell milk.
  2. So many chargers to choose from - I got one of those smart chargers to keep a start/stop battery up to scratch on a Freelander during lockdown. It's good. £40 new from Argos , cheaper "as new" on e Bay.
  3. Google will tell you of French campsites open all year. But as Jaydug has said there are more if you stick to western France - as well as the ones he mentions there is also Les Acacias at Tours and finally Les Capucines at Ranville close to Caen ferryport. But Google will give you the others.
  4. We were waiting to load at Roscoff alongside three lorries. One was the local transport company in St Pol, another was Dartmouth Crab company which goes across twice a week, and the third was an unlabelled truck with Latvian plates. The French security guys somehow knew which of the three to search. Then they phoned Plymouth and told our guys which British private cars to pull over. It wasn't random at all.
  5. Here's a campsite that we know in Scilly - Troytown Farm on delightful St Agnes - but you can't get to it with a car never mind a caravan.
  6. We bought an altar table style sideboard from a said to be antique shop when we were in Macao - as one does - what an absolute bargain ! Although there was customs duty on on arrival on top of shipping from Macao via Hong Kong in someone else's container, fumigation cost obligatory in UK, VAT I think as well , a fee for unloading from the container, storage in a warehouse at the port, and carriage from Southampton to Cornwall - all added up. Love the sideboard though.
  7. BH, you can extend the Schengen area 90day limit for yourselves if you are going into Morocco again as it is outside that area. And people are saying that you can extend the 4 month Animal Health Certificate by getting a pet passport from a vet in France or Spain - but I can't verify that.
  8. I am sitting out a storm in Cornwall - feet up by the woodburner. It's one of a series of storms which have blown in all week. Trees are down and the river is in flood. If anyone has had a caravan trip here cancelled by the government then they should count themselves lucky.
  9. Perhaps she is still wandering around IKEA - or sleeping on their sofas one by one.
  10. David, Leave your caravan where it is till you go are ready to go out again in the Spring - then take it to the East European boys who do car and truck washing in the garden centre car park.
  11. Google is saying Hunthay Farm - plus" 24 others within 50 miles." Have a look.
  12. But I already know the places I would like to visit, and the ACSI books only list a very small proportion of the sites available. For example in France they list 1600 out of 8800 sites - that's well below 20% of the total.
  13. Anywhere near the coast will put you within reach of the 40 mile stretch of coastal tramway which will take you into Ostend from either direction.
  14. Laurent, there is migrant labour for seasonal fruit picking in France just as there is in England. Go see the grape harvest. Those workers are not being exploited, they are earning money. In fact it happens all over the world. My son picked apples in New Zealand with a multi national crew when he was on his travels. He wasn't being exploited either. Please don't knock migrant workers.
  15. For those who can go to France next summer their national railway museum - called Cite de Train - is impressive. It's at Mulhouse at the southern end of Alsace.
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