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  1. In the light of Allan Guest's helpful findings from Plymouth this looks like fake news.
  2. A police officer recommending tail gating . Now that's new.
  3. Do you have inside information please? The B/F timetable is showing Pont Aven sailing from Roscoff to Cork on 24 May and returning to Roscoff the next day. But being taken out of service for engine repairs on 6 June is at odds with what the company has said . Their announcement is that Pont Aven will continue in service until a new engine will be fitted next winter - which will involve a long time in dry dock then. Your own post is very different and I wonder if you can disclose your sources please.
  4. You are already taking more than we do! Good wishes, take care.
  5. Having flown to ten or twelve countries halfway round the world without taking food with us, and yet managing to survive....I don't bother taking food to France either.
  6. If you find French campsites quiet go and look at the Motorhome Aires.
  7. Borussia, a suggestion to avoid that busy stretch going south via Lyon. At Chalons sur Saone go west towards Moulins then south via Clermont Ferrand and the A75.
  8. The French are out and about, but in their motorhomes - they stay on aires and in car parks, but unless a campsite is in a prime location (town centre or beach front) they simply don't go to campsites. Caravans will come out for family holidays when French schools close on 7 July, but until then it's almost only motorhomes and so campsites are struggling and/ or closing . A revolution has happened .
  9. Our cleaning lady is flying to an all inclusive hotel near Malaga on Saturday, one of our daughters is just back from Sri Lanka, the other has been to Center Parc again, two grandsons are going hiking in Iceland .......nobody I know has caravans or motorhomes. There are too many other options these days.
  10. If you have a confirmed reservation there you can go in 24/7 and in the middle of the night.
  11. I can see the attraction for those arriving very late or even at midnight when campsites are closed, but with a late afternoon timing I would simply go to a campsite rather than sit on a motorway service station for five or six hours until bedtime.
  12. Arriving late at Calais we never had a problem finding a supermarket or a car park for a few hours sleep, once in company with a group of "travellers" . If you wish to go more up market then Camping Bien Assise is well used to arrivals at midnight or even later. I know that some other people drive for an hour down the A26 motorway to a full service area near Arras and catch a few hours sleep there, but I haven't done that. Is that safe? Opinions differ on that point. From Calais to Lyon is 475 miles - even when younger I never managed that in a day. For me the whole 750 mile run from Calais to Frejus was always 3 days/2 nights. Take care.
  13. No vignettes required for Germany or Croatia. Those for Austria and Slovenia can be bought at the border posts or at service stations on the approach to those borders.
  14. Yes. Instantly too. Why don't people just look there?
  15. Avoiding the Paris peripherique. Approach the city on the A1 autoroute. Switch off sat nav. After passing the airport follow huge motorway signs for Bordeaux - that takes you off the A1 autoroute on to the middle one of the three Paris ring roads - at first labelled A3 and then A86. Motorway all the way. When you are well south south of the city switch on sat nav again .
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