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  1. If that fails refer to Brittany Ferries Santander on line port guide which gives the address of an overnight parking lot for caravans in Calle Cesar Llamarazes.
  2. Agreed, good site, but does not take dogs.
  3. My guess is that the second vignette goes on left hand Caravan window, but Switzerland prefers conformity to rules rather than guesses, so pause at the border and ask the customs officer.
  4. I checked that on CMC website too and it is still there as a return price of £200 for those dates for car, caravan and two adults - going out on 1 Sept. at 1445, and coming back at 0800 on 15 October. No cabins included as not needed. But August is a different story.
  5. Good post from Gordon - on some sites there is plenty of space. Others differ. But if it is for summer use you may find that all you need is a canopy for a sun screen. If you are touring you may find a big awning is a pain to put up and take down repeatedly, but if you are on a long stay site the awning will be more useful.
  6. Alternatively when you leave the ferry at Ouistreham ferry port and head towards Caen city there is an Esso station on the right after one mile, with the pumps on the left nearest the road giving a straight run through. It's not the bargain it used to be but price of diesel there today converts from euros to £1.24 sterling.
  7. You are worrying needlessly. You are only liable for £50 of fraudulent spending in the time before you report your credit card stolen.
  8. I asked an ATM at Udaipur in Rajasthan for 10,000 Indian rupees - just over£100. The machine gave me what few it had and spluttered to a stop, so I followed the instructions and phoned Nationwide. A weary voice reminded me that it was 3am. in the UK, told me not to worry and said their computers will know what has happened and it will all be sorted out. It was.
  9. My Halifax Clarity and Nationwide credit cards have so far worked well in 19 different currencies. No pre loading money . No currency conversion fees. Spend now, pay at the end of the month. You should see the jewellery my wife bought in Sri Lanka!
  10. Say yes please, and thank her.
  11. Too hard for me too, but an alternative is to use CampingFrance.com instead and click the Show on Map button. You see the autoroute, and you see the sites which are near it.
  12. Camping municipal at Valognes - 12 miles south of the ferryport by the main road. - 20 pitches - clean and tidy facilities - no barrier at the entrance.
  13. Just use the filters on the CMC website. There are 592 CLs with toilets and showers already listed there .
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