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  1. All CMC sites and CLs are closing today until 30 June 2020. See CMC website.
  2. Steve, DFDS twitter feed says their ferries from Dieppe to Newhaven are still sailing - but gives no clues about availability. If they have space it would shorten your drive tomorrow .
  3. Bravo Steve, we all admire you and will be waiting on tenterhooks till we hear again tomorrow. Take care.
  4. Trel, plan by all means, dream too if you wish, but pay nothing now - not a ferry, not a campsite, not any sort of deposit, and not travel insurance. Sit tight and see how things work out.
  5. I mentioned the way Singapore has handled things a little earlier. It seems to me everyone in the UK ( government, medics and general public) have not been over reacting but have been seriously under reacting for many months.
  6. Population of Singapore is 5.6 million - the virus has been among them since the start of the year, but with a super efficient government, a super efficient public health system, widesptead testing plus zealous tracing of contacts there have been just two deaths. Two in three months.
  7. ianV8, Stay till 4th April if you are allowed, though that surprises me, but you are still going to have to drive to Calais. Why delay? Is tne rally marshal going to take you all in convoy?
  8. Steve, from what B/F have toid you it sounds as though they may perhaps have abandoned the final sailing from Santander on the 21 st. As P&R said upthread the crews were getting very afraid to sail, so I fear you will have to drive . Do please let us know how the journey goes for you. Stay safe.
  9. My own impression is that the border closure is for people coming in from outside the EU and that travel from Spain to France is still allowed, but things are changing fast and I may be wrong.
  10. The last passenger ferry out is actually from Santander on Saturday 21st March at 2030 but that may well be full too. Take food if you get a place on it as no meals being served. Ferries after that date on the B/F timetable are freight only. You may well have to drive and will need a copy of the " " attestation" stating purpose of travel. I do think you should start on the way, and it is possible that without a caravan you may have to sleep in your car on the way . Good wishes.
  11. Print out the official "attestation" and write in the purpose of journey.(details on other threads on here) If you can't get sites then it may have to be motorway service stations - stick to the toll roads and choose the larger well lit places and in company with other caravans and motorhomes. Take food and water with you as cafes and restaurants across France are closed. Good luck.
  12. Some British people will be resident in Spain, but I just feel that for temporary British visitors the longer they stay the harder it will be to get back to UK.
  13. Steve, a brave decision to stick it out. It's about 1300 miles from where you are to drive back to Calais . There's advice elsewhere on line about the printed "attestation" you may well be required to fill out as a permit to drive across France. The last I heard is that some hotels across France are still open and takeaway food shops too, but that restaurants across France are closed. Whether that means hotels cannot serve evening meals to overnight residents I really don't know, but as you say the situation is very changeable. Once again I wish you a safe journey home.
  14. Steve, Brittany Ferries cannot offer you any sailing slot after Saturday 21 march -that is their last boat out of Santander, and nor are there going to be any sailings from any of their western French ports. Their ferries are laid up. It looks to me as though you will either have to drive to Calais, or leave your vehicle in Spain if you can find a mercy flight home with an airline. We all sympathise with your predicament - personally I think I would cut and run now before things get worse. Good luck and please keep us posted.
  15. Hi Paul, you are very brave ! But give us a clue where your grandchildren live - you need a campsite close enough to race them back home when you have had enough .
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