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  1. The,town of Bayeux has just opened a new and expensive aquatic centre and my guess is that they will have made provision for disabilities. Perhaps you can make enquiries to the tourist office. If you stay at the very decent municipal campsite in the town you will have access to it free of charge - and of course the town is close to the Arromanches beaches, museums, and sadly to cemeteries too.
  2. I think it's very polite to be shown to a pitch and much like being shown to a table in a restaurant. I like it. CMC should try it instead of continuing with their undignified arrival time scramble to see who can run fastest to race others who are in the check in queue.
  3. When I retired I had no dreams of Spain but put the caravan to bed every autumn. The advice from my gap year children and grandchildren was to fly away every winter to Sri Lanka, or Thailand, or Malaysia , or Kerala, or Bali - and travel as they did. We spent a bit more than they did and found better palm thatched beach huts than they did, but it never broke the bank.
  4. But if you want to stay in France Camping Brasilia looks to be the ultimate all action, do everything, no need to leave the campsite sort of place. I'm too old but your kids might love it.
  5. The question is when to go as well as where. If you go early in the year when children are still at school all sites will be adult only apart from a few toddlers. The downside however is that the onsite bar and restaurant you ask for may not be open, and unless the pool is covered it may be too cold to use. Have a look at the islands of Re and Oleron - they both have a big choice of campsites. Use the sources Montesa already suggested. Allow time for getting there - it's 450 miles from Calais , but a lot less from Caen and St Malo.
  6. I would stay in Bayeux which is an interesting and lively place and the municipal site is perfectly good, whereas in April / May the coast and the coastal sites will be pretty deserted and forlorn.
  7. Alan, Camping St Louis is very good - if you need confirmation please read the recent reviews on the ACSI Camping Card website. I think you should phone the ladies at the campsite to say you are coming and give them your best estimate of arrival time.
  8. Steve, I am afraid that travel is not an exact science. Even if you "rethink" the tunnel and travel some other way the delays may still be there. We ourselves had a three hour wait tor a ferry in sleepy Roscoff a few weeks ago, and anyone hoping to sail from UK to Spain at 6 pm. tonight will find their ferry is currently running 4.5 hours late. At least they can go to the pub while they wait.
  9. The DVLA published pass rates for each driving test centre. You can look at those. Does your chosen driving instructor publish his/her own success rates, and are they better or worse than the general figure for your town?
  10. Llrides, The P&O website is helpful - it says they did indeed have a special offer on weekend sailings running through 2019 for those who booked early by a date in February 2019. It gave codes to use when booking. Now whether that offer is still open for the rest of 2019, or whether it will be re opened for 2020 will mean a phone call to P&O to ask. It will help others if you could please post their answer after you have spoken to them.
  11. CMC will have an allocation of pitches on each of the sites where they make bookings. Their own allocation cannot be sold before CMC opens bookings.
  12. Cost is not the overriding factor for me in choosing a holiday destination. Quality , Interest and Enjoyment are higher.
  13. Leaving electric vehicles aside the death of the caravan is happening for other reasons too - one of them is the number of other holiday options available these days. When I was young the only affordable choice was a fortnight in a boarding house at Blackpool or buying a caravan - so we bought a caravan. Now the holiday options are immense - the Blackpool boarding houses are long since gone and absolutely nobody I know has a caravan today. No one at all.
  14. Have tried Bridlington, but prefer Provence.
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