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  1. When I wanted something similar I just phoned round three local tyre dealers and asked what they could offer at that size - and at what price for fitting at home.
  2. See procurement page on SouthLakeland.gov. uk website.
  3. Submission of tenders to operate the site to reach the landlord by 14 February 2020. Landlord will make a decision after that.
  4. We shared a site at St Pourcain sur Sioule with 7 or 8 caravans of travelling people - of Liverpool Irish background I think. Being worldly wise they had all carefully equipped themselves with single axle caravans to avoid potential refusals.
  5. Some campsites mean the one reason and some another. You can only e mail them and ask.
  6. Colin, as you live near Southampton I suggest the 0815 to Caen which arrives at 1500. If you do a couple of hours down to Le Mans that afternoon it leaves you two days at 300 miles a day via Tours after that . No, you don't want to go via Paris, do you? Tags are easy for toll payments but optional if you have an agile passenger.
  7. Nogger, If you are going out of season, and if you are going to campsites in the ACSI discount scheme then buy the card. If not don't bother. Some years I do, some years I don't. There are no open returns but you have two choices - buy a single and then book the return on line when you need it , or buy a return and pay the fee to make an alteration of date. I hope it goes well for you.
  8. Rfrancis, Yes, that's possible. You can approach Paris on the A16 and leave it at junction 10 on to the A184 which is one of the outer Paris ring roads. It passes Cergy, crosses the Seine on a high level bridge at Comflans Ste Honorine and is dual carriageway for much of the way. The only slow bit is getting around or through St Germain en Laye, but after that you pick up motorway on the north side of Versailles which leads on to the N10 past Rambouillet and straight onto Orleans. It's a route I have used with a caravan when staying at tne Paris campsite at Maisons Lafittes and then going on south from there. I don't have a sat nav and didn't find it difficult.
  9. Rfrancis, If you absolutely must start from Calais then via Rouen, Le Mans, Tours , Loches, Chateauroux, , Limoges and Brive. And if you want to miss Rouen then pass it on the west side via Yvetot and cross the Seine by the Pont de Brotonne instead
  10. The last 600 metres or so is single track with passing places. If that worries you deeply then send your navigator to walk ahead for that stretch to stop anyone coming to meet you. But there are other sites in Cornwall where the access is single track without passing places .
  11. Apart from the occasional spots where there are lifeguards dogs can run on the unpopulated beaches all down the 200 mile stretch from the mouth of the Gironde estuary to the Spanish border - but I'm afraid your Westies risk being swept away by the surf.
  12. Where are you coming from and trying to get to? If you want to avoid the costs of the Mont Blanc and Frejus tunnels then the Mont Cenis pass is a towable route from Italy to France - but only in summer when they have cleared the snow.
  13. I mentioned Camping la Source earlier but aroused a critic . The Alan Rogers page (part of CMC these days) of description for that site mentions that late arrivals are possible, but you are certainly right to think of checking .
  14. CMC Touring France guide points out that the Petit St Bernard is closed to vehicles which are towing.
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