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  1. I would get a fresh pigtail from regulator to gas bottle - with the appropriate fitting on each end. You can buy on line .
  2. There are no passenger sailings from Poole until 14 September 2021 at the earliest. Lack of demand to make it worthwhile to run a ship I suppose .
  3. The Bilbao Youth Hostel at Kobetamendi operates a parking area which is primarily for motorhomes, but there are reports of caravans also being accepted there. It might be worth an e mail to the manager if you want somewhere close to the ferryport.
  4. Phillip697, yes of course you can have a fatter tyre. . All sorts are available. Look on line and order one
  5. Near Dorceau. Full directions on their website.
  6. Might Stowford Farm Meadows be the sort of place you are looking for?
  7. Why are you booking now for next year? Do you think the ferries will be full?
  8. ACSI has a website and an app of what they call Great Little Campsites - in their terms that means sites with less than 50 touring pitches. Don't expect CS or CLs in Spain. But for a first time visit I would look at the winter sun packages of ferry plus campsites on offer now from Brittany Ferries.
  9. Google knows everything. Children under the age of 11 are exempt from the requirement for COVID testing and vaccination before and after travel to and from France.
  10. For return you have to test in France before leaving and on days 2 and 8 while you isolate at home in England. For travel and health insurance you buy from companies such as Staysure and Avanti which are among the ones offering this cover.
  11. Jiffy, If you are fully vaccinated and tested negative then France is open for tourism and holidays . There is no quarantine . There is no rule saying only Essential travel.
  12. Insurance documents plus green cards for car and caravan, car registration v5 document, passports, EHIC or GHIC cards, travel insurance, vaccination proof on NHS app, COVID tests will be in accordance with whatever is in force at the time and will be listed on Government website - refer to that.
  13. You can get travel insurance including Covid cover from Staysure.
  14. Outdoor pools were allowed to re open on 29 March . Maybe Club managers didn't know?
  15. Alan Stanley, my mother had a saying about not cutting your nose off to spite your face. It might be worth bearing in mind.
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