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  1. I have never bought a caravan that didn't come with the water pump, the van can't really be used without it, so when trading in i leave the pump in it.
  2. I Tow a 2000kg Swift Twin with my 2014 KX2. it does the job perfectly well. I went from 1500kg single to a 1800kg twin then to 2000kg twin and did notice the difference from single to twin but not from the 1800kg to 2000kg, and strangely the MPG hasn't changed. Twins are a different beast when been towed, they are more stable, i do need to make sure the nose weight is @ 100kg or as near as as it gets a bit twitchy below 90kg. loaded well and not driven like you have forgot its there and i can see a problem. Danny
  3. I loop the cable over the hitch head, plenty of length to do that but nowhere near enough for it to reach the floor. The coils are due to the wiring harness fitting a range of vans of different lengths (i would assume), Also for example some sprite vans have the same harness as the challenger so the extra cables are there is you decide to add things like extractor fans and extra sockets that are standard on the other ranges.
  4. Hi just had the compact Plus fitted to my van Compact is up to 7 mts and compact plus is for above 7 mts Mine is a twin axle Swift the cost difference was well under a hundred quid so it seemed daft fitting the smaller unit and it having to work its backside off when the bigger unit would cope much easier I think the compact was £1325 and the plus was £1385 from memory plus fitting.
  5. Just stick a bit of white plastic over it, if you cant see the lamp its not fitted. Nobody is allowed to start to dismantle stuff to see what's behind it, And whos going to know or care anyway. I wouldn't be wasting my money digging it out and risking damage. Danny
  6. I have had both, both have advantages and disadvantages We have an end bed room in a twin axle van, it never gets as warm as the rest of the van but i cant sleep if its too warm. I couldn't have the bedroom a different temperature to the front of the van when we have the Alde heating. If its really cold when we get to site and want the chill taking off in the bedroom i just plug in a fan heater for 5 mins while the rest of the van warms up with the blown air. once its up to temp the blown air works just fine. i wouldn't go back to the Alde unless you could control where you wanted the heat. Danny
  7. We use a full Jormax windbreak, circa 600 quid for the whole lot including a gate. My dogs are not robots so wont just sit outside the van and not dare to wonder off. i have a windbreak so we can relax and they can choose to be inside the van or outside on our pitch without causing nuisance to others. My windbreak is instead of an awning, we only use a roll out a canopy and put the windbreak around where most folk fit a full awning. All these with super trained dogs on site that don't need to be tethered or have a pen made must be the ones i see wondering about.
  8. If you buy a 13 year old van you have to expect to find issue with it. its old and certainly not a "Van of Today" by any stretch of the imagination. my Lunar 2012 that i got shut of 4 years ago was as bad as your describing and that was nearly 20k second hand.
  9. Nothing like a ball park for 50% less mpg if towing, i drive a 64 plate 2.2 auto Sorento, i get 35mpg solo if I'm very very lucky many times i am at 30mpg, i get 25 mpg towing a 2000kg twin axle Swift
  10. Personally if i think i can do it safely i wouldn't ask on here just crack on and do it, Don't forget lots on here and Facebook group are doom and gloom merchants who wouldn't have gone away last year as its not safe to do so. Its your van and your choice. nothing to do with anyone on here. especially if you have a booked appointment to collect your new one that has been arranged by a business that is covid secure and asking you to pick it up. I'm sure you would only be bothered by the police until you explain the situation and wasn't on a holiday. good luck, enjoy the new Swift
  11. The swift Talk forum changed a lot over the years. At the very beginning it was brilliant and friendly ( probably early 2012/13) I left the brand for 3 years and when I went back on it was dominated by a few who knew everything about everything and wouldn't let anyone have a say. very very cliquey. I never stayed on it even after buying a new Swift
  12. He paid the deposit with his "debit card" as he said? why the confusion ? a credit card and debit card are different, one is credit one if from your account so not borrowed money. you normal have to have at least 100 quid on the credit card to be covered by section 19 which make the card company as liable as the supplier. but its simple, just use a 1000 quid on the C- card and clear the balance of it at the first statement date, you have then got the cover you need, don't then cancel the card as you will then no longer have the cover as far as i know. Danny
  13. 14.4 volt Lidl special for my leg winder, less than 20 quid 3 years ago, still going strong, I do only use it for the caravan legs as its not a great drill for anything else. Danny
  14. if she was still here she would be having the vaccine as she is old, so that wont stand up to make me decide to have it
  15. Until either of them things happen i don't know, if its comes down to die or have the vaccine I would have it no question , until that is the option i will give it a miss, I'm youngish and healthy so stand a extremely good chance of surviving the virus, who knows what side affects will show in 10, 20 or 30 years time from the vaccine, this may not be as much of a concern for someone in a high risk group and much older than me, if i was 70 i would probably be jumping up and down to have it too, as i would be less concerned about 10 20 or 30 years time. Danny
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