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  1. Just been and had a look under my van. I got the letter last week and couldn't wait to go see. Today was my first chance. Well I think mine is ok. All screws inside gas looked are still in place. Floor looks solid and no signs of movement. All screws are still in under the van too.
  2. You are correct, kx1 and kx2 have 17" wheels the kx3 has 18 2010 -2014 I feel mine kx2 (2014) tows better with my summer wheels which are 18" rather than the 17" I use in winter. Danny
  3. Have a look at the upgraded Pedders rear suspension kits, its about £280 for replacement shocks and uprated springs. loads have done it to the MK2 santa fe and said its been spot on since.
  4. But its only for workshop staff and will be covered by the risk assessments for other processes they do.
  5. It don't look too bad, I was expecting a lot worse and the front end been ripped off to do the fix. be nice to see if they have a process sheet for how to check for the fault. we could check our own then to put our minds at rest, Danny
  6. Hi Mine is now 2 years old. ( Swift 635) so GRP everywhere It still looks like the day I picked it up if not better. I wash it 3/4 times a year and always use aqua wax spray before I dry it off. I then wax it twice a year with Mur wax. Its never hard to clean and black marks just wipe away. I am hoping it will keep it protected but happy to hear of a better way to keep the shine Danny
  7. I fit 1 Alko and 1 nemesis lock I have the option of which wheel which fits as I have 2 of the wheel nuts one in each wheel. its always easy to line up one lock, I don't get the discount for Alko locks fitted just a normal wheel clamp discount but it makes no difference as I already get max discount for all the other safety items like ATC, alarm cassoa gold storage, hitch lock. you only every get so much% discount so it was pointless, a bit like the tracker that was over a £100 per year when the price of the insurance didn't change as it was already at max discount% Danny
  8. Yes, I do, it lives in the kitchen cupboard until March. I also remove the damper and put that in with the pump. I use a home made Floe to drain down all the pipework then remove the pump. No risk of damage if its not in the van. Danny
  9. Dannyp

    It pays to ask.

    Don't be too shocked if close to the time you lose the pitch. Someone will probably try to book and be happy to pay the full price, if all other pitches are booked you will probably be getting a phone call letting you know they now cant fit you in.
  10. Dannyp


    Looks like a Sorento to me, 2010 - 2015 vintage
  11. Good call, or slacken them off a bit if they are too tight and twisting the van.
  12. I was thinking of the other way on the M62. I have had people moan at me for been in the outside lane when trying to get past a wagon doing 55 in the 3rd (1st)lane approaching the underpass to head out towards Castleford.
  13. Are you sure its not allowed? The part of the M62 where the M1 comes off is 4 lanes but you are allowed to be in the 4th lane as the inside 2 are actually coming off to head to the Lofthouse roundabout for the M1 and the very inside one heads up the M1 north.( these are marked above so the M62 is down to 2 lanes and any vehicle can use either lane if going straight on) Danny
  14. Gtechniq C4 trim restorer is the best thing for faded trim on your car. My Sorento was an embarrassment for its age, the trim was faded, covered in polish and I was about to have it all painted because I was sick of trying to make it presentable. The C4 is brilliant, it brought it back to new looking its been done 3 months now and still looks like new. make sure you follow the cleaning instructions as its got to be spotless before application. Its very expensive for a 30ml bottle but worth every penny of it. As for the van front, I would just have it re wrapped for what it will cost. Danny
  15. Mine does this too, I'm glad I'm not the only one, its random as I couldn't get it to do it when it was been serviced.
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