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  1. The swift Talk forum changed a lot over the years. At the very beginning it was brilliant and friendly ( probably early 2012/13) I left the brand for 3 years and when I went back on it was dominated by a few who knew everything about everything and wouldn't let anyone have a say. very very cliquey. I never stayed on it even after buying a new Swift
  2. He paid the deposit with his "debit card" as he said? why the confusion ? a credit card and debit card are different, one is credit one if from your account so not borrowed money. you normal have to have at least 100 quid on the credit card to be covered by section 19 which make the card company as liable as the supplier. but its simple, just use a 1000 quid on the C- card and clear the balance of it at the first statement date, you have then got the cover you need, don't then cancel the card as you will then no longer have the cover as far as i know. Danny
  3. 14.4 volt Lidl special for my leg winder, less than 20 quid 3 years ago, still going strong, I do only use it for the caravan legs as its not a great drill for anything else. Danny
  4. if she was still here she would be having the vaccine as she is old, so that wont stand up to make me decide to have it
  5. Until either of them things happen i don't know, if its comes down to die or have the vaccine I would have it no question , until that is the option i will give it a miss, I'm youngish and healthy so stand a extremely good chance of surviving the virus, who knows what side affects will show in 10, 20 or 30 years time from the vaccine, this may not be as much of a concern for someone in a high risk group and much older than me, if i was 70 i would probably be jumping up and down to have it too, as i would be less concerned about 10 20 or 30 years time. Danny
  6. No way on this earth would I let them give me this vaccine. 99.7 chance of survival Covid 19 that's good odds. Danny
  7. Dannyp

    Fantastic idea

    I did mine on Sunday with my home made device and mini compressor i got over 1 pint of water just from the shower, its central on opposite side of the van to the kitchen and bathroom sink so the pipe work runs all the way round from the inlet round the lounge and half way along the van probably only got 2/3 of a pint from the kitchen and bathroom sinks together. well worth removing imo Danny
  8. Age just 26 just 12 months after I swore I wouldn't need the space at the side of my house for storage of a caravan. I only got one after a very wet weekend diving and staying in a tent, it was wetter in the tent than the sea. Once we got a van it was the only holidays we bothered with. I cant stand the hassle of Airports these days . Danny
  9. The tyres are spec accordingly too.. The pic is for the person who asked about the weight plate on the axle. If you think about it the tyres are only taking 500kg each. So not a big ask from a modern tyre
  10. 1100kg per axle, i had to get under to take a pic for me dealer to order new brakes recently
  11. My 2017 challenger 635 was plated at 1680 re plated to 2000kg MIRO is 1550 so 450kg payload now Danny
  12. On older vans the lid had to be up on some makes of oven, Stoves for example on my 2009 Abbey, on my Thetford oven the can can be down to use the oven or grill ( Swift 2017)
  13. I doubt the knowledge is any more, we just happen to have better more powerful cars, if cars hadn't developed people wouldn't have stopped towing caravans. its just easier and safer now. Danny
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