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  1. . ...whether it is stereotypically desirable to the travelling folk? I really like the build, price and layout of a particular brand of caravan that is long associated with a certain way of life. Thing is, it would be a new one. And my wife really thinks that we are inviting trouble to our caravan door step if we got one. Do you think we are being over the top scaredy cats or logically thinking about an increased risk of theft, etc. ? This really isnt a post to start bashing a particular culture, im thinking crime prevention.
  2. I like the bailey retreats. Great designs. I know about the licence requirement, etc. But what is the smallest vehicle with a gvw of over 3500kgs, required to tow it? Ideally something that could be used as a daily driver or not look too out of place at the supermarket. Even better would be a day van type vehicle? Sensible price ranging 10k or less. I have little experience in commercial vehicles so I am hoping on drawing on the experience or advice of others on here. Thanks!
  3. Success! It appears that. .... . ...the onboard water pump had failed in some form. This allowed water in the onboard tank to be drawn up when the external pump was activated. The water being pumped around the system and ulimately using two water sources. I think that this was made worse by the siphon effect of the onboard water tank being mostly higher than the main water piping. The new pump fitted is a lot quieter as well, and seems to pressurise quicker and more stable. Maybe the old pump was on its way out for years, but finally broke this week. Applying some of the useful posts above logic and the findings means I managed to get it fixed. And im not going senile. Phew.
  4. No water loss. New pump fitted, pipe trimmed back for fresh join. Lets see tomorrow.
  5. Well, well, well. This morning I have 50% water. It appears the onboard pump is also kaput. So I wonder if some valve or similar has failed, thus meaning that I am effectively sucking in onboard and external water. It is a long shot. Pump now removed, power disconnected. Lets fill up and see by this evening.
  6. Well the silkaflex has cured, the tanks been filled up, the cap locked. Lets see tomorrow. .....
  7. The waste goes direct to external outlets. It really is quite a problem. I am starting to open the possibilities of going senile at 31, and that the local fauna are well washed indeed. I keep checking for crop circles and odd shaped floating things, including decending whales but no other corroborative evidence of strange happens YET. P. s. I did fill when full, see earlier post. ... The oddest thing about the tank, which I removed fully today, has just the level indicator switch and the overflow/ drain down pipe below water level. Inspected for damage. Nothing. Wood underneath bone dry. Now each and every join has been covered in silkaflex. ....
  8. Even more strange and annoying is that I did the newspaper idea for 2hrs while I went out. Came back and its all dry. Ahhh, fixed me thinks. Filled it right up last night for a final test. Today it is mostly empty. Pump was isolated, filler cap locked. Now I am going to remove the tank and probably silkaflex every join. And if its still leaking, im flumoxed. By now I have lost circa 100L and the van is still dry internally?
  9. Im on a cl, so ive laid newspaper underneath and filled 20l. Ive also silkaflexed the join underneath where the drain down pipe exits. Tis intriguing.
  10. With an external 12v socketed pump that I use to pump water (50l) into the tank. Remove pump, lock cap, switch on internal tank pump.
  11. Its not the aqua roll. ... It has a sealed, locked, filler cap. Its fully internal.
  12. Onboard water tank, as in water storage inside caravan that I fill up.
  13. Hello, I have a strange and mysterious problem. I have an onboard water tank, that for some reason has started to make its contents vanish. I filled it right up and the next day it was practically empty. I checked the overflow/ drain down pipe and tightened tightened tightened. Added water, the next day gone. So then I got some PTFE tape and put plenty on the thread, around the o-ring and even the solvent connection and the tube of the overflow/ drain down pipe to make a double effort. This morning there is no water. There is no other low level connections, splits, cracks, holes or signs of internal water seepage. The wood surrounding is dry. Is there a trick I dont know of to apply PTFE? Help!
  14. Why do you ask for advice and ignore it? Your van is unsafe. Face the facts and start seeking some professional advice. Pride before a fall, sir.
  15. Well, this is an area I definitely have some experience and advice. My tips for reducing stress. ... 1) do NOT expect to arrive at a set time. Never happens. 2) going at 55 or 50mph is far more relaxing than going 60, planning overtakes, holding traffic up when you do. ...Also, just find a steady rolling HGV and get behind that. Can be boring, but so much less stress. 3) get wifey to recognise the task of towing. I now get treated to coffee stops when I want, get suprise treats. 4) if it looks a busy or engaging piece of road- turn the radio off or down, and pause the conversation. After the 30seconds or minutes silence and through a tight junction its much better than hearing about x,y or z. 5) laugh, laugh, laugh. 6) plan your route in advance, maximise motorways and dual carriageways. And lastly, but most definitely (and im not a drinker), get your favourite tipple for when you land and settle. A cooled Budvar Budweis is a pure joy of having a 12v fridge behind you. Enjoy.
  16. Try making sure that the pump tubing hasnt pulled away from the pump socket. We had the same, and a bit of trimming and plastic glueing it was all sorted.
  17. So do the axles or chassis have it on them somewhere what the max load is? How do the manufacturers work it out
  18. Dan1


    Ive used the double foil sided bubble wrap stuff from b and q. Works very very well.
  19. This is exactly what we are doing right now. No issues whatsoever, and to doubley sure, got one of those sleep sensor mats so will know within a moment if baby has rolled over too far, etc etc. ....
  20. Do a search on here and read my posts on a downplating thread and what I did. In a nutshell, you can downplate legally, but to stay legal you must meet certain conditions. As I say, search my posts as I have researched to the nth degree the legality of it.
  21. I used foil backed bubble wrap insulation from a budget diy store. £8 for a big roll. Worked a treat.
  22. Exactly. We could afford almost any new caravan we wanted but we have a van the same age for the same reasons. Baby sick, smelly food, stones flung up, etc are of no worries. ....
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