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  1. in our experience with statics/sites, they don't like vans of a "certain" age full stop,regardless of what condition they are in,and as for getting a site to take one they,or their group of sites,have not sold to you will,i think,be nearly impossible. but good luck anyway,hope you get something sorted. pete
  2. meadow view c/s,is only 10mins off the a30 at bridestow(sourton junction/okehampton).
  3. result,phoned the dealer(volvo) we got our touareg from yesterday,and explained about no high capacity compressor,they've just called back there will be one there for me to pick up anytime from friday ,they couldn't have been more helpful. thanks smarty, for bringing to my attention about the pump. pete
  4. my wife was very hesitant to tow our van,she kept coming up with all sorts of reasons not to!!!!, then one day in a fit of bravery she said "i'll tow it to the first layby on the A42",(only 5 miles from our house !!!!) once we got going,and she sussed out that the van generally follows the car she was great,we eventually swapped seats about 1/2 way to okehampton,she loved it. she tows quiet often now. take your time stay calm,and enjoy, the 1st cuppa after you arrive will be all the better. pete
  5. the number of time we've seen caravans on the road with roof vents still open,even heki's!!! is amazing,dont know if they survive the journey,its one of my ocd things,checking everything at least 3 times before we set off. at least you tried, and well done for that. pete
  6. the one time we went to cornwall in the evening,all the layby's were full of trucks and caravans(mostly trucks),if memory serves we were at exeter about 6pmish,and they were still full,there were a couple of empty ones on the way to okehampton,but these were not that big and empty for a reason,if i remember one was on a uphill section.
  7. we use a awning skirt the whole length of the van,and use a wheel arch cover made from ply,with awning channel attached to that.
  8. we go to okehampton quiet a lot and now always go on a sunday,going again next week,leave about 7am,usually fine until bristol then a bit hectic but soon sorts itself out again, we have gone mon am as well,but much prefer sunday. pete
  9. our handover was fantastic everything fully working and explained,but the van interior was "basic clean" we had to clean inside if wardrobe,cupboards,drawers etc before we put stuff in
  10. o. k. .... do tell father ted,how did you find that out. .............
  11. when we bought our touareg the dealer was very hesitant for us to even look at it as it hadn't been valeted,it was way cleaner than ours as we'd stopped to look on the way home from shopping!!!!!, we looked anyway with him squirming a bit saying "it's still dirty". when we picked it up it was gleaming,a proper job. our new caravan was clean but nothing special,i think caravan cealers need to up their game in this,any many other respects, we did get a huge bunch of flowers,chocy's and wine
  12. agreed adora,but as far as i can see with the new alu-tec, solid,and now swift saying they're starting a new construction method,the window/door security has not got any better,.......how hard can it be!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. i'm much more worried about the window security,i think it really is time all the manufacterers done more with security,i'm pretty sure that people would be more impressed with better security than some new construction method or gadget, i would happily swap some of the "must haves" that are fitted to our van for better window/door locks
  14. thanks again smarty,i've had the car about 18months,from a volvo dealer,but i'll give them a ring tommorrow see what can be done!, all i've got is 2 tins of VW branded "propellent", compressed air i guess.
  15. i'm not "up"on all this kind of stuff,so please excuse my ignorance!!!,would there be an amount of tolerance in the chasis load,would the same chasis have been used for a heavier van. i can see the possible downfall/dangers involved. ..........................but,ice cream. ........
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