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  1. I am saying goodbye to you all. I would like to thank you all for the support you have given me. But time to say goodbye. I cannot stay. I have to go. I have asked for my account to be deleted. It has been a very tough day for me. ... the evening was tougher still. .too much to bear. . I cant go into why. .. needless to say. .. it is time for me to say goodbye and thank you. I wont forget you all. I will remember the support/ help and advice I have been given. For as long as I can. take care all and happy camping. Thanks again Maz. x Mods. .. no need to remove this. I have emaiied Ben. Night all.
  2. Even though its 4 kids plus me. .. I do need a 7 seater. 5 seaters are not big enough for my brood seeing as my son now tops 6 foot 2 at 15,my 17 year old as tall as me, my 12 year old not far off, and my 10 year old just behind the 12 year old!!.. im 5 foot 7. Plus my 12 year old needs to be in a seat where she cant be touched by anyone. Anyone sits too close and she goes a bit scatty. I like the sedonas, don't look too mumsy I will eventually get my B plus E. .. I hope.
  3. Umm. ... I am changing cars next week ( touch wood its ready) . ... For another Sedona!! Dunno. ... I just like them. ..... odd thing is I worked out I change cars either voluntarily or not. .. about roughly every year. ..... in the past 6 years or so, ive had a lucida with the belt snap. ... a MKII galaxy I sold before the car I have now,225k miles when sold, and still going strong as the new owners send me a text every now and then to let me know!! a Vectra estate which I went skating on black ice with and totally totalled the car when it went into a metal fence at the wrong point. .. nasty smash that, really shook me up that one did and took ages for me to gain confidence to drive on my own again. .. had a MKI galaxy written off by a blind woman. ..( she didn't see me) another lucida I sold for about what I paid for it. ... a wee fiesta I bought off a friend. ... had a Vauxhall Vectra. .... think that's it. ...... all in no order mind. This Sedona ive got at the moment ive had for just over a year. But its green. Gone off green now and im getting a black on next week or so. .Borrowed the money off a friend to get it else I wouldn't be able to afford it. Plus this one ive got at the moment has just had a fortune spent on it getting it through the MOT and it still needs more work done on it. .. not cost effective for me to do that considering its value. Reminds me, need to whack it on ebay,
  4. says in my handbook: curb weight is 2145-2213kg GVWR: 2738 (2843)kg
  5. Is plated weight different to what is in my handbook? the curb weight/ GVWR?
  6. which gives me. .. about 600kg. give or take. .... kia Sedona 2. 9 manual diesel. 03 plate.
  7. Good afternoon. ... welcome to the merry house!
  8. As I got a few more brain cells fried today ( rapidly running out of them!!), I cant for the life of me remember what the max weight is I can tow without having to pass a B plus E. Before anyone says use the search. .. I tried and just stared at the empty search box. My best friend at the moment is a bucket. Bucket = brain dead. Just wondered if there was a caravan out there that I could tow without having to pass the B plus E even though I do intend to pass it eventually. .. well. .. hopefully in the next 12 months if I can save enough to do it plus get summit to tow!!. Fanks in advance Mazzy.
  9. Ahem. .... I beg to differ. .. when I visited me local funeral parlour. ... there was indeed a huge massive queue. ... Ok, granted it was at their free coffee and cake stall as they were having an open day. .. but there was definitely a queue!! Most people, would usually have one person to hop out and go join the queue to book in. . the other sits behind the wheel and moves accordingly
  10. There was a couple of times where I did book a site, and I did pick the pitch that was wanted. That was where there was a site map on the website for that site, and I just asked. So it can be done. Though I did book over the phone, not online.
  11. Now that made I laff. .... needed that!!... thank you .
  12. still too big for my letterbox stuck on the wall outside!!.
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