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  1. I have used a few of the O2 wifi freebies and they work ok. If I am using to check bank balance etc switch of the wifi and use my personal one which is coded so not open to anyone else . Not bothered if just surfing for a shop or other normal stuff. Just got to be careful with the open wifi spots.
  2. We could always get Blue Peter to build 1 out of cardboard boxes and toilet roll holders. LOL
  3. I pay a small extra premium with my caravan insurance which gives me cover with the AA . The cover is for when I have a problem with the caravan including if it is sited. if my car breaks down when away from the site they will recover the caravan for me
  4. I fit 1 alko lock on rear wheel and another type on the front wheel called a Nemesis Ultra. I also have a stronghold hitchlock. The nemesis is approved by my insurance company 'Safeguard ' so I am happy that if it was stolen I would be covered. The Nemesis has a bar which fits through the wheel and stos it turning because it hits the chassis. I too would not jack up my van although there is a leveling air bag system which allows you to let 1 wheel spin free to fit the Alko if you want.
  5. I have a twin axle because that is how it comes with the layout I wanted. If it had been SA it wouldn't have been a problem. All my other vans have been single and towed fine, so for me it is layout and not the number of axles.
  6. The trouble is we have to keep ar whippets on leads and they get bored seeing all the rabbits running around free. Unfortunately had to eat the last pigeon because we are on a poor pension.
  7. Now I know why I part ex rather than trying to sell private, I just couldn't do with all the messing about. I find it much easier to do the deal and take mine in and pick up the new one. I don't mind selling small things private but cars and caravan is a Part exchange deal.
  8. You will have to make that wellington boots to quake in Delta LOL. Sorry couldn't resist that. Hope all is well re the leak and I just find it ridiculous that the CC put a black mark against you when you have a perfectly valid reason to cancel. I would contact them and point out how stupid this is and invite them to cancel the black mark. I have a Lunar and get puddling on the roof so I always try and elevate the front when parked on my drive in the hope that it will drain off.
  9. Just booked a couple of holidays for next spring /summer and I have to say very quick. Used the express button and was so easy to book that I wish it was the same all the time. Just picked a site and dates and all my other details were already in place. Took a couple of minutes for each booking so I for 1 am quite happy with the way it is set out .
  10. You won't have any DPF problems with it, if you had a diesel it would need a few longer journeys to avoid problems
  11. I agree it doesn't seem any different and I haven't had anything go wrong either
  12. The V70 D5 is an ideal tow car for this van. I have an XC70 version which tows my Lunar 640 Twin axle 1800kgs max with ease. It is a geartronic auto as well and is very relaxing to drive. The road fund is £225 a year the standard V70 I had before was £175. They both had the same engine which is the D5 2. 4 twin turbo with 215 hp and 440 nm of torque. High 40's mpg solo and 27mpg towing.
  13. My Volvo XC70 D5 215 geartronic doesn't hesitate to get away but then it is a more standard auto . I had a DSG passat but didn't like the gear change either. The Volvo is very smooth and will tow in 6th gear from around 50mph so I am very happy with it.
  14. I was having a quick look on autotrader and there was a 61 plate V70 geartronic with all the stuff like sat nav etc for £17000 and only 55000 miles. There were quite a few for sale.
  15. I towed my 1800 kgs twin axle caravan with a D5 215 V70 and it performed well . I did get a bit of slippage when starting off uphill on a steep hill as the V70 is only Fr wheel drive. I now have the XC 70 with the same engine and this tows it really well . The 215 D5 engine has 440 nm of torque so has plenty of go. As a solo I was getting well high 40,s mpg on a good journey. The XC is slighlty more thirsty but is still capable of mid 40's on a run solo. When towing it does around 26/27mpg with my heavy van on the back . I would think with your smaller van,the standard V70 D5 would be well capable of around 30mpg . Personally with your van I would not bother with the XC70 as the V70 would be more than enough unless as said you use a lot of grass sites. I also only have the geartronic box as it is ideal for towing and a dream on the motorway with cruise set.
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