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  1. Absolutely, but not everyone has that knowledge and might not know their Lendal from their Skeldergate, they could after all be from the smoke up to visit the true capital!!
  2. True, to be fair neither my route nor the CC one takes you over it - once in York I would not use a car unless you have to, bus, bike or walking is a much better bet.
  3. Meant to say that if you are an experienced tower then the NNN way to the site is a great deal better and quicker than the CC one. Frankly somebody who is not reasonably proficient at towing would struggle a bit with either as we are talking the centre of York and it's a tad tight in places!
  4. Wow you are one quick mover Mr Wisp! Thanks. I agree it was a staggering sight from an era of great British engineering, I doubt they will ship the North American ones back here again any time soon, so really it was an amazing one off to see them all in one place.
  5. Ahh the thorny topic of Rowntree Park, guaranteed to lead to much wailing and gnashing of teeth!! Well if you ever wondered what the site looks like here is the video evidence.
  6. Hello all, it's been some time (we have been filming a lot in Europe) but here are a couple of new videos for you. The first the ever controversial Rowntree Park - if you've never been able to get in, well this is what it is like!! Also there was the so called great gathering at York of all the remaining A4 Pacific steam engines - this was to mark the anniversary of Mallard setting the world record speed for a steam locomotive. A record that stands to this day. The vid's are in the usual place i. e. here
  7. Nick NNN

    Superb Estate

    Quite simply the best tow car I've ever owned, Audi parts, VW build and Skoda prices. Luxurious and practical with space inside to die for, I could go on.
  8. Quite simply the best tow car I've ever owned, Audi parts, VW build and Skoda prices. Luxurious and practical with space inside to die for, I could go on. Click here to view the towcar review
  9. Possibly better value and less hassle to rent a static for a month and make it a holiday.
  10. You see they just don't have our sense of discipline when it come to queueing and following correctly!
  11. French friends we have seem to regard many laws as at best advisory! That said when we tow over there we have found the French drivers more law abiding eg not running red lights and a great deal more courteous to towers than the English.
  12. Answer: seemingly when it's French We are filming in France next month and I asked the Caravan Club for the following update: Re France and breathalysers I see according to your information that a final decision on the law regarding them was to be made in France back in February. I realise they have suspended any fining but what is the update on the law? Thanks Answer: This has been left in "Statute Law" with a decree number. In effect this means that you are required by French law to carry a breathalyzer kit in your car. However if you do not comply you will not be punished. Amazing, magnifique! How very French. I realise this could go under caravan club or continental holidays but it's just too good, too wide in its scope to slot in there. Any other true but equally ludicrous driving laws and enforcement gladly received! I don't think we will be investing in a kit!
  13. To test it the easiest way is first via the mains electric. Make sure the mains is plugged in and you have got the mains working in the van (it may be off at the master switch), try plugging in a light, radio or what have you to test this. Make sure the van is level. Then switch the fridge on, make sure it is set for the mains, 240v set up and select the coldest level on the temp setting. Leave for 24 hours and see if it has gone cold.
  14. You know I wondered about this, clearly they have gone equiped and on the assumption that non-electric pitches cost less, then in my book it's a form of planned theft, possibly of electric and certainly of site fees. Also the likelihood of being caught seems pretty high too. Stupid, odd and anti-social in equal measure and any way you wish to cut it thievery and the not the brightest kind, I'd have thrown them all off frankly.
  15. I've noticed on CC sites of late they all have new big notices saying we will only clear the snow from around the office and amenity blocks, I presume as some sort of disclaimer that if you break your neck elsewhere then don't sue them. It makes me wonder if they have had some legal advice that says you can't get out of a legal duty of care with such a disclaimer and despite the massive financial hit have closed these places. I live about 25 minutes from Chatsworth and while there is plenty of snow about the roads are all clear. There is a very long single track access road to the site and it's not the councils job to clear that but I would have thought they estate people could - they still actually own the site, it's rented by the club. It's easy to get annoyed about Health and Safety culture but with people so trigger happy when it comes to no win, no fee, legal action I'm not surprised.
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