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  1. It will be such a difficult decision to open sites as in all probability some tourists will naturally flood the local attractions. If sites open , persons should be restricted to the site and only leave the site for neccesities. Social distancing should be quite easy to adhere to with a common sense approach on site, i certainly would not want to break these rules. A difficult decision to be made, but sooner or later it has to happen for the sake of the tourism industry or there will be no industry left.
  2. yes it is a 3 week review, but the last review was the following week , making it 4.
  3. Hard to see sites re opening any time this summer, i think opening of sites will be way down the priority for this government. With reviews in essence happening every 4 weeks, there will be a slow opening of small shops etc. Chris Witty has also stated last night, new cases need to drop below 1000 a day before any lockdown ends. Not sure how he sees the tourism industry surviving a total block out of a season, including the major caravan suppliers and their sales and workshops etc.
  4. I would certainly check the spout on the kitchen tap as Les Medes stated, i suffered exactly the same problem many years ago. Could not believe the crud that had accumalated there.
  5. The readings are critical, also at this time of year they can be higher with condensation. Could you visit the dealer and see the readings again?
  6. Hi The rear of the unit rotates, found by accident when adjusting the position. I really should read the manual :-) I did think the lights were not so powerful as the U3 lights though, so we ended up having all 4 on in the front of the van.
  7. I bet you cant wait :-) We have another few days planned next week. The beds really are so much better, longer and so comfortable. Found out last night that the usb lights below the lockers are dimmable as well. Will need to fit some hooks on back of bathroom door, not sure why Bailey dropped these. Massive amount of storage for chemicals, cleaning etc with the toilet locker on the offside. And our Cat likes it as well :-)
  8. Purchased a 2019 U4 from a west country dealership, who delivered the van to our seasonal pitch. We were upgrading from a U3 which was 3 years old. Price, caravans are now a luxurious item or at least their price tag is £24500 for a new van is really very veey expensive, but just retired so hey ho ! Positives Really like the outside of the van, the improved front panel makes the van appear so much more streamlined along with the black acrylic panels above the windows. Much prefer the door opening the correct way ie to the right, if you have a porch awning this means you can use the latch to keep the door open. Under bed locker acess to the rear moved to the offside, again so much better as if you have a porch awning I can now access this locker. The windows really fit in well with the design of the van. Interior The white panelled overhead locker doors really do make the van appear much larger, along with the full bathroom mirror which when lit really does give an air of quality. The U3 lockers were finger magnets which showed up every mark. The longer beds are much better suited to someone who is 5`11" Especially if you were using the offside bed. The mattresses seem more comfortable to us, we always found the U3 mattresses really very firm. Lower backboards means the heating is now directly level with the bed mattress's, woke up this morning to feeling really snug and warm. Alde heating is really very good, if you have never used this type of heating I cannot begin to describe how useful this is in cold weather. Timer set to switch heating off at 10. 00pm and keep temperature at 15° overnight, until switching back on at 06. 30 am, Superb. The back rests in the front seats also give an appearance of quality. It does feel if the front mattresses are firmer, not sure if this was intentional. Skylights, at last they now have catches to protect the units in strong winds,so many times last season we could not open due to gusty winds and no locking mechanism. So simple but a vast change. Bi fold shower doors, again an improvement, so much easier to access the shower. Usb point chargers, superb idea, there is also 2 usb,s to each light. 4 units in total have this. Tv shelf now at eye level as per U2, much more suitable to us. Bluetooth radio, so you can link your phone, probably the unit is marginally more expensive but really useful for streaming music from your phone if this is your thing. Bathroom layout, plenty of room with the toilet now on the offside. Negatives Shorter front seats, also as the front shelf has basically been removed you do lack elbow room in the reclined position :-) 2 x 240v points at the side of the front unit, certainly will not use as they are bang in the way. Minor point as many will not probably use due to the usb chargers. Price!!!!! So many many more positives than negatives, it does seem a much better van than the U3 and more akin to the design of the U2. It does appear that a lot of thought went into this van. Time will tell on the quality, so just hope its as good as our previous 2 Baileys.
  9. Purchased a U4 Cadiz this week, pick up on the 4th December so a very early christmas present :-) Part exd our U3 Cadiz. Will be using before Christmas for a few nights then in the new year.
  10. we are now on our 2nd cadiz, latest model feb 2016. not great news about roof joints, this happens though. believe me, I owned a swift challenger 2011 model. first year damp all across the front window, sent back to swift for 3 months. end of second season, water poured though offside roof space, again back to swift for 3 months. 2 years old and it had spent 25% of its life back at the factory. sold in 2013 and damp at 25% along the floor space, probably due to the aluminium being cut too short and not sealed correctly. pretty much not great when it happens but not linked just to bailey.
  11. The flashing is the demo! Hold menu button down,then rotate volume till you get to memo,press again rotate anti clockwise. Demo will now be off. Did not know they were a dealer fit. Pleased with the sound,dab is so much better. Did not know they were a dealer fit. Pleased with the sound,dab is so much better.
  12. First weekend away in the Cadiz, no dab radio signal. For ref worth checking the connection,did not realise dab had a separate connection which the factory had not connected to the main unit. All well and working after removing the unit and making the connection.
  13. What a let down if the TV has to sit on the front shelf. This would not suit me at all,especially if you have a sky box as well. An owner of a current 2013 Cadiz with very little to complain about,yet bailey have now dramatically changed the interior to accommodate a huge fridge when in reality a large fridge is rarely needed.
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