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  1. Hello Food destroyer, My Isuzu is on a 65 plate which was 2 months old and 800 miles when I bought it as it was the local dealer demonstrator. It is still like new =, 33000 miles. The only change from when I completed the deal was to have the towing electrics upgraded to a 13 pin socket and associated wiring etc . This was done FOC before I collected it. I did a lot of research before buying it - speaking to other owners/users etc and no-one had anything other than praise, lust as I am now. As regarding towing , our van is a Swift single axle but is as long as is legal on a single axle. swdI have also towed a variety of sized trailers including an Ifor Williams twin axle at 3. 5 tons all up in the pouring rain and darkness with no bother of any sort !! As you can see I believe it would be difficult to better it as it not only does all the above but it is the family car too . Best Wishes Ian Brown
  2. I have lost count of all the vehicles I have owned or tried since becoming a caravan lover about 50 years ago. I have used Volvos, Land-Rovers, Fords, Kias, Hyundai, but without any doubt the best of the lot is what I have now, - owned for over 3 years and will keep a lot longer - an Isuzu D-Max Auto pick-up. It will pull 3.5 tons, carry nearly a ton at the same time and tow any caravan . It went through any deep snow last winter without a murmur at all whilst I sat in a warm comfortable seat. It has been no trouble at all, is good on fuel(appprox 34 solo, 27 towing.) I think this speaks for itself. Go and try one - I think you will be impressed!!
  3. We had a similar problem with our Celeste 560! Eventually I found that the aerial wire where it joined the TV aerial was not actually connected to the plug!! I put this right myself and Bingo - it now works perfectly.
  4. We use a Halfords one too! Bought it about 3 years ago when they were on a silly low price offer of about £40 and it is still very good, We did have a problem with the transformer giving - up about a year ago - but easily obtained a new replacement through Halfords.
  5. I agree with Dave!! I have used and owned many different vehicles as both tow vehicle and family car and without any doubt the Isuzu D-Max is easily the best!! I have not had the chance to try the new 2 litre, but my local dealer says that they are very good. I have used the 4 wheel drive in the recent bad weather and I was most impressed both on ice/snow and in very slippery mud pulling a trailer! I don't think that any other pick-up or four wheel drive could be any better. And before the Green Oval club start I have owned and used quite a lot of them too!!
  6. We had a similar problem with our fridge - although it is a lot newer in a 2012 Swift. It was a faulty PCB which our mobile service engineer replaced for us. I believe you can find them on ebay, and look to be easy to change, but they may not be all the same PCB.
  7. ianbrown

    D-Max Utah

    Comfortable, spacious, good pulling power. Vision pack & Truckman top on when purchased as it was the demonstrator vehicle.
  8. Comfortable, spacious, good pulling power. Vision pack & Truckman top on when purchased as it was the demonstrator vehicle. Click here to view the towcar review
  9. We have just got our Swift 2012 back after serious damp in the front around the windows and shelf. To be fair to Swift they authorised repairs quickly, but it was in the dealers workshop a long time to be sure that it was properly dried out before rebuilding it. All the internal pieces - seals,windows, shelf,wood framing and wallboard/wallpaper have been replaced with new!! Now only time will tell!
  10. ianbrown

    Santa Fe

    We have a 2012 Santa Fe Premium manual, fixed Witter bar and Alko hitch. 105mm from centre of ball to bumper. Hope this is useful!!
  11. When my mate was in this situation, he was told that he would need to pass a medical exam with his own doctor(costing around £70!). If he chose to ignore this, his licence would stil be renewed, but he would not be licenced to tow any trailer heavier than 750kg. Also, he would lose his entitlement to drive a 71/2 ton truck. He did have the medical, and now has all the groups he had pre-70. I hope this is helpful as its my turn soon!!
  12. We have a new Challenger Sport dealer special. First trip (in the rain) last weekend. Opened front locker on arrival to find water inside!! Anyone else still getting the problem? - I was under the impression that this had been sorted, but our van is only 3 weeks old!! Thanks for any help.
  13. I have been towing with a 2007 Lexus rx400h for almost 3years. Whilst it is mainly towing a Bailey Senator Indiana or previously a Bailey Pageant Bordeaux, I have towed several ordinary trailers, both twin & single axle, weighing up to 2 tons(the limit for an rx400), all of which it has handled and pulled effortlessly! It has averaged 28. 3mpg over the last 10,0000 miles - a mixture of towing /solo, both long and short journeys. I have nothing but praise for it. We have caravanned for over 30 years, owning a variety of caravans and towcars, including several Volvo estates and four wheel drives! You need to try one to appreciate how good they are, (and how good the service is, - in my case Lexus, Milton Keynes)
  14. We have a RX400h(57 reg) as our towcar, firstly with a Bailey Bordeaux, now a Bailey Senator 6 Indiana. Absolutely brilliant, cannot praise it enough, (and I have towed with many other towcars in 30 years of caravanning) We had a removable towball bar fitted by Lexus, Milton Keynes when we bought the car. Expensive,yes but I know it is wired up correctly so I have peace of mind!!(as it is a hybrid, the electrics are quite complex) As for mpg, mine has averaged 28. 2 over the last 10,000 miles. This is including towing and a lot of short journeys as well as some long solo fast runs. All in I am well pleased!!
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