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  1. Hi. We have two kids and two dogs so it looks like it should suit us. ..Thanks for replying.
  2. Thinking of booking 2 weeks in August at Deers Glade Norfolk. Looks good,anybody stayed there? Thanks.
  3. They are brass washers which are supposed to fit down the side of the mounting bolts. No room to get them in though.
  4. Hi. I have just fitted a Alko hitchlock to a Alko AKS1300 hitch. Included in the box were two half moon washers but there wasnt any space to fit them,will it be ok to leave them out as it seems to fit fine. Thanks.
  5. Hi. Just got a secondhand alko 1300 hitch and hitchlock only to find iam missing a couple of halfmoon washers needed to fit the hitchlock. I have looked everywhere for replacments but they seem to be sold only with a new hitchlock. Any ideas on where to get them. Thanks.
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