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  1. I don’t even bother to reverse onto a pitch anymore I just use the mover I found that I still had to use the mover to get the caravan into the right position so for me it’s like having a dog and bark yourself
  2. The bottom line is you pay the money you make the choice
  3. This is probably better than a moterhome or a caravan every day he use to go down to the slipway sail of for the day mind you it was in Queensland oz some times you have to think out of the box 😂
  4. I have a AL-KO hitch lock I leave it on when towing can’t see any problems when in oz Queensland you have to use safety chains from the caravan or trailer to the tow bar
  5. This is the best way I have found I use a bungee as above with the curly type plastic cable tidy over the lead it’s similar to what you get on the pump hose in a petrol station
  6. I have a swift Eccles 560 the awning size is 932
  7. Hi went for the veduta Because it’s specifically made for a caravan the material is the same as the Panorama liked the idea that all the panels are inter changeable with one door panel you can put in the front or at Each end I like the double skirt at the bottom you see no pegs and it stops any water getting in the mesh on all the windows stops any bugs and gives good air flow without the need for verander poles the sloping front it’s the same amount of pegs and it doesn’t look like a bus shelter this is only my opinion hope it helps will be getting in early July will be happy to forward photo
  8. With lockdown ending There might be some shows later on in the year probably get a better deal at a show don’t know what supplies are like on Thule products at the moment I looked at every video I could find on the Panorama and veduta in the end just ordered one just got fed up with waiting to look at one
  9. Thule In the north Jackson leisure ltd I think They are in Birkenhead Liverpool
  10. Been down the same route full awning porch awning sun canopy whatever one I take wish I took the Other in the end ordered the Thule veduta only because it is Pacifically made for caravans and has mesh netting’s on all windows it’s the Same material as the panorama had a lot of trouble finding one to look at as there are no shows on a present in the end ordered one from Rose Awnings Dorset They are going to come to a nearby site in Dorset And fit it up and show me how it works I just want one Piece of kit That I can adapt to whatever pitch I’m on the Thule wind brake is worth a look come
  11. Hi use a Thule awning windscreen probably not for everyone but works for me
  12. a lot of people switching to air awnings you should get a good deal on a poled awning new or used
  13. Had a look at the maypole the wheel looks Simla but the quality is not the same you pay your money you make your choice
  14. The veduta is made for the Thule 6200 or 6300 only and for caravans only it has a Sloping front like a traditional awning all the panels are Removable with mesh fly screens and clear windows one panel has the door panel which you can use one or two doors Anywhere all the panels are zipped Together and interchangeable so go any ware on the awning you can use it as a awning or sun canopy with front or sides as wind blockers as needed it has a double mud skirt at the bottom you see no pegs it looks good to me but as with all Thule products it comes at a cost
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