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  1. Hi had one fitted Thule 6300 4 m long the fixing bracket is bonded to the roof so no screw fixings leaves the awning rail free booked into a local site They fitted the bracket one day returned the the next day and fitted the awning all works Guaranteed contacted Swift no problems as the brackets are bonded to the roof not screwed rose awnings pool Dorset
  2. 18mm OSB board onto battens 50x50 @400mm centres floor covering a cheap foam backed carpet at the end of the season store boards under the van roll carpet up Job sorted
  3. I think it’s one of the items it’s hard to comment on unless you have one
  4. I think you have a good tow car the automatic will be grate you should have no trouble with the hobby as long as you don’t tow it with a transit van you should be ok on any camp site
  5. Have used in the past but before that bowls of salt but nowadays just make sure all vents are clear lift the bed and put a prop underneath to save the gas strut in open all lockers and doors so far no problems
  6. I can only speak as I find every time I have been insured with saga when it was time to re insure out of 3 quotes saga was the dearest a year later as I was not with saga they was the best price ? With insurance everyone circumstances are different so what works for one may not work for someone else
  7. If it’s not suitable try to do a trade in for one you want I have done this in the past
  8. Have found saga gives better deals to new customers not so good deals for existing customers
  9. As said above the only problem will be having to set up then pop out to do a shop after a long days travelling most sites have a small shop for milk bread etc if you know the Where you are going to end up you might be able order ahead of your arrival don’t fancy taking a caravan into a super market car park Usually get into France and drive through the night will probably book a site for a night do a shop then move on
  10. Hi am insured with LV got a green card for the car contacted the with regards to caravan all they needed was make and model ps , they are not green anymore
  11. Hi we have a swift Eccles 560 end bed room Mid wash room single axle this lay out is the best we have had in a caravan plenty of room and very comfortable there are plenty of options in the swift range for this style Changed from a Bailey as really missed a front locker hope this helps
  12. Swift Eccles 560 have towed with 2 bikes on the rear bike rack in uk and Europe no problem with stability the only problem was when using a cover for the bikes the air got in and it filled up with air it it did not feel as stable so I don’t use a bike cover toying with the idea of fitting a Thule ranger roof bag to the rear bike rack for chairs table etc. hope this helps
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