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  1. The best car I have been pulled over by was a Daimler Dart SP250 it was worth the telling off but no fine
  2. And I have been pulled over by one of them 😂
  3. Contrary to popular belief, towing mirrors are a legal requirement for the majority of cars including 4x4’s that are towing a caravan or trailer. The Law The law is very clear on the subject of mirrors and towing – If your trailer or caravan is wider than the rear of the towing car, you must fit additional towing mirrors Aside from breaking the law, if you choose not to fit them you run the risk of – A 3 point penalty on your licence Being prosecuted by the police A fine of up to £1,000 for each mirror infringement The law also specifies that you must have a clear field of vision 4 metres out from the side of your van, and 20 metres back behind the driver. The diagram below clearly shows the area either side of the car that you need to be able to see. Without the additional mirrors, you will find that you may have blind spots caused by the edges of your caravan. However, the law doesn’t stop there. To prevent your tow car becoming an additional hazard, there is a maximum distance of 25cm that the mirrors must not extend beyond the width of your caravan; this is reduced to a maximum of 20cm on cars manufactured prior to 26th January 2007. You may also find that should you be involved in an accident, your car insurance may be invalidated if you are found to be at fault – so is it worth the risk?
  4. Wing mirrors or rear view mirrors are the same thing ?
  5. It makes me wonder how you would get on with a car with no wing mirrors as cameras seem to be the way forward for Some manufacturers
  6. As you know where the water is getting in and coming out I can’t see a problem remove the existing silicone and re seal if you don’t feel confident with a sealing it your self get a bathroom or kitchen fitter or a window fitter to seal it for you make sure They use a low mod silicon or a silicone that’s for upvc windows as that will allow for movement and flex of the shower tray
  7. Swift Eccles 560 i have had no problems with 2 bikes on the rear of the caravan just adjust the load to suite moved more load to the front of van some models act differently with the bikes on the back I have found that if I use a bike cover it filled up with air and it handled different But had no problems with the Thule rack you will find this a hot subject but I can only speak as I find
  8. Hi I Decided to go for the Isabella awning carpet at 3m and cut to suite as the Isabella carpet cuts down really well with no fraying hope this helps 👍
  9. Thanks I think I will hold off getting the carpet till I have the awning on July 4th I forgot that the awning has a double skirt so the carpet does not have to be the same as the awning size. P.s. have been told if you want to fit curtains use shower curtains more Choice and waterproof and a lot cheaper and lightweight.
  10. Hi I Decided to go for the Isabella awning carpet at 3m and cut to suite as the Isabella carpet cuts down really well with no fraying hope this helps
  11. Stormsure its flexible and drys clear I have used it on fishing waders tents and wetsuits hope this helps
  12. That’s funny was looking for caravan storage in East Sussex had a call saying they have a few spaces a Available ? Can you let me know Where yours was stored ? If you can’t the first and last letter would be helpful thanks
  13. The above lock is to give extra security when in the van And a visual deterrent When not a lot of door locks can be opened with a screwdriver especially in a overnight airs or stop overs a Screwdriver will open most caravan door locks this is just an added prevention when you’re asleep have seen doors opened this way and They have had a dog obviously a dog that did not bark yes you can get in through a window but The lock is a good visual deterrent most caravans broken in this way they don’t enter the van they just grab what they can from the door most people keep car keys or bags buy the door we have also fitted a flashing l.e.d. that we can turn on or off as needed this option my not be for everyone but it works for me.
  14. I fitted one the dealer told me that it would not fit just turned it other way wanted one I could lock from inside or out side milinco. inside and Outside Operating Security Door Lock High security door lock, which locks from both inside or outside with counter measures against bump keys. Can be locked in both open and closed positions. This new improved design only requires a 30mm gap between door frame and furniture at wall board level (handle only requires 50mm to turn.) Handle only projects 33mm away from the inner wall surface ensuring this lock now fits most caravans and Motorhomes in either portrait and Landscape positions requiring only minimal space for fitment. Please ensure you make a note of your key number. Security Door Lock Hope this helps
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