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  1. Mijas from once, even not so long ago, has been transformed from a sleepy village into a tourist trap. But still a great read Jon as always. Bit of a heads up my friend, stay in Spain a bit longer, its 'orrible here and forecast for next 14 days isn't any better, wind and rain every day. Stay warm and safe, wouldn't want to be crossing Bay of Biscay with the way it is coming off the Atlantic constantly.
  2. Thank you Jon for taking us out of the gloom of storm Ciara and the UK winter, hope you are well, blogs are getting like buses, none for ages then 2 at once almost! Be happy my friend
  3. I see you have an XC60, Which year, there was an update for 2016 onwards in November. I also use Google maps on my iPhone. Sainsbury's have a holder for phones which is easy to attach to dash and holds the phone at eye level.
  4. C=cc Have recently acquired 2 other sites in Lakeland, can somebody tell them there are other areas of the North that they should invest in.
  5. Getting cabin fever, away over New YEAR, then 'van into Campbells for who knows how long.
  6. Happy birthday Jon, another very enjoyable read.
  7. Bessacar, are you still at Scarisbick? If so, there were 2 C&CC rallies within 5 miles of you with the majority Caravans,
  8. Bessacar, are you still at Scarisbick? If so, there were 2 C&CC rallies within 5 miles of you with the majority Caravans,
  10. Thank you for the update Jon, was a bit worried as over a week since your last post. Wishing you all the very best for Christmas and a Happy , healthy New Year. Enjoy your winter sojurn.
  11. lunarloopy

    Cherrytree Cottage

    Hard standing, EHU, On a bus route, walking distance to village with pub, walking cycling distance to York city centre, well lit. This is a basic site, EHU , water points, Chemical toilet emptying point but no toilets or showers
  12. After sitting looking at each other for the past 2 New Year eves, his year we are away from 29th stewarding a New Year Rally. Can’t wait !
  13. I knew they weren't part of RCA, they are basically CMC CHESHIRE CENTRE retired folk who caravan during mid-week
  14. Surprised Geoff (Stockbroker) hasn't answered to this, he's all over the RCA. On a separate note several DA's in the North West have come up against what can only be described as bullying by CHESHIRE RETIRED CARAVANNERS. On 3 separate occasions last season very aggressive people from this association have turned up before the DA meets have finished, demanding that they be allowed on to site to mark out the field. On one occasion on a rally field which we were occupying , and I was stewarding, a field of some 20 odd acres they turned up the day before our meet finished and demanded that they be allowed to mark their field out for their members for the following day. When I asked how many they were expecting they said "hopefully 9" Sorry everyone, have been absent from site for a while, have just seen the obituary for Geoff (Shipbroker)
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