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  1. The joy of caravanning to us is spontaneity, weather, available DA or THS sites or just somewhere different. Whatever way people want to go about their business of camping, why should anyone else get so hung up about it?
  2. They are not TRAVELLERS, they are traditional ROMANY , there is a difference.
  3. I have been on a site where a disruptive family refused to leave the site. Farmer returned with a JCB with fork lift attachment, "10 minutes to remove yourselves or I will lift your van on the forks and place it outside of my land" They didn't need a second invitation to leave.
  4. C+CC Very much alive and kicking, most DA's and sections now use face book to transmit information and news. The latest Out and About lists a meet in Barnstones C.P. nr Banbury for 11/13 September, for Oxford DA .in your region Chiltern; Aylesbury Vale DA. and Herts + N. London appear very active in September.
  5. I know, no there are bracing strips on Lunar Clubmans', or Quasars' or Lexons'. And unfortunalety its is only a short A Frame fairing so cant fit cycle racks there, or on boot mounted carriers on Towcar. Nice 'van by the way, enjoy it.
  6. Yes Silicon lubricate spray or BEES WAX,
  7. We''ve cancelled France this year, with the van anyway, due to go to Provence in October to visit family, just returned from 17 nights touring Wales from bottom to top staying at Gowerton CMC then 3 CL's. No problems anywhere including hot spots such as Swansea, Newquay and Llandudno
  8. Stayed at Gowerton during first weeks of easing of Covid lockdown, July 2020. Really well supervised system for toilets/shower block. Site is fine and well maintained to usual CMC standards. Our first time on the Gower, and we were looking forward to seeing the area. Left slightly disappointed, especially with The Mumbles, which is an area of mud flats boarded by street full of tat shops. Rossilli beach, although a lovely beach is a long way back up a very steep hill to car park. Swansea sea front and promenade is well worth a visit. We will make allowances for the poor food offering
  9. I've just witnessed a miracle, unless Campbells Caravans read this forum! took 'van in for service on Monday, got phone call late yesterday afternoon ,Tuesday, informing me it had had its service and was ready for collection! Good job I was sitting down at the time!
  10. The wait in anticipation of your blogs, was as ever worth it. Thank you John. Are you planning on a Spain trip this year?
  11. We were away first weekend of lockdown easing, more tents, very big tents, on the site than 'vans or M/Homes. Is it me or are families in tents up earlier in the mornings and noisier than most other forms of camping?
  12. Can anyone come on and explain and then justify why a mobile engineer takes 4 - 5 hours to do a complete service on your van, yet a dealer's service centre wants my van in for at least a week? [(A former Lunar dealer very near to Preston) a dealer from whom I will never buy so much as a bottle of blue from ever again]
  13. C+cc Have a issued a GREEN PAPER for DA, Section and THS rallies. Its very comprehensive . Suggesting pre booked pitches, payment in advance or by electronic payment, on arrival can't get out of car, stewards must be in a "NON HABITABLE" structure at reception point. Regular cleaning of service points, No social gatherings. THS's can start from 1st August following the guide lines. As the C+cc don't seem to want "Social camping" any more ie no NFOL ,no separate OUT & ABOUT supplement in magazine, think this just about kills it. Well done the suits.
  14. Friendliness of owners, large flat well drained field, toilets and shower block spotless. EHU . Easy distance to village pubs, bars, take- aways, convenience store. Ideally placed for Chester, Beeston Castle, Peckforton Castle, Candle factory and for the kids Crocky Trail.
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