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  1. The wait in anticipation of your blogs, was as ever worth it. Thank you John. Are you planning on a Spain trip this year?
  2. We were away first weekend of lockdown easing, more tents, very big tents, on the site than 'vans or M/Homes. Is it me or are families in tents up earlier in the mornings and noisier than most other forms of camping?
  3. Can anyone come on and explain and then justify why a mobile engineer takes 4 - 5 hours to do a complete service on your van, yet a dealer's service centre wants my van in for at least a week? [(A former Lunar dealer very near to Preston) a dealer from whom I will never buy so much as a bottle of blue from ever again]
  4. C+cc Have a issued a GREEN PAPER for DA, Section and THS rallies. Its very comprehensive . Suggesting pre booked pitches, payment in advance or by electronic payment, on arrival can't get out of car, stewards must be in a "NON HABITABLE" structure at reception point. Regular cleaning of service points, No social gatherings. THS's can start from 1st August following the guide lines. As the C+cc don't seem to want "Social camping" any more ie no NFOL ,no separate OUT & ABOUT supplement in magazine, think this just about kills it. Well done the suits.
  5. lunarloopy

    Pitch & Canvas at Broad Oak FARM

    Friendliness of owners, large flat well drained field, toilets and shower block spotless. EHU . Easy distance to village pubs, bars, take- aways, convenience store. Ideally placed for Chester, Beeston Castle, Peckforton Castle, Candle factory and for the kids Crocky Trail.
  6. My two sisters in law both have statics at Rhuddlan, their site opens 13th July, they've both had letters verifying this. I have booked a week at Gowerton CMC site from 24th, so some one knows something.
  7. Caravan sites in Wales are allowed to reopen from 13th July, with a few caveats. Units must be self contained, ie toilets and showers AND kitchens. But I phoned a CL in South Wales yesterday to book from 24th and they hadn't been told by CMC they could open, yet Gowerton CMC site accepted my booking!
  8. ONE MORE SLEEP!!!! Off to Broad Oak nr Tattenhall. No rallies yet, but THS's could go ahead from August, lets hope
  9. Are the Winter Sun Rallies administered by National Councilors I wonder? We are told that Social Camping (ie rallies, DA + Section meets) are overseen by the said body, and that ALL National Councilors are themselves DA + Section members, doesn't make any sense to me
  10. Apologies, just opened my C+cc magazine and the great news is in there.
  11. Caravan parks and campsites won't be reopening before July 4, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has confirmed. Just flashed up from Daily Mirror website
  12. Cant see that on the club website, Braithwaite Fold was acquired in March 2012, but left the sites network earlier this year. The nearest site is Windermere, which is actually nearer Kendal and is the old Ashes Lane commercial site. Hopefully most C+cc sites will be open in some form on 4th July, but strangely enough NOT Social (DA) camping.
  13. The one we keep getting is "We are about to take 39.99 from your account to pay for your Amazon Prime Subscription, press 1 to confirm" Managed to speak to a very nice gentleman and asked him which bank account they were taking money from, he gave the wrong bank and when I told him we dont have Amazon prime he hung up. There's sharks out there, be careful.
  14. I received our, STAYSUREannual travel insurance renewal notice this morning, and yes while it does offer 15 months for the price of 12, and an offer to delay start until date of first foreign travel, the documents states "Important information regarding Coronavirus and Pandemics" The paragraph then goes on to say "As with other travel insurance providers, we cannot provide cover for the following :- Claims arising from or related to any coronavirus including but not limited to COVID-19, or any related/mutated form of the virus".
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