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  1. For honest no sales pitch reviews of caravans try Andrew Jeninson Caravan Expert. If its travelogues the TRUDGIANS are ok. JAYDUG has some wonderful blogs on here, very informative and an excellent read with loads of photos
  2. Volvo XC60 D5 AWD Auto, up to 2017 I’m over 6’ and a company sales rep on the road ( when we can) never had such a comfortable, easy to drive car. Got us out of snow, ice and mud. Great car
  3. Just got slated on another caravaning forum for saying "Wee Krankie will probably bring it forward to Easter just to top trump Boris" I bet she does!
  4. Totally off thread, but fits in with some of the Chinese meal posts. We had to visit several factories up country from Canton, so far out that electricity was only on 5 days a week. We arrived on none electric day so factory owner took us for a meal ay a restaurant which was 2 barges together on the river. After a delicious meal of goodness knows what, I asked if I could look around. The restaurant owner proudly showed me round and at the back of one barge was a stack of cages with live Ducks, pigeons, chickens, snakes, lizards, and dogs. When I asked through an interpreter what this was for
  5. You're lucky to have roof straps! Seriously our brand new Lexon 570 in 2016 didn't have any roof straps, this was discovered when the roof bowed in! Sorted after a long battle as was discovered just before Lunar went belly up!
  6. On an Avondale Perle Olympus in the '80's the floor delamed, and almost every 'van from then to now has some delam, including our current Lunar Lexon which is waiting for its second dose of adhesive.
  7. I have the same model, what exactly do you need? I bought spares from Leisure Sales, Holmes Chapel, and from SPINNEY in Cranage. Any good Caravan Accessories shop will stock CADAC parts. I would suggest either a Propane regulator or a Bullet (connector) to connect to your caravan gas BBQ point if it has one.
  8. Couldnt possibly say, but he definitely has a Volvo
  9. Craig, if you’re coming to. Mid Wales this year, Porth Madoc Rugby club 23/7 - 7/8 no booking required, Toilets & Showers and a friendly steward(!)
  10. Has no one thought that most C+CC Temporary Holiday Sites (THS) you dont need to book, even in school holidays. We do our summer hols on THS 's and CS/CLs without needing to book. Oh yes, they're better value than commercial sites as well, what's not to like?
  11. Staycations are being touted in the most subliminal way, have you noticed how many travelogues are on the TV lately? For instance Rick Steins Cornwall, Julia Bradbury Devon + Cornwall walks, Susan Calman travels, re showing Michael Portillo Great British Railway Journeys, The Yorkshire Railway, Robson Green Walking Hadrian's Wall. All highlighting the joys and splendour of the Great British Isles. Probelm is when all this mayhem is relaxed the place will be full of bloomin' tourists.
  12. If you are a C+CC Member and do THS's we are stewarding a THS at PORTH MADOC Rugby Club starts 23rd July. No EHU but showers + toilets and an easy walk into town. pm me for further details
  13. If its a CS you're looking for I can recommend Neuaddwen Hall Farm , between Aberporth and Newquay, lovely owners, quite peaceful site with great views, a new pub was being built about 1/2 mile away at end of road, for meals. Handy for Newquay/Carmarthen and Aberporth. In CMC Book page 529 site 2003.
  14. All caravan sites, CL's CS's ordered to close even in tier 3. So an enjoyable night watcheing Andre Rui and Jools Holland. Happy New Year everyone
  15. As you can see I have a 2016 XC60 I have MILENCO AERO but FLAT GLASS, I think the CONVEX glass tends to distort the image too much, but its a matter of personnel taste.
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