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  1. Best of luck with your Motor home, hope your best friend is a Caravanner !
  2. Bias Geoff? But yes agree
  3. My last company car was a Skoda Superb Estate which was a fabulous towcar for our Lunar Clubman 520/4 and then Lexon 570. As I was going to buy my next car, I was waiting for the Kodiaq to come into showroom. As a long standing customer of Alex Lawrie Skoda dealers in Liverpool( fantastic service by the way) I was given a test drive on the first one to arrive on site. I was very disappointed in the driving position the information cluster, and the general feel of the car, cornering the car rolled and excelerating away at lights and junctions was a tad sluggish, and at the time Skoda hadn't announced nose weight limits. In the end bought a Volvo XC60 D5. Fantastic solo drive and as a towcar. PCP is out for me as I still drive over 20,000 mile a year even now part time.
  4. Just released Dyson Electric Car, long wheel base with short overhang a rear you would have thought it would make a good tow car, we'll see. This is or is this the future?
  5. In the last 6 weeks we have stayed at Wolverley and Delamere Club Sites. You have to be fairley close to the masts to get decent signal, especially at Delamere
  6. Another 11 from us since last post,, 3 nights at Wolverly CCC , 4 nights Cross Farm CL. Rolleston on Dove, 2 nights Singleton CL. 2 nights Lydiate DA rally. 139 to carry
  7. Used it both ways last year,brilliant, arrived at Zeebrugge terminal at 2.00pm, we were boarded by 3.30 and taking drinks on the open deck bar by 4. ! Returning via Zeebrugge in September this year.
  8. We are members of both major clubs, C+C.C. for 40 years and CMC for 5. We rally with C+C.C. and CMC we use for cheaper ferry prices and occasional CL’s. I read with interest information and advice given on these pages to “ newbies” wondering which of the 2 clubs to join. One reason given for joining CMC is “ their club sites are much better”. My question is How and why are they better? We’ve been on several CMC sites and this season already a couple of C+C.C. sites, I can’t see a difference. Both clubs sites are well manicured, ablutions are pristine and modern and site wardens( managers) are friendly and welcoming. I will be very interested to read what other criteria that should be taken into account. Any “ newbies” reading this,my advice either join both for a year or try each one in turn and try ALL forms of camping, rallies, sites , CL’s & CS’s.
  9. Thank you word master, glad you're home safe, hope we get some British travelogues to see us through 'till November! Keep well my friend
  10. I stay in hotels 2/3 nights a week, yes on expenses and average cost of hotel room is £100+ per night without food. My van cost £21k 2 years ago, I’ve got freedom to go where I want when I want, I can get up and go out or lounge around all day , compare that to a regimented beige box hotel room, where I am currently incarcerated. Now tell me what is the better value for money.
  11. We stayed on a lovely little CL last weekend, toilet no shower and EHU £12.50 per night Still at £22 per night for 2 people, I ask where else could you get accommodation that cheaply?
  12. Why no t go for an XC60 D4 or 5 AWD. I currently tow, and use as my business car doing around 30,000 miles a year. Solo ave 38 mpg. Towing still in the low 30’s.
  13. Ever been to La Linea in Spain, last crossing before Gibraltar? I thought 2nd + 3rd pics were there. And they’re mainly Brits
  14. Transported form cold wet dismal Merseyside to sunny Spain once again, thanks Jon, stay safe and travel well on your journey home
  15. A few of us are venturing into Germany in late summer and intend visiting Munich for Oktoberfest fest. I didn’t know until recently that you can’t just wander into the beer tents and order a pint, you have to book in advance a table, with food at a designated time and date. So after choosing the tent we wanted to visit, tried to book it, oh no minimum of 8 per table, booking opens 10am 10 th February. So at the appointed hour this morning was sat at my laptop with card in hand ready to book. 10am came opened up the site, 1 available time slot available only then realised it should have been 9am UK time! Oh well a Sunday afternoon session it will have to be. Just a heads up to anyone else thinking of going though.
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