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  1. lunarloopy


    Try some of the breakers
  2. lunarloopy

    2003 Clubman 475-2CKW

    Usually on the end of the long sette on off side of 'van near to floor
  3. lunarloopy

    Spain - Nov-2018 - Feb-2019 ---- 10

    May I add my Happy birthday sentiments to those of your visitors!
  4. lunarloopy

    Brittany Ferries are having a laugh!

    For the past 4 years we have booked crossings via CMC the difference in price between C+CMC and CMC more than paid for our membership of CMC. When you take in the Camping Cheques or Site night vouchers added to the savings. However this year the CMC aren’t using the SNV’s as incentives and the C+CMC is cheaper for out Dover /Calais August 22nd and back Zeebrugge /Hull September 27th by over £100. 00. Comparing this to booking direct with the ferry companies C+CMC are cheaper by over £250! Certainly pays to shop around
  5. lunarloopy

    2018 nights away

    Add our extra 5 now, Laverick Hall between Christmas and New Year, running total 755 and 125 for us.
  6. lunarloopy

    What to do about the cost of bottled gas.

    It doesn't have to be a garage forecourt, suppliers of FLO GAS or another brand, likes of SUREGAS or CHESHIRE GAS around the North West, are authorised SAFEFILL dealers. Don't get hung up about garage forecourts.
  7. Stayed at Laverick Hall for 5 nights between Christmas and New Years Eve. Very tidy site, 10 pitches all with EHU. Large pitches, shale and gravel, didn’t hold a peg very well in strong winds. Wide access, but narrow lane with passing places, from main road. 2 toilets and 1 wet room spotlessly kept. Excellent views and handy for Lancaster, Morecambe and Southern Lake District. Weather not brilliant when we were there but will definitely return in Spring/ summer.
  8. lunarloopy

    Spain - Nov-2018 - Feb-2019 ---- 9

    Very best wishes for New Year John, May the ink in your pen never run dry!
  9. lunarloopy

    What to do about the cost of bottled gas.

    Method 1/ Get a Safefill bottle 2/. Get a Gaslow fixed system 3/. Find a supplier, not Calor All the above dependant on what type of camping you do, if all season and off grid, then Safefill or Gaslow will pay for it self very quickly. If you camp Easter to September mainly on EHU then I fear you’re stuck with overpriced Calor.
  10. lunarloopy

    Well, we all knew this already - another DM gem

    No you’re mixing it up with The S**
  11. lunarloopy

    ferry prices

    Booked through the C+CC this year as nearly £100 cheaper than CaMC. Who this year are not doling out Site Nite Vouchers as incentive. So out via Dover Calais return Zeebrugge - Hull, very pleased with total price.
  12. lunarloopy


    Just read that the C+CC have just purchased two sites in the Lake District, SCOTGATE and BRAITHWAIT BRIDGES. Bought from the Stuart family who have run them for 65 years. I wonder if the PR dept. of the club have put out the news for the piece I have read for it says "to meet the rise in demand for "GLAMPING" and other style staycations. The club seem to be moving more in the direction of Holiday Camp style sites, and in my opinion are neglecting the grass roots membership of DA, Section and THS using members. Shown in the withdrawal of OUT AND ABOUT section of the magazine, and moving the NFOL to middle of September.
  13. lunarloopy

    2018 nights away

    732 in total with the addition of 120 this year with 5 more to come, best ever, but busiest ever stewarding 6 weekend meets and a THS. Plus stewarding areas at Regional meet and NFOL. But a great year.
  14. lunarloopy

    ACSI 2019 Books/Membership

    Has arrived, from C&CC
  15. lunarloopy

    Spain - Nov-2018 - Feb-2019 ---- 7

    How I envy you guys out there, maybe one day when I finally hang up my car keys.