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  1. I stuck my van on E bay classifieds last Friday and it was sold with the money in the bank on Sunday. .... Maybe I was lucky?...... . ... I priced the van realistically. ... ie. .. around half way between the difference of what a dealer advertises a similar van for on the forecourt and what the dealer would offer me on a straight cash purchase. ... Extras fitted / included are just an extra carrot to buy, and don't really add value to your expected asking price. .. Sometimes it's just a matter of waiting until the right person comes along who is a serious buyer for that particular van. ...but you have to price it realistically or there is no point anyone buying it in a private sale otherwise. ..
  2. . ..If you can get in there!!..... Stayed there once. .but we've given up now. ... people book up to a year in advance and so no 'outsiders' have a look in, unless you get very lucky. .. Caravanning for me is supposed to offer the 'freedom' of booking a few days before we intend to go. ... having to book a site up to a year ahead in order to get in defeats that ideal. .. Each to their own. ..
  3. We holiday in the UK these days. ... I like Cornwall ( but not in peak summer season ) . ..... Wherever you holiday in the UK you have to be prepared for wet weather unless you get lucky. ... ( I'm sure all campers know that only too well ) When we leave the EU you can all be assured that the sun will shine constantly from April till October. ....
  4. As far as I'm aware the east of England generally fairs better in terms of least rainfall?... All this hype about the 'English Riviera' ( South Devon ) and endless sunny days in Cornwall is a myth. ... but we need yer money. .. so keep on coming. ..
  5. Anywhere in the far Southwest ( or Wales ) is prone to quite a lot of rainfall in the summer months. . and in the Springtime. .. and Winter. .... In fact all the (removed) time. ... I should know. ..I live there Hope the weather picks up soon!.... But don't hold your breath. ..
  6. Just watched the video. ...... No way would I let him loose on my car!!
  7. Not much help really but this one's in Somerset and takes children I think. ..may be worth considering though? http://www. thorneylakes. co. uk/Pages/1/Home. html
  8. I must say, the contestants in the final program came over far better than they did in the previous program in my view. Still a little 'cringe worthy' at times. ....dunno why 'comb over man' and his mother were still featured even though they didn't make the final. All in all it provided me with some light entertainment this week. ..... I guess to enter these sort of competitions contestants have to be slightly eccentric or exhibitionist to some degree. Meantime, I'll carry on camping as normal. ..
  9. Still. ..........it's taken our minds off the EU referendum. ..
  10. They were all supposed to be 'experts' What were the others like?....
  11. Phew! I definitely wont be joining the CC club after watching this. .....
  12. I have a mover that cost me quite a few quid and I use it. ... Unless I think I can pull up and reverse easily without too much hassle and clutch wear involved I always use the mover. .. Sorry if I've contributed in ruining your entertainment. ...
  13. I had block paving put down around 12 to 13 years ago. ... No matter what the 'experts' tell you weeds will always be a problem growing in the joints. .. If I were to have my driveway resurfaced now I would go for 'decorative concrete' . ..... no weeds will grow and many decorative options to choose from. As others have stated, correct preparation of the base layers are all important whatever surface you choose.
  14. Rels

    Is It Me!

    I always telephone and speak to someone. ... emails tend to get ignored or deleted. ... . .....I don't use Caravan Club sites if those are the ones to which you are referring . ..
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