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  1. i had problems with my new van and the dealer didnt really want to know so i contacted the builder after contacting tradeing standards once i informed the builders that they paid my fuel expenses to take the van back to the factory to be repaired
  2. some time ago i bought a system that levels your caravan winds your legs down with four small motors, when it came i looked in the box and relaised that i had to get underneath to fit it so its still in the box in the garage three years later, so i still use the spirit level to level the van and the wife to wind the legs down, did buy her a drill but she dont like it either so stick with simple things in life far cheaper , then we could carry this on spirit level 99p wife ?
  3. Well i will wish you a Happy New year but i thought that you had been on holiday all summer as i have been waiting for parts for my 2012 buccaneer caravel for a year now, spoilt buying a new van dealer says you sent wrong part, parts arrive broke, wrong colour sent the list goes on this is the second new Buccaneer i have bought and the last when i get the repairs done and things stop falling apart its going Anyone wanting any more info on what to look for get in touch
  4. i have the same problem as you Dave, mine is fitted to a Buccaneer caravel .
  5. i bought a leveling system a couple of years back thought it would be nice just to turn a key to wind legs down,the wife said that it was here job and she wanted to carry on doing it,so the kit was put in the garage[where it remains today]i am trying to find a use for 4 motors and flexy drives as when i do depart this earth the children will not have a clue what it is in a box and i certainaly wont be putting it on the van now as the floor is to low to get down on these days without getting under a van to fit it. another good idea gone wrong but the wifes still happy thats all that matters.
  6. Hi i fitted a wireless camera under the rear of my van and had it live all of the time to a 7inch monitor on the dash, could see every thing behind very clear even at night was quite good.
  7. Can anyone tell me how to check to see if the 13 pin socket on my discovery is charging the battery in the caravan whilst travelling?
  8. You can make the pin needed by useing a bolt cut to the correct length ie. remove the bolt head and use the shaft of the bolt cut to the diaimater of your solid bar of your coupling. [i know what i mean even if you havent a clue] the bar justs holds the damper in place makeing refitting of the head eaiser.
  9. no i just watch and think why ! but i do like the sports for the kids the highlight last year for me lwas the under 3s egg and spoon race they were running in every direction and i think everyone of them got a prize in the end
  10. Crowland rally is in a field behind Crowland caravans,the tv cameras watch you 24 hours a day and are monitered 24 hours a day and when the centre closes i have the keys to let anyone in or out. last year an alarm went off about 2am on a caravan at the caravan centre so i went to look the next thing i knew was that a woman was shouting at me via loudspeaker telling me to make my self known or the police would be called the caravan centre owner was called and he told them that we were there with his permision and that they had all ready been notified but i supose i did look a bit strange ju
  11. So Metz will we be seeing you at Crowland or if you good at sports the lincs centre want team members for the intercentres at Grantham or do you fancy your chances at the caravan reversing comp?
  12. Why not come down to Crowland ? I am running a rally for the lincolnshire centre at the caravan centre which is next door to the garden centre,we have fish and chips delivered on the friday evening and a BBQ on the saturaday evening . Also for those of us how do not have to work on the wednesday /thursday the rally is open so you can have a long rest if you dont want to go to the Springfields shopping outlet just up the road or a walk round the village of Crowland or even Queensgate shopping in Peterborough. ALL CARAVAN CLUB MEMBERS WELCOME ANY CENTRE sorry you must be a member of the club t
  13. I bought a kit containing electric motors and fittings so the corner steadies wound down and leveled the van at the touch of a button,very expensive bit of kit which still sits in its box in my garage never got round to fitting it and i wont now as i cant get under the caravan now so i still use the other method very relialble called wife and spirit level never failed. so if you still think you need four electric motors to replace your wife get in touch
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