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  1. Can't advise on the brackets in your picture. I would however recommend a portable tripod for a satellite dish which would give you more flexibility when it comes to alignment. You can move the dish around to avoid tree's etc... The dish doesn't need to be high up for a better signal it just needs a clear line of sight to the sky facing south east, about 28 degrees for astra 2 satellite. I had one of these for years and never had a problem getting a signal. https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Maxview-54cm-Omnisat-Portable-Satellite-Kit-With-Single-LNB/1134159469?iid=283352405684 Hope this helps Mike
  2. Once you're on the drive make sure it's level.
  3. I removed my, pointless, filter altogether, a couple of years ago. I put a small weight on the pipe to keep it at the bottom of the aqua roll, although there are alternative ways. Mike
  4. Hi blondchaser, I've just bought a Nextbase 412GW but not fitted it yet. I can confirm the speed stamp setting can be switched off in the settings menu so it won't show up on recordings, also the microphone can be switched off. I bought it from John Lewis, online. It is a few quid cheaper than the 312GW and because it's from JL it comes with a 2 year warranty. It was £94. 99. Halfords only do 1 year warranty. The spec. puts it slightly ahead of the 312 but I think the 312 is dearer because it seems more popular, but I could be wrong. I also bought a Sandisk High Endurance micro SD card from Currys. After some research the High Endurance seemed to be the best option as it can handle overwriting better than others. Hope this helps. Mike
  5. The caravan could potentially be moved with only one wheel on one side so if somebody wanted to pinch it they could damage the wheel with lock on without worrying about moving it. That's also why insurance companys want two locks on the same sida of caravan. P. S. Griff beat me to it.
  6. If there are pictures from in and around the caravan in 'happier times' these may show things like aqua rolls and contents etc. .. Would they be beneficial to show the insurance company as some proof of ownership?
  7. Trek

    Can I tow?

    Gross vehicle weight - 2520kg Train weight - 5208kg Front axle load - 1247kg Rear axle load - 1429kg If your trailer weighs 1100kg then add to GVW of 2520kg which equals 3620kg so you would be over the 3500kg max.
  8. If you checked the plug socket under the cooker did you actually check the fuse in the plug itself?
  9. I guess it's just a case of moving things around to suit the lockers you have. We only have 2 calor light gas bottles in the front locker. The aqua roll travels in the rear washroom in a bag and taken out and used on site, the waste master is stored under the fixed bed along with seats and lightweight table, EHU travels on floor and again used on site. Now the gas locker has moved to over the axle we wouldn't miss the front locker. Have you looked into the side gas locker? It may be possible to fit more than gas bottles in there. Mike
  10. A standard size watering can is usually 10 litres.
  11. Whichever services you stop at, if you're in with the trucks, be prepared to hold your breath when opening tbe car door. The smell of urine is disgusting.
  12. Could just be a generic psu/fuse box Bailey fitted and utilised the fuses as per level of equipment in any particular model caravan.
  13. Not 100% sure but are the lights in the corners of the lounge area 230v mains? If so I think they will work without the 'lights' switch being on. That switch will be for 12v lighting. As I said not 100% sure. Mike
  14. Not a small site but Carnon Downs in Truro have storage and I'm pretty sure they pull the caravan out when needed. Open all year. It is about 1/2 hour or so drive to Newquay though.
  15. Think you will find this is the directions as recommended by the site for which you gave a link so not sure why you would not agree
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