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  1. I just use all 32mm pipe, some cut so they just fit in front locker and a couple of slightly shorter lengths. Then some straight, 90 and 45 degree push fit joints. Use a short piece of grey flexi pipe into outlet of caravan then into push fit joint, via Y piece if necessary, then make up pipe and push fit joints, as required, to get near to drain as possible then finish off with another piece of grey flexi and shove into drain. All locked away in front locker with plenty of ventilation to get rid of nasty niffs. Mike
  2. Best of luck with Chipping Sodbury. I won't be visiting them again anytime soon.
  3. I've had the same email and just ignored it.
  4. Nemesis is not sold secure it is thatcham cat 3 approved.
  5. Had crossclimates on my Freelander 2. Just about got 15000 miles out of them. Now on Goodyear vectors gen 2 but now with a Santa Fe. Hopefully will last a bit longer. That was 2 different styles of Michelin tyres I had on the Freelander and neither gave good mileage. I personally won't be buying Michelin again.
  6. Just purchased the Wraith but not got round to fitting it yet. The Wraith and Nemesis look much the same in the way they are fitted and I wasn't sure which to go for. What swung it for me was that the Nemesis is advertised as Thatcham Cat 3 standard and the Wraith is Sold Secure Gold standard and it says Sold Secure Gold is two and a half times stronger than Thatcham Cat 3. Probably advertising baloney but it made my mind up. Apart from that the Wraith came in a nice solid plastic case.
  7. My renewal has just come through from C M C. £433, increase of £9 on last year. That's on a 9 year old 'van, new for old insurance, discount for storage and wheel lock and full no claims.
  8. I agree with Mr Plodd, I wonder if 'van has been serviced regularly, which should have highlighted any damp issue arising, £2500 is a big repair. We have a Oct 2010 Unicorn (one of the first) which came with a standard 10 year warranty. It was changed to 6 years, with option to purchase 4 years, warranty about 6 months later, so I guess we were lucky. We have had damp repairs done and indeed it's due for more work in December all under warranty with no quibble what so ever.
  9. Sorry kiaboy, it was not directed at you it was just anyone in general. I have done it before and have seen people cleaning their 'van after a wet trip to the site, washing all the splatters off the front. Site wardens have seen me and in fact one had a chat about how dirty they get from the spray off the car. Admittedly I did a bit more than just the front, after all it was christmas Nobody has ever said it's a problem. I guess using a hose might be.
  10. Well I had a bucket of soapy water with a microfibre cloth giving it a good going over, I think it's called washing. Then again I never used a hose so maybe not. Sorry it that upsets anyone.
  11. We have Turkey crown in the caravan at Christmas. Usually go to Carnon Downs, Truro. Had a Christmas meal once in the County Arms, it was ok but now do our own thing. Gave a fellow camper a laugh one year when he caught me washing the caravan on boxing day, well it was a lovely day.
  12. Some toe rag cut through the lanyard of my wastemaster lid and nicked it. I can't think why on earth they had to cut it and not just take the lot. Reported to site staff that someone was walking around with a sharp knife and they couldn't give a hoot. Last time I go to that site.
  13. Trek

    Santa Fe towbar

    Thanks but, as I said in my original post, it is a detachable not a flanged tow ball.
  14. Trek

    Santa Fe towbar

    Hi All Just had a Westfalia detachable fitted to our 2016 Santa Fe. With ball attached there is only 62mm between centre of ball and bumper. Alko state it should be 68mm, AKS 3004 stabiliser on caravan. I' m waiting to hear back from Westfalia and fitter but wondered what other people with same car have fitted. Seen lots of Santa Fe's towing so clearance can't be an issue with some towbars. Any replies gratefully received. Mike
  15. I find https://www.xcweather.co.uk quite accurate for wind speed and gusts. Mike
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