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  1. The filter just unscrews from the pipe.
  2. Think you will find that you keep the original LNB you have used for your HD box and just put the Q card in the HD box and pair it. No need to change LNB.
  3. The shipping length includes the A frame but for insurance purposes it is the body length, as shown in JTQ's link, that counts. The agent on the phone has obviously got it wrong.
  4. Trek

    M.O.T. extension

    My wifes car MOT is due on 18th April. Just looked at the government website and it now shows 18th October. I agree, the system should show a valid MOT if tax is required.
  5. It's definitely 100kg, check out chapter 5 page 138 of owners manual.
  6. Unless I've read it wrong you should increase pressures by 3psi if the maximum load rating of the rear tyres is exceeded by up to 15% . So it's not really a case of "if you wish"
  7. I leave my 66 plate auto Santa Fe tyres at 33psi and it tows perfectly. My caravan weighs 1600 kg. Mike
  8. I've got 'auto hold' on mine, which applies the handbrake automatically when I stop. Stupid thing is it applies the brake lights as well, bad design in my opinion.
  9. Have a look at #45 here, see if it helps. https://www.truma.com/uk/en/faq/fault-code-on-truma-cp-plus-control-panel.html
  10. I can't see a problem. If you have to lift and turn the wheels to fit locks then chock the wheels that are on the ground including the jockey wheel then lift the van and slowly release the handbrake. You only need to just clear the ground to rotate the wheels. Don't put your fingers under the wheels. It won't have far to drop if the worst happens. Personally I think you're making a mountain out of a mole hill.
  11. Is it just to level or do you need to line up an alko wheel lock? If just to level you can leave the handbrake on and put chocks either side of the jockey wheel. As your on what should be a level pitch chances are you won't have to lift the van to much and as long as you don't lean on or push against the van I reckon you'll be fine. A twin axle won't pivot round as easy as a single. Another option, if it's on stone chippings and you can manually push/pull the van then you could scoop out some chippings on the high side and roll the van into the dip. Mike
  12. You just needed to screw it in or out of the body at the correct position and tighten up the little grub screw. No need to use a file.
  13. I just use all 32mm pipe, some cut so they just fit in front locker and a couple of slightly shorter lengths. Then some straight, 90 and 45 degree push fit joints. Use a short piece of grey flexi pipe into outlet of caravan then into push fit joint, via Y piece if necessary, then make up pipe and push fit joints, as required, to get near to drain as possible then finish off with another piece of grey flexi and shove into drain. All locked away in front locker with plenty of ventilation to get rid of nasty niffs. Mike
  14. Best of luck with Chipping Sodbury. I won't be visiting them again anytime soon.
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