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  1. Trek

    MTPLM Help

    You need to know the braked towing limit for the car. This could be higher than the kerbweight. 85% is just a guide it is not law. Because a caravan only weighs 85% of kerbweight doesn't mean it is safe to tow. Loading is a big factor in safe towing.
  2. I used my dashcam footage as evidence recently. I sent the footage to the insurance company to show the accident but had to do some careful editing to remove some of my expletives just after the third party hit our car.
  3. Have you tried replacing the battery in the remote?
  4. Think you'll find he mis typed 2710 and it should be 2110 then take that from 3710 to give 1600.
  5. I had WSL bolts fitted to my Unicorn, a few years ago, under a safety recall, they are now torqued up to 160NM. They are all standard 19mm socket heads so no adapter needed. Surely the bolts that require an adapter are for some kind of security.
  6. I usually wiggle the raised stabiliser handle from side to side while lifting with the jockey wheel.
  7. One barrel is fatter than the other so will not even go into the wheel bolt recess so impossible to fit. It is not longer. You haven't got that problem. Your lock barrel looks about the same as mine when fitted to the main body. I was told the thinner replacement barrel, that I needed, affected Bailey caravans but not 100% sure if that's the case.
  8. I also had to get a different size barrel to fit my wheel as it was too fat to insert into the wheel. I just sent the old barrel and they sent the new one after receiving it, no money involved. David350, when you have your lock in your hand just check the holes for the small ball bearings line up when in the unlocked position and the bearings retract freely, you'll see what I mean when you have a look. As it came with 3, I keep one of the keys on it's own in the box with no keyrings on it which makes insertion a bit easier.
  9. I was a bit annoyed with it to start with and it got to the stage where I couldn't remember which way to turn the key, not knowing if it was locked or unlocked and it still wouldn't come off the wheel. Doing as I said above helped a lot. I found, somehow, the key would turn but not unlock when it wasn't fully inserted although I thought it was. The key could do with being a bit longer really as, on mine, it's right up to the hilt when fully inserted. Good luck with it.
  10. I had trouble at first. I used some graphite grease on mine, especially around the small ball bearings. Most important, you need to make sure the key is pushed right in before turning to unlock. Also, as stated, adjust the locking barrel so the main body of the lock isn't too tight against the wheel then give it a little wiggle while turning key. Not had any trouble since.
  11. Alde seem to monitor CT so you may get a response from them.
  12. So going by the movement of the caravan it becomes detached at 9 sec. of video and the guy appears running after it at 16 sec. So he has registered the caravan has detached, which must have involved a few feet of driving the car forward, stopped the car, applied the handbrake, removed his seat belt, opened the door and appeared in view all within 7 seconds. The guy must be super human. Video is obviously a hoax , IMO.
  13. I tow our 2011 Valencia with a 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe auto. The Valencia has been upgraded to 1600kg. Very good tow car, much like the Sorento. Prior to that I towed with a 2007 Freelander 2, 2.2 Tdi manual which was equally as good but much prefer an auto.
  14. Trek

    Towing Query

    You also need to check the maximum towing limit for a braked trailer.
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