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  1. So going by the movement of the caravan it becomes detached at 9 sec. of video and the guy appears running after it at 16 sec. So he has registered the caravan has detached, which must have involved a few feet of driving the car forward, stopped the car, applied the handbrake, removed his seat belt, opened the door and appeared in view all within 7 seconds. The guy must be super human. Video is obviously a hoax , IMO.
  2. I tow our 2011 Valencia with a 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe auto. The Valencia has been upgraded to 1600kg. Very good tow car, much like the Sorento. Prior to that I towed with a 2007 Freelander 2, 2.2 Tdi manual which was equally as good but much prefer an auto.
  3. Trek

    Towing Query

    You also need to check the maximum towing limit for a braked trailer.
  4. It's strange that it's only the 2.0 tdci 120ps that's got the discrepancy in the brochure. Wonder if it's a mistake.
  5. Are you sure it's 120ps because that is about 118 bhp which seems a bit low for a 2.0l tdci? I would have thought it was more like 150ps or 180ps. Also is it a 2 or 4 wheel drive?
  6. On our Bailey Unicorn there is another master switch for the 12v lights on the side of the bed (fixed bed). This, I guess, is so the lights can be switched off when you get in bed, although I've never used it. May be worth looking for something similar on your pursuit.
  7. The filter just unscrews from the pipe.
  8. Think you will find that you keep the original LNB you have used for your HD box and just put the Q card in the HD box and pair it. No need to change LNB.
  9. The shipping length includes the A frame but for insurance purposes it is the body length, as shown in JTQ's link, that counts. The agent on the phone has obviously got it wrong.
  10. My wifes car MOT is due on 18th April. Just looked at the government website and it now shows 18th October. I agree, the system should show a valid MOT if tax is required.
  11. It's definitely 100kg, check out chapter 5 page 138 of owners manual.
  12. Unless I've read it wrong you should increase pressures by 3psi if the maximum load rating of the rear tyres is exceeded by up to 15% . So it's not really a case of "if you wish"
  13. I leave my 66 plate auto Santa Fe tyres at 33psi and it tows perfectly. My caravan weighs 1600 kg. Mike
  14. I've got 'auto hold' on mine, which applies the handbrake automatically when I stop. Stupid thing is it applies the brake lights as well, bad design in my opinion.
  15. Have a look at #45 here, see if it helps. https://www.truma.com/uk/en/faq/fault-code-on-truma-cp-plus-control-panel.html
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