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  1. Check out Swifts own website, it says which models will be available for 2020 .... from memory the Challenger 590 is no more!
  2. I would go for Cragie Gardens personally.
  3. Interesting . ... test drove a Disco Sport 240 SD4 last week, very nice but a lot of money. Had discounted the 180 TD4 as now towing 1700Kg.
  4. Hoping to pick up my new 'van at the weekend, but drifts from last weeks snow have the road into our village down to one lane in sections, including outside the house so wouldn't get in. The thaw has reduced them but no sign of them going anywhere any time soon! Fed up with snow!
  5. The Highlander is a special unique to Scottish dealers, it is based on the Amara or more lately the Vision. Specs vary slightly dealer to dealer eg currently the Knowepark Highlander does not have ATC but the Dyce Highlander does! A variety of dealers have sold them over the years . .. Dyce and Knowepark as already mentioned, in the past Crossburn and Hitch on Caravans from memory, but there may have been others. GNR Sutherland rings a bell.
  6. Had mudflaps retro fitted to my previous and current Swifts by my dealer, Swift supply them, worth checking if Elddis/Compass do.
  7. Been a member of the CC (CAMC) for 31 years and the C&CC for 28. Normally out around 90 nights a year . ... probably 88 on CC sites the other 2 on C&CC. Probably says it all for me. Downsides of the C&CC for me are: Tends to be more expensive; not keen on being shown to a pitch rather than having free choice; hit and miss staff attitude; hit and miss site presentation/cleanliness; and stupidly narrow hardstandings. We do like the Lauder site and did like Dunbar until summer 2016 when we had a truly awful stay. Have caravanned all of my life, the worst
  8. Had two happy years with a 2015 XC60 D5 AWD Auto. Covered 40000 trouble free miles, probably 5000 of those towing 1500Kg. No reliability issues. A powerful and stable towcar. Was very pleased with it. Now have a V60 Cross Country D4 AWD Auto which is equally good.
  9. I have a few to recommend . ... Edinburgh CC Site . .. the comment about plane noise is valid but has never bothered me, you don't notice it most of the time. Balbirnie Park CC Site at Markinch in Fife . .. nice site, easy walking distance to the village of Markinch, Edinburgh a train ride away (station in the village), easy access to other towns such as Dundee, Stirling and Aberdeen. Nice central location. Silverbank CC site at Banchory on Royal Deeside . .. Aberdeen is a short drive but plenty to do locally too. Ayr Craigie Gardens CC Site . .. Town of Ayr is a shor
  10. Heated windscreen . .. the best option I have ever spec'd! Had it now on a Skoda Yeti and my previous and current Volvo.
  11. Waited till lunchtime. All done without any fuss.
  12. Have used the Volvo deal twice now. Have had money off over and above dealer discounts, free metallic and free servicing . .. this time round also a free towbar. Well worth it IMHO.
  13. Snap . ... almost A guy in a black Audi A4 side swiped my Swift on the A90 this morning, came onto the dual carriageway from a junction at the opposite side, hit the 'van then fell back behind us . ... or so I thought! Stopped in the next layby and he was nowhere to be seen, must have dived up a small road just before the layby! Have to drop it off at the dealers when we get home on Sunday, big cracks on the sidewall which is grp and skirt damaged etc. Talking to the service receptionist she said something similar has happened to my dealer with his own van this week . ... again th
  14. Madrid is reviewed on the Practical Caravan website.
  15. Used it for a while to good effect. Used stuff made of awning tape on my last few 'vans. Removed when towing as it moved very freely. Also tended to quite green, so needed cleaning once in a while, normally by dropping in a bucket of bleach then rinsing thoroughly. Now have the more common plastic type, leave it for towing, never moves.
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