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  1. You have to press and hold the 'buttons' until there is enough heat for the thermocouple to 'take-over'. What gas are you using ? Butane will 'freeze' about 2 degrees. (blue bottle) Propane is normally OK in cold weather ( red bottle)
  2. From Lunar handbook 2001noseweight. pdf
  3. Pressure switch 2003 Clubman pressure.pdf
  4. rolywak

    Water pumps

    reasonably sure it is the pressure switch that needs adjusting. There can be a difference between mains and battery power. The pump should run for about 8 seconds after the tap is turned off.
  5. The 'trapezium ' was argued to be a 'grey' area at one time. It was not part of the towbar as such, as it was bolted onto it -as a towball. I still have mine -in the shed !. I found it to be great. The towball could be swung side-to-side to help in hooking-up. I think mine had a Swiss plate on it,
  6. That is why I go to a builders merchant for my gas ( even then with blinkers on !)
  7. Another thought, there is a relay which cuts off the 12 v. supply when the 'van is being towed by the car and 'hooked up, to the car It is usually near the connections, where the cables enter, under the seats at the front.
  8. Here is a typical wiring diagram for a caravan. 2002 Lunar handbook When the mains electric is plugged in the 12 volt equipment should be usable. If you have the switches in the correct position, it may be your power supply unit at fault. but your 12v. battery items should still work off the battery. Scan_20180627.pdf
  9. I think that a lead to hook-up the car to the 'van would be a good stand -bye. Be wary if you have an automatic gearbox
  10. Put a 13 pin socket on the car, and put a 13 pin plug on the trailer ( not using all the pins on the trailer, of course)
  11. Is there a 'Line Filter' ? If so is it blocked or breaking up, with carbon granules blocking the tap outlets filters ?
  12. If you look at my photo' you may see them. They are on the rear legs. They are square tubes with a 'foot' on them The downside is that, as the legs come out of the rear, the van can sway a little !
  13. Our drive has a slight slope ( but enough to need a mover)The things to be aware of are -if you have a larger jockey wheel is that it does not foul anything as the van swings round. Also that the 'back-end ' does not hit the road ( as has been said) Ours can get very close as we 'balance' the height of the jockey wheel. Also we use a leg extension on the rear legs. Lunar Caravan.pdf
  14. I fitted a carver mover in 2002 . I would have a job on ( for me ) to put my caravan on the front of the house without one Before that I used a hand -winch, but that was a bit of a pain even though I could swing the front round ! I still have the hand-winch -'Just in case'
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