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  1. One letter we received states ' You must stay at home ' , 'You may only leave home for very limited purposes '. Another states 'We strongly advise that the safest course of action is for you to stay at homeat all times '
  2. Upon reading this thread, I tested my '65 plate' Jazz. The key fob worked fine up to 3 or 4 yards. the engine would not start unless the fob was in the car. However I could walk away and leave the engine running ,with the key in my pocket. I did not try driving it far. There was a warning that the key was not in the car !
  3. I had a 'Regal' ( Del-type ) van.. A previous owner had fitted a D-I-Y. mud flap on the cross member behind the front wheel. This encouraged the member to rust away . leaving the front suspension almost Fully-independant Of the body !! It was almost impossible to drive in the snow with the front plowing the centre slush. At work we parked on the roof, - via a 'spiral' type ramp.When you heard a 'Zzzipp' you knew the inside wheel was getting air-bourne
  4. I have received an e-mail from the Passport office. ''Prior to 10 September 2018,if passport holders renewed their previous passport before it expired, extra months may have been added to their new passports expiry date, making it valid for more than 10 years. Any extra months on your passport over 10 years may not count towards the six months that should be remaining for travel.''
  5. The gov. website says- On the day you travel youll need your passport to both have at least 6 months left, be less than 10 years old, The gov. check tool, apparently, uses the date your passport was issued Not the length of its validity ! or the date of its expire
  6. In to-days paper there is an information page which says ' Check your passport. and it gives a 'gov' web-address. This says you need 6 months time left on your passport if you travel to EU after 31 October. Also a passport less than 10 year old ( even it has 6 months left ! ) We are on holiday in November , and our passports are 10 year old in April next year (after we return !) even though they expire in September The site still says it is out of date ! Perhaps they need the extra £75-50's
  7. What does one do with used awnings when 'retiring' from caravanning ?
  8. I have had a 'metal' aorta valve for 32 years , my holiday insurance is via Camping & caravanning club/Intana. They have been brilliant over the years.A' multi-trip' ins. has been better - if you holiday often in the same year. Car insurance ask ' DVLA informed? no problem.' I have ,of course , been on warfarin ever since.
  9. You have to press and hold the 'buttons' until there is enough heat for the thermocouple to 'take-over'. What gas are you using ? Butane will 'freeze' about 2 degrees. (blue bottle) Propane is normally OK in cold weather ( red bottle)
  10. From Lunar handbook 2001noseweight. pdf
  11. Pressure switch 2003 Clubman pressure.pdf
  12. rolywak

    Water pumps

    reasonably sure it is the pressure switch that needs adjusting. There can be a difference between mains and battery power. The pump should run for about 8 seconds after the tap is turned off.
  13. The 'trapezium ' was argued to be a 'grey' area at one time. It was not part of the towbar as such, as it was bolted onto it -as a towball. I still have mine -in the shed !. I found it to be great. The towball could be swung side-to-side to help in hooking-up. I think mine had a Swiss plate on it,
  14. That is why I go to a builders merchant for my gas ( even then with blinkers on !)
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