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  1. I feel sure that my Senator and 2011 Unicorn both had Aluminium. But even if they were plastic we never had Ian’s problem. Could be that Bailey have moved to plastic after 2011. John
  2. I wonder how widespread plastic rails are? Are the peculiar to Coachman. I have only ever had aluminium. John
  3. We have used the tunnel with Tesco vouchers for years without issue. But our return journey this year was delayed. We were given the reason as a breakdown so that could not be avoided. What did get to me was our boarding letter was not kept up to date, earlier and later letters were informed but ours was all over the place, at one time the info board said we had left. The staff seemed unconcerned, but it was disconcerting not knowing if we were still being processed. John
  4. Might be why my D3 tows well. John
  5. I always tell the insurance, and they note it on the documents, never been a charge or reduction. I also add son and daughter who both have good driving records, they rarely drive my car but it has been useful on the odd occasion. But adding them always equals a reduction. I was with LV via Boundless for many years until about 5 years ago. Then the cost shot up. They did not care one bit, so I left. Still with them for home insurance though. John
  6. I see the logic, we may well do the same if we used the bunks for sleeping, but as it is only the fixed bed we use we feel they can just stay where they are. John
  7. 4 berth but just used for 2 with fixed bed. Simple, bed left made up. If a long trip extra duvet covers, pillow cases and towels kept in a bag in the boot. Over winter, duvet and pillows in wardrobe, all else brought home. John
  8. Terrible toilet, I have had the same problem. I think I have now fixed it, but time will tell. I removed all seals including the very big one, stripped down the mechanism, cleaned all items, lubricated and replaced. Tests seem to show its OK now but not used it since. Seems the seals are going to be very expencive. John
  9. I have the V70 geartronic, it’s only a D3, but the 5 cylinder model being 2013. Decent mpg. 36 round town. Nearly 50 on a long run and 24 towing. I tow 1500 kg, without a problem. Fast enough for me. I did not get the XC70 because I could not find one at the time. Theoretically that should be better for towing, but mine feels solid. If changing I would look at an XC60. But as I am so happy with this one I won’t rush. John
  10. The link now shows the site up and running including a video. I accept the comments made but think it is superior and simpler than using a towel wrapped around the ladder or pipe insulation. Also, on the caravan 'Type C' model @ £46, though not shown well, it looks like there is a non slip bar to spread the weight of the person just below the awning channel and behind the apron. I may consider one, cant see me using the lanyard though. I am very confident on ladders, but they certainly do slip sideways easily. A bit overpriced even if postage is included. but going to good causes. The video shows the method to be used to get on the roof. But fails to mention that not all roofs are safe to access. John
  11. I never suggested either of those links were ratchet. The first was a joke for anyone who wanted to pay $950 dollars for a pair!! The second to show the very cheap rubbish that I had. I also have a ratchet set but not for standard sized ends. Mine is modelling size, works fine but not like you describe, however they do ratchet, If I dig them out I will take a picture of them. Here they are, and I stand corrected, they are adjustable and they do release automatically after use. Posher than I though, think they cost about £8. But still can’t oversqueeze them. John
  12. Still sounds posh compared to mine. With mine, crimp, then manually release with the release lever. No adjustment. John
  13. Not mine for certain, perhaps with higher quality ones. No settings on mine. Either way, my point that they can’t be overdone by squeezing harder still stands. John
  14. Same as with ratchets, they only close so far and that’s it, does not matter how hard you squeeze they will not go further. John
  15. Some may think that this suggestion is a load of Chinese rubbish. But to be honest, that is where most of our goods come from. WISH I have bought a lot from this store, yes you may have to wait 6 weeks for delivery, but the quality has been fine, this includes crimp spade terminals. I bought 50 male and 50 female insulated. And they are absolutely fine. Probably cost me less than £3.00 with delivery. The descriptions can be very difficult to follow and often need deciphering. Some of the products they sell are weird. I have not used then for purchases exceeding £10, just in case. Grand Son in law just bought a pair of earbuds for about £10. He did a YouTube review and compared them to the Apple original at £100+. and they came out as nearly as good, Just down a little on sound quality. I have just paid £2.00 for a superb iPhone 7+ case. Ridiculously cheap. Don't knock it till you have tried it. So far they have been very reliable. John
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