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  1. Seems for another £1 you can also get unlimited minutes and text. But on a 1 year contract. https://www.phonesltd.co.uk/SIM_Only/SIM_Card_Deals/?data=unlimited&gclid=Cj0KCQiA9orxBRD0ARIsAK9JDxTDFOwLxsOI2kZXfO3M2B7V2QGUHqXo3B4yv8d_mjhvQ62ydoMAmlwaApM3EALw_wcB John
  2. Is this for overwintering? You would have thought the manufacturer would have located the pump so it drains naturally. Otherwise, perhaps find a plastic sandwich box and cut slots in each end for the pipes, lift the pump and replace it inside the box. Pack with insulation and put the lid on. Should also be quieter in operation. John
  3. Was it a full kit or lights only? Was is dedicated for your car or generic? How did you deal with the permanent live and battery charging? John
  4. What I described earlier is how the overflow operated on my old Bailey. Don’t know anything about your system. If it’s a float switch you should you be able to see it, why not upload some photos. John
  5. On vans I have had with an on board tank, the overflow is simply a high level outlet leading to under the caravan. No power required. When filling the tank, you know it’s full when water comes out of the overflow. John
  6. There is a surprising amount you can see on Google Earth, Google photos and Street view. It's as close as I will be going. Good luck to you KK. John
  7. A touch up company got overspray on my windscreen. The sent a more experienced guy out who used fine wire wool very lightly. It did a great job. John
  8. The headboard MAY hook on with mirror plates. Just try sliding it upwards and see if it releases. John
  9. Sorry, they are impossible questions. Plumbing is much easier then it ever was but it still depends on your level of competence. And with regards to drilling into the caravan. Depends on levels for falls, locations of drainage and water feed pipes. Also need to consider frost protection. John
  10. I forgot to mention. My C5 refused to start one day. Called recovery and he cold not find anything wrong. He was about to give up then suddenly had a brain wave. he disconnected the quick release terminal on the battery, we waited for a minute. It started no problem. Simple re-boot. Still loved my Citroen's despite the odd problem. Years ago my son found a bargain on a Citroen AX. But it was in London. So one evening we both went. It was at a posh Mews house in the centre. They showed us the car. Turns out the chap had a Rolls Royce dealership and was selling it on behalf of a friend. Seems like a bit of a story but it all turned out to be true and he got many years trouble free motoring from the AX. When we were looking at the car we asked for the bonnet to be popped open, not knowing what we might see. Well they searched for a way to open it and they gave up. They chap who was looking was the companies RR technician. But the little Citroen defeated him. We all had a good laugh about it. John
  11. My small experience with a Citroen BX, XM and an earlier C5 have been excellent. All had Hydropneumatic suspension. Great tow cars and so comfy. I had the odd suspension problem but fixed at reasonable prices. The C5 did occasionally have an electronic problem which needed a reset. This involved having to do a list of seemingly unrelated things in a specific order, including opening and closing the drivers window. I did test drive a later model C5 1.6 auto. Underpowered and the gearbox had no idea which gear it should be in. John
  12. I was not too sure what was best to do when I got this helpful message. John
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