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  1. Driving an auto

    I hope you have made a great choice of car, I have no experience of them so can’t comment, from what I have read it seems to get good reports. However, I have experienced some very poor autos, one Citroen C5 comes to mind. It had no idea what gear to be in and whenever power was called for it had to have a think about it, select gear, go and hope it was near enough right. I think it comes down to the manufacturer choosing the right match of box to engine and control systems. When they work they work very well. My Last SsangYong was OK but thirsty but the Volvo I have now is in a different class and returns a solo average of 36 which has a lot of short runs. Both solo and towing I have not found any need to go manual. Very responsive with smooth gear changes. Hope you have the same experience. My only criticism is with the stop-start. When slowing to a gentle stop the engine cuts out just before it’s stationary. All engine breaking is suddenly lost so then stops a bit more abruptly than I would like. John
  2. Lithium Ion leisure battery

    But it did burn for 5 days, that much seems accurate. Just not fiercely after the initial blaze, which according to one report was 8 hours. so to suggest that my statement did not contain even a modicum of accuracy is bewildering and also insulting. Once more I apologise that you understood my initial statement to mean it burnt fiercely for 5 days, and I can clearly see why you read it that way, it is however the only inaccuracy. Unless you know differently, I am happy to be educated. As I stated earlier, and I only surmise, the danger posed by thermal runaway might not be an issue in small scale usage, ie RC, cordless drills, vacuums etc. As I understand it, the temperature has to get extremely high before the effect takes place. This may be of interest which seems to say that a lot of the 'bad press' stems from pre 1991 technology. http://batteryuniversity. com/learn/archive/lithium_ion_safety_concerns John
  3. Lithium Ion leisure battery

    I don’t know how many times or different ways I need to say that you are correct, just, in my opinion, pedantic. If you think differently that’s fine. Your explanation of fake news is excellent, I also fully agree with that. I admit, I am not a reporter, And I did not fully research my statement, however it is essentially true, but the grammar makes it so it could be read two ways, I did not deliberately write it that way to mislead. Sorry. Please accept the apology and move on. John
  4. Lithium Ion leisure battery

    I did and do take your point, but it is still being pedantic. The fire shown on the film is fierce that’s clear. At what stage it was killed I have no idea, but JM states that the fire lasted for 5 days. I simply quoted that. John
  5. Lithium Ion leisure battery

    Why should you be at a complete loss, watch the clip I put up and listen to James May. Even if it’s fake that is where it Emirates from. And as I said. Neither Rimac or Aston Martin have contested it. Fake news is around for sure, in fact you quoted two conflicting reports, can’t both be right. John
  6. Lithium Ion leisure battery

    A bit pedantic and picky, OK, it was a fierce fire and the fire continued for 5 days. Therefore not really something to condem as fake news as PandR did. John
  7. Lithium Ion leisure battery

    Further to Ancell post and to the mention of 'fake news' earlier in the topic regarding Richard Hammond's crash. The attached video (whether it is believed or not), will explain the position. It can be seen that the fire was extinguished at first. The reference to it continuing to burn for 5 days and the mention of 'thermal runaway', seems to me to be that the batteries continued to be a fire hazard for that time. I can not believe that Rimac or their partners, Aston Martin, would allow the statement if it were not true. https://www. dropbox. com/s/9miwbkezsm0ik03/Grand Tour. wmv?dl=0 And there is this report on Thermal Runaway. My amature guess is that on small scale use it is insignificant, but with large scale or very high amp use perhaps it is. http://pubs. rsc. org/en/content/articlehtml/2013/ra/c3ra45748f John
  8. Lithium Ion leisure battery

    Just found it in the specs, 2 batteries at 4Ah/72Wh. I don’t think that ‘Hoover’ have been a serious competitor for many years. John
  9. Lithium Ion leisure battery

    Like everything else, you get charged with what the sellers can get away with. My Vax hoover came with two Li-ion batteries, 20 volt but I don’t know the capacity. (See pic). Cost including hoover £120. 6 years later still going strong and batteries lasting the same as when new. yesterday I bought the updated version for £99. Batteries identical but lots of improvements to the hoover. I very much doubt they are selling at a loss. John
  10. Some folk not having a good day.

    Some years ago I drove up a single track hill to work. OK at the bottom but gradually got worse. I knew there was a 1 in 4 stretch at the top so found a farm gate to turn in. I had already passed about 6 abandoned cars. With a lot of difficulty and the help of a local in an old LR with ‘proper’ tyres on it. I turned around. Going down was 10 times harder. Trying to keep my speed down to a couple of mph I found that keeping 2 wheels on the grass best. I knew that if I went any faster it would run away. Difficult avoiding the abandoned cars. Took about 5 mins to get up and 30 to get down. Late for work yet again! I do agree with John-b-45. Except that it would have been possible for the earlier cars drivers and/or the cameraman to warn others, As I said before, it was done for me once. looking at that video it appears that those cars were not properly equipped for those conditions tyre wise, perhaps the conditions were not the norm for that area. John
  11. Some folk not having a good day.

    I found myself in a similar situation about 10 years ago heading towards a hill. Locals had the decency and presence of mind to flag me and others down to warn us that the best 4x4’s weren’t coping. So why didn’t someone, ie, the camera person, try that! Perhaps that’s were the nuptyness lies. John
  12. Lithium Ion leisure battery

    Possibly, however I was not getting that info from the web site I quoted, I watched the episode on Amazon. I realise that the 3 gents involved are prone to exaggeration but not normally lying. Can either of you substantiate? John
  13. Lithium Ion leisure battery

    Richard Hammond’s latest crash ended in a fierce battery fire which lasted (they say), for 5 days. https://www. express. co. uk/showbiz/tv-radio/889619/The-Grand-Tour-season-2-Richard-Hammond-car-crash-Switzerland-Jeremy-Clarkson-Amazon John
  14. Volvo Xc 90 Sat Nav Update

    Yes, mine too a good while but not that long, 26 gb, my pc is quite fast with usb 3 as well. It all happened in the background including the car upload which would start and stop on its own until done. All painless. John
  15. Volvo Xc 90 Sat Nav Update

    I recently had my V70 Navs software updated so I can in future do my own free map updates. They charged £50 plus VAT but warned me that it is possible that the unit can be irreparably damaged. I find that hard to see but evidently that's the case. Cost if that happens around £550 plus fitting. Anyway, all went well. As Sat Navs go I find it works fine though I prefer TomToms systems, hated the Garmin in the last car. Still use the TomTom (caravan edition) when towing. John