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  1. JCloughie


    My health won’t let me but I think it’s a fantastic thing to do. Enjoy it. John
  2. Agree with sending clip to council and police. Also to the company, but that may have little affect as it could be a one man band and you are only sending it to the perpetrator. So mention you have sent it to the police and council but do it anonymously, just in case. John
  3. Hard to see if the windscreen May be a cause. Not had that complaint in my car. But sea sickness is an odd thing. Clearly some are affected more than others. Just the thought of going on a boat makes my wife feel queezy. I am not bad, however, one year on route to St Malo. The channel looked fairly calm and it was a very pleasant day. But 90% were suffering. The crew said it was because there was a swell. John
  4. The site is public in as far as the other 150 plus who have access are unown to each other. Had you read my previous posts before your accusation, you would have seen that I suggested possiblities, no matter how unlikely. I do not accept your accusation, however, I could equally suggest that you are attempting to be the unofficial police regarding this forum. Which is public insofar as the storage area is. Pot and kettle! John
  5. What right to privacy, they did it publicly. No one has been named. Also, if this topic goes a small way to encouraging respect for others in the manner that a tiny minority behave. Either in storage facilities or on sites. So be it. John
  6. Everyone who sites there is personally had the rules explained and demonstrated to them when the make a contract. But it’s also self explanatory. John
  7. Sorry I didn’t explain that point, I thought it to be obvious. The second place has been paid for by someone else and they could turn up at any time. But there is plenty of space available, including a dedicated bay, for working on a van if that is required. This is why it is clearly inconsiderate. And also why there is no comparison to cars in free car parks, (which I am not getting involved with). And why that should be a totally separate discussion. John
  8. This is true. Hence the topic and my replies thus far. Now I see that as your problem, sorry. I have deliberately avoided the side discussion re cars. Pease don't bring me in on it. It has only peripheral connection with the topic. John
  9. Having used this storage site for around 4 years and knowing the owner well I am in a good position to hazard a pretty well informed conclusion. And I stick with inconsiderate. It must be assumed that it is inconveniencing as a place that is normally occupied is no longer available. On this site, doing work on the van or not having a motor mover make no sense. Even if a very poor attempt was made to site the van and the driver suffered a major medical problem which caused them to abandon. The owner would have sorted it for them. The owner is continually irritated by poor parking. And is always willing to help. I have great difficulty thinking of any logical reason. But do accept that there could possibly be one. In fact, it could even be that it is done deliberately to guard his neighbours place. I know the owner would hate this as it shows bad practice. If I had not raised the issue many would have not had the opportunity to contribute. John
  10. Good suggestion, but I doubt it. There is sufficient room to service without doing that. I know, mine was done there last year including Alde fluid change. There is a concrete area that can be used for servicing and washing etc. There was no one with the van and the gates were locked. People trying awnings etc just move to a flatter area. John
  11. For that to happen both of the vans to the side would have to have been obstructing. Highly unlikely. Even then, there is so much room there are better options available. John
  12. Pity, I think the site owner is too nice for that, but a top bloke. John
  13. I find the problem is they need to be placed precisely which is a problem in some grounds. Therefore I prefer this idea. https://www.campingworld.co.uk/en/gb/Kampa-Windbreak-Support-Pole-2019/m-22884.aspx?PartnerID=1631&utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping&utm_campaign=UnitedKingdom&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3MW-iriJ4QIVL7vtCh3DVwQpEAQYAiABEgIPyPD_BwE But as they are expensive I made my own. 25mm black plastic conduit, cut to appropriate length, then each end flattened and bent using a hot air gun. A hole then drilled into the flat bit. Not adjustable for length but still easy to position. Using these the bottom of the poles don’t need to be firmly fitted. The strength is in the triangle. They make rigid guy ropes, so no ropes required. See the pictures above, note the use of the cane ends from garden centres. John
  14. We don’t have allocated spaces which is an issue. But because the spaces are so generous it’s left to people to park considerately, which is done 99% of the time. The owner is not always around, we all have the combination to get in. There are always at least the same places as caravans so finding a place is not a problem. It just might not be the one initially allocated. Just why anyone would be so unnecessarily inconsiderate baffles me. John
  15. I think my storage area provides generous room. Nevertheless, when I went there last week this is how one was parked opposite. The jockey wheel should be in line with the slab. Spaces are not assigned to individuals. John
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