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  1. Motorhomes have always used caravan bays at services here and all over the continent, where else are they supposed to go? I have always accepted it as the norm. At Gloucester it is not possible to go back into the hgv, but you can try the car park, if there is a lot of room towards the back I put it across 4 parking places. Clackets lane is is a good example of people doing that as the caravan parking is totally inadequate. John
  2. And what make/model box might that be? Not really how one should Talk about one's wife! John
  3. JCloughie

    CMC finances

    Please clarify, ‘has to’. I think what gets most people’s goat is that the organisation tries to act and portray itself as a ‘club’ when it suits them. But often demonstrates a poor business type management model. The rebranding is a good case in point. Through their internet site, emails and the magazine, they had a golden opportunity to engage the membership. But they chose not to. Seems to make the statement that members are secondary. John
  4. JCloughie

    SSangyong, Quality approval.

    Though mine, a Korando 2 litre diesel top of the range Auto. Under 1 year old and less than 10,000 miles. Was a very capable tow car. The dealer, who pride themselves on being the first in the UK were worst than poor. It was not too comfy. It was too noisy, drove like a tractor. Fuel consumption was very poor. Though it was supposed to be 40 hp more powerful than my current Volvo, the Volvo would leave it standing. The most annoying thing was the gearbox, particularly changing down at lower speeds. A few times it made me look in the mirror to see who had rear ended me. I had to get rid. Lost a lot of money. Best deal I got was from Cheltenham SsangYong who treated me well. A big difference from the seller who lied to me in many ways during the sale. I wish I had recorded some of the things they said or got them in writing. John
  5. JCloughie

    CMC finances

    Does anyone believe that Motor-home owners were unaware that they were entitled to join the CC before the name change? Re-branding usually involves choosing a snappy new title which people can instantly refer to, it should be short and memorable. Yes I think that members should have been consulted. There could also have been a competition for a new name and logo. Something to demonstrate that the organisation was 'inclusive'. John
  6. JCloughie

    SSangyong, Quality approval.

    But they didn’t ask me! John
  7. JCloughie

    Extra bass from Caravan stereo

    And I am the 3rd here to go for this cracking speaker. Our’s is direct wired to the TV as the Avtex has very poor sound. Or I Bluetooth it to my phone, it’s also easy to take in the awning. Not bothered to link it to the radio as we really use it and our radio does not sound too bad. John
  8. JCloughie

    Makita drill/battery question

    Good luck. John
  9. JCloughie

    Tent and Awning Security

    Done. For the info of some. Survey Monkey is a very useful and versatile survey designer which can produce some very sophisticated surveys and all for free with some limitations which need to be paid for for commercial purposes. Many educational establishments use it with students. Also can be useful for clubs and such. John
  10. JCloughie

    Three offering 100GB/Month

    Just had a sim only offer from Virgin. Truly unlimited on data, text and messaging for £30. I don’t think there is a contract involved. At at least prices are coming down. John
  11. Hi Henrik from another Lunar SI owner. There will be some posts coming about how poor Lunar are, but I think most agree that whatever make you have there are going to be a number who have a genuine bad experience. I have only had minor complaints. My worst problem has been the Alko brakes. The thing that won us over to Lunar is the decor and colour schemes. Nothing too gaudy. But looks are purely subjective. Enjoy John
  12. JCloughie

    Three offering 100GB/Month

    Makes my 250 mb deal look a bit measly. Can’t wait for this contract to finish. John
  13. JCloughie

    Makita drill/battery question

    Taking a chance on being ignored. What an accolade for Makita. I know they are a top make but for NiCd to last more than 3 years shows what is possible. Other than that I found this, battery colour is right, don’t know about the type. https://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/MAKITA-6980FD-Cordless-12V-Impact-Driver-With-2-Batteries-And-Charger-BOX/132814081379?hash=item1eec560d63:g:-wIAAOSw3mNbvTCa Other SH ones are on eBay, about 50. John PS. Forget that one it’s 12 volt Lithium. But Makita clearly does a large range. But lithium and NiMH have been around for a long time now.
  14. JCloughie

    Car battery and caravan

    Its pin 10 switched supply that would connect with the van battery. What sort of circumstances would pins 9 and 10 be connected to the vans battery? They are designed to form their own circuit. It it could be the case that a circuit had been made, ie a reversing camera, and left on. But that example should not drain very much. Or a faultyATC. In normal circumstances there should be no drain on the car battery by leaving it connnected to the caravan. John