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  1. JCloughie

    Hosepipe ban

    I think that Mr Fenwick junior. I remember him coming to shows as a lad helping his dad. He washed a big chunk of my van like that. John Just to be pedantic, don’t they all involve a hosepipe? John
  2. JCloughie

    Unsafe caravans to be seized

    Just to be clear. I am, and have nor suggested mandatory servicing. —————— Amendment to a previous post, I intended ATC not ABS. Apologies. John
  3. JCloughie

    Unsafe caravans to be seized

    I did suggest that Bureaucracy and overthinking would get in the way. There is no reason at all why any scheme can’t be cheap (and cost effective as said earlier). 1. Agreed 2 Already exists, just needs extending by a comparatively small percentage. CRiS have already been declared as unacceptable from a previous Towtug post. 3 Agreed, but such a scheme can only make the police’s job easier and remove some of their load. 4 Not really, a service need not be compulsory just a paid for safety check. Sufficient centres exist and it would be a little more work for them and might persuade some to get a full service who didn’t previously. 5 See 2 Schemes already exist in France and Germany which seem to be successful. But then I am just an optimist. But also realistic in the knowledge that any scheme would be designed as some gigantic job creation thing. John Resolve, of course not. Reduce, why not. At least yearly torque checks plus tyre condition, type, load rating check. Coupling and ABS and road lights can be included. A service need not be necessary but clearly would cover safety aspects anyway so could perhaps be included in the price or a small admin charge. John
  4. JCloughie

    Using Motor Mover

    Must admit that I noticed a couple of missing posts which confused me. Nothin nasty, just asking after Hidihi. John
  5. JCloughie

    food to take to france ?

    When the grandchildren were small we would try to bring them back some clothes. We tried a few years running and tried markets, supermarkets and specialist shops. The choice was very poor, the style out of date and the prices extortionate. We calculated that we could buy stock at retail price in M&S and sell it on a French market for a large profit. Anyone enterprising could have a nice business. Strangly we found that ladies clothes for sale to be old fashioned and expencive. But the local women mostly seemed to not wear them. Could be the crossed the channel for more choice. John
  6. JCloughie

    Unsafe caravans to be seized

    Will do, when we have the meet you mentioned earlier. I will bring some beer. John Lots of wheels come off, it happened to me. Also blow outs, also happened to me. And they were in well looked after serviced vans. My own opinion is that an MOT would be OTT. But a safety check would be cheap. (Even included in a service). Easy to manage and monitor. It would encourage owner responcibility for safety and ultimately a safer environment for all. Even if that is only a comparatively small step. Can also be connected to a national database, as are motor vehicles, which can be accessed by police. Therefore a theft deterrent. Cost evfective as: Low cost per unit per year. Break even or small profit to the organisers. Cheaper insurance premiums. Improved confidence in the sector. Problem is, if the idea were adopted it would quickly become an unmanageable, over complex, over priced mess. We have the technology but bureaucracy would get in the way. John
  7. JCloughie

    Unsafe caravans to be seized

    But logic would say there should have, or still could be, an EU wide democratic referendum to decide which side to drive on. Let’s not capitulate without a decent fight. John
  8. JCloughie

    Unsafe caravans to be seized

    So much for all those years of EU harmonisation and freedom of travel between borders. John
  9. JCloughie

    Avtex L185DR on go slow

    You will need to google it together with the model number as the procedure may vary. Otherwise give them a premium rate call. John
  10. JCloughie

    Unsafe caravans to be seized

    Or, fit a simple chain and cover all eventualities and ambiguity. John
  11. JCloughie

    Unsafe caravans to be seized

    Re unbraked trailers. I towed mine on and off for around 40 years without a chain simply because I was not aware. Once I found out (from CT), I fitted one, took a few minutes. https://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/TRAILER-SAFETY-RING-CHAIN-FOR-UNBRAKED-TRAILERS-BREAKAWAY-CABLE-LOOP/281864863595?epid=1455859585&hash=item41a0747f6b:g:oKEAAOSwA3dYWmv9 I bet a large proportion of trailers don’t have one. ——————— I rarely read newspapers due to the ridiculously poor quality of reporting in terms of both fact and grammar. Just makes me angry and less informed. But to read how uninformed the police are in these respects is most shocking. John
  12. After the OP’s dire experience, and mine, plus others. Al-ko have a bit of a cheek to promote themselves thus: “About AL-KO Vehicle Technology The name of AL-KO Vehicle Technology rightly applies as a synonym for safety on the roads. Whether leisure vehicle, caravan, commercial vehicle or commercial trailer – as a reliable companion, our name stands for best possible driving safety and the highest levels of comfort. Not only in the leisure vehicle sector are we a byword to mobile home and caravan enthusiasts: With well-conceived lightweight chassis, chassis components as well as individual accessories, we guarantee a safe journey and enjoyment on your travels. With our premium solutions in the commercial vehicles and trailers segment, we also ensure the best ergonomics and safety during transport. We are one of the leading global axle supplier in the lightweight weight range. "We carry what matters": Boat trailers, delivery vehicles, slope maintenance vehicles and many more. You can trust us with your loads. We provide the vehicle components and the accessories – the best basis for your tasks.” John
  13. JCloughie

    Start stop when towing

    That's what happened with mine, so SS canceled as well at reversing and rear fog light on car. I am happy with that but I was not given any options. Just thought that was the norm. John
  14. JCloughie

    Start stop when towing

    It seems odd to me that some manufacturers say the ss must be turned off when towing yet leave it to the driver to do it manually. If that manufacturer considers it wise to turn it off, why not make it automatic. John
  15. JCloughie

    Start stop when towing

    I worried about that aspects and the dealer said, or promised, that the engine would be up and running before I could get my foot from the brake and onto the accelerator. I thought that was a bit of a bold claim. But he was right. John