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  1. Absolutely Ern, that’s what I have been asking. John
  2. Disagree. Particularly with the failed suspension at the age the van is. Still would like to know the OP’s rational for claiming. John
  3. Seems that Calorlite are still available but not on line. Just did a comparison. If one updated two Calorlite for two 3.9 kg. The weight saving might only be 1 to 2 kg. Gas quantity is minus 4.2 kg. Cost, (comparing Calor at £17.65 for a 3.9 against Go-outdoors at £26.45 without discount). 3.9 = £4.53/ltr With discount. £4.07 Calorlite = £4.40 And with discount. £3.97 So 10 pence more if moving to the 3.9 using Go-outdoors. Up to now, I have never had a problem getting a Calorlite. But I know others have. Perhaps Go-outdoors have better arrangements with Calor. John
  4. Re my speeding fine. 79 in a 70 zone. The paperwork said they give an allowance up to 74, therefore 75 plus get the fine. Probably on some sliding scale. John
  5. I don’t know how you managed to attribute my quote to Lunarsorentoman. Nevertheless. I suspect that the gauges are simply inaccurate. One bottle will show different than another. That’s why I just use it as a rough guide. John
  6. With two calorlites I accept the gauge is not accurate. So just use it as a guide so I can be ready when it goes completely. This holiday ours showed empty but it continued to work for meals use for at least another 10 days and was still going when we got home. We do have an auto swap device but don’t use it as it’s easy to lose track of where I am up to. John
  7. First, sorry I put no instead of know in my previous post. I don’t remember doing that. I think suspension collapse has been discussed a number of times, particularly recently. But I don’t know, that’s why I asked the question. If it happened to me I don’t think I would have considered making a claim. But good to know for the future. John
  8. I would be interested to no the terms of the insurance claim. I would have thought that it would be considered as wear and tear/age. As opposed to accidental damage. A bit like claiming for a worn out tyre or a puncture. John
  9. My understanding is that locking it does not make it anymore secure except from theft. John
  10. I agree with Ern, I wouldn’t attempt 30 with the van on like Marchie does. Perhaps without the van. I don’t have enough experience to know. But I guess that the traffic calming that has been done over the past few years will have shifted more trucks and other traffic from the national routes onto the motorways which is no doubt the idea. John
  11. A few years ago we stayed on a municipal in the centre of a village. The village speed limit was the normal 50 on a straight D road. By enlarge this limit was kept to during the day. However, it was clearly ignored when dark. Not nice for the locals living right on the road. Could be one reason why they are installing these severe speed bumps and 30 limits. John
  12. Another recent topic brought up the vicious speed bumps the French are moving towards in their towns associated with 30 km signs. Actually 30 is too fast for them with the van on. I have found the signage to be confusing. Sometimes it shows 30 before the hump, so nice and simple. I interpret as 30 until I come to the 30 with a slash. Often there is no 30 with a slash, so have to go by the village limit sign. Often you see the 30 with slash but don’t remember seeing the 30 start sign. OK it might be me but talking to others they all agree. Sometimes the 30 before the hump also has a picture of a hump on it. I did think it meant 30 max over the hump then automatically cancelled. But I’m not so sure. Inconsistency is consistently the case. The best sign I came across on my recent trip was on leaving a tunnel. About 100 yards after leaving the tunnel there was a sign telling me the tunnel had finished. Why oh why. John
  13. My son looks in on the house for me. He phoned me up to tell me I had a letter from Paris. I asked him to open it for the bad news. If the bill is not paid within x days it jumps up. John
  14. This year we split our travelling in France to around. 160 to 200 miles per day. Partly because we had the time and partly because I well know I simply can’t do it. I can remember a time when I would drive all day or night very happily. Its good to not be too ambitious, not only can it be dangerous but you don’t know what’s going to happen. This year between sites we went from Angers to Brittany only 153 miles. Storms meant 40 mph for much of the way and there were some trees down on the motorway. John
  15. And me. Near Blois with caravan. I think I overshot the 70 sign. Doing 79. 45 Euro. They make it easy to pay. But pay you must. John
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