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  1. Perhaps, but I thought there would be a rush, I guess many will not be going abroad when this is over, putting a greater pressure on UK sites. Also, I know many are organised and book up in advance, that is not normally what we do for this country, just going at the last minute. Now knowing we have most of September booked to areas we have not been to for some years but really like. Gives us something to look forward to, even though we full expect restrictions may still be place. And, if it can’t happen, it has not cost a penny. John
  2. That includes 2020. I have just managed to book for most of September, Putts corner Sidmouth, Marazian, then Cadeside Wellington. I expected a surge. but I got all the dates I asked for. I fully expect it wont happen though. John
  3. Opposite here. My son has been using Aldi as preference for some time. He went a few days ago to shop for themselves, plus us plus his mother in law. They had to go to Tesco and Aldi. He said that Aldi was a free for all and a frightening. Tesco was well organised and calm. It helps that Tesco has more space inside and out. John
  4. Obviously. And that is why he made that clear and I tried to repeat that in what I reported. But he made the superstition based on the reports that, contrary to what was first believed, this virus affects people very differently. Perhaps because there are different strains or some already have some immunity. These are the unknowns and the reason why his possible theory, is just that, a theory. He had no option but to deal without facts because until antibodies testing is in place. John
  5. Il do agree we should be looking at these reports when the can be shown to come from reputable sources. And on the bright side. (As a balance). There was an expert on Loraine this morning, he made it clear that his theory was NOT based on facts, but he suspected that more people than we realise have had the virus, up to 50% he suggested. Most without knowing or with slight symptoms. As a result, the natural herd immunity is happening faster than we know. He suspected that on this basis it may have passed before the end of the year. John
  6. Early on in out-brake we were told we would well know if we had it due to the dry cough, sore throat, fever and breathing so bad as there would be a drowning feeling. My daughter in law developed something, she had a fever, sore throat, lost her voice. She took 5 days off work. Then my neighbour had something similar but not as bad, then I got something which was nowhere near as bad. In none of these did the spouse catch anything. So it did not occur to any of us that we may have had it. In fact I still don’t think we did. We are now being told that some may catch covid and hardly notice. So in reality who knows. So as they are saying now that we can have it and be contagious without being aware, the need to distance is even greater. John
  7. Fake news, propaganda and Chinese whispers are nothing new. Of course they spread more quickly and widely with social media. but they can also be quelled faster. A recent example that did the rounds. Stay away from 'houseparty' or you will have your computer and that of all your acquaintances hacked. Within two days it had been well and truly quashed. But no doubt caused some disruption I the mean time. It's not social media per se, that are the problem, but the malicious and or uninformed as well as those less able to defend them selves on line. John
  8. This has morphed into an interesting, important and deep area. do we Or I will take the cowards way out. Please keep it nice, it has the potential to get out of hand me thinks. John
  9. Towards the end of last year I was in an 8 bed side ward. One morning about 3 am I was partly woken from my tablet induced sleep as a crash team came in and sorted out the chap opposite. He had only arrived that day transferred from a low dependency ward. The following day, when his wife arrived, all hell broke loose. Evidently he was so ill he had voluntarily completed the DNR paperwork and they had gone against his wishes. Meetings took place at his bedside over the next few days. Later I really felt for two nurses from his initial ward who had heard that his life had been saved, popped in to see how he was doing, clearly they did not know about the DNR. He bit these girls heads off. It said to me that the staff go into well trained life saving procedures before checking for DNR. Perhaps that is something that should be on a notice above the bed. Something the chaps wife did the following day. John
  10. Good point, in the case of Saga, I think they will be automatically covered, but that will not always be the case, and probably not the first thing they will think about. John
  11. Absolutely. I was a little concerned that some may think they have the correct cover for them but in fact only have SDP. For me, I know I have had business since about 2002. Before that it may well have had commuting as an ‘add on’. I simply do not remember. But I do not remember ever being specifically asked if I needed that when I made an application. I am aware that it’s my responsibility to make sure I am fully covered however, those selling insurance share a responsibility as they put themselves forward as the experts. John
  12. Thanks for that, I wonder if it varies between insurers. I can remember on one occasion I was involved in a small accident on my way to work. Not my fault but the other driver was not insured. My insurer, LV. Had no issue covering me. And supporting me in taking the other person to court to protect my no claims. I am now wondering if, in those days, I had SDP with added something like, “commuting to place of work”. As opposed to business use. As I have had business use for about the last 10 plus years of working and I retired 7 years ago I am relying on memory, which is not the best. John
  13. Sorry, a nit picker here. Good on Saga for informing their customers and Griff passing that on. But in the second part it states that if you only have social domestic and pleasure you are NOT normally insured to commute to your place of work. This has never been my understanding. In all the years I travelled/commuted to a single place of work, I only had social domestic and pleasure, and have been assured that I was covered for commuting. When I needed to travel to multiple places, attend meetings, take colleagues etc. My HR dept suggested I checked my insurance. On doing so my insurance was changed to business use, strangely at no cost. I point this out, or nit pick, as I think there are hundreds of thousands of workers who only have social domestic and pleasure. Despite stating their employment on their application. Perhaps someone could clarify. John
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