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  1. And their time, overheads and labour. John
  2. ‘I put this in ‘insurance’ as there is a connection. Perhaps wrong place?’ From Salisbury Police, yesterday via Facebook. Four people are currently in custody on suspicion of the theft of caravans in Salisbury. Officers were called to the rugby club training fields at approximately 7.45am this morning (September 20) following a report that four caravans were on the site, believed to have broken in to the location. Officers attended the scene and were able to scan the electronic RFID chips hidden within the caravans, which showed all four had been stolen. Two men, aged 26 and 27, from the London area, and two men, aged 30 and 40, from Ireland, have been arrested on suspicion of theft. They are all currently in custody in Melksham for further questioning. Acting Inspector John Hutchings said: “This was excellent work by all officers involved who were able to arrive on scene quickly thanks to information from a member of the public, and conduct enquiries to establish the caravans were stolen. “We would urge all caravan owners to ensure their vehicles are registered at https://www.cris.co.uk/ which is the Central Registration and Identification Scheme. This enables us to identify a caravan has been stolen as quickly as possible.” Enquiries remain ongoing. Anyone with information should call 101 and quote crime reference number 54190093412. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. John
  3. I had to change the tyres on my Lunar at 3 years. Date stamp on the tyre was 2015. Not a particularly high mileage. Just rubbish tyres I suppose. I got two new proper van tyres for around £110 fitted and balanced. Not worth the risk. Some years ago I was offered an unused set of Michelin on rims for a great price. They had been stored in a dry dark place for 6 years. I asked Michelin’s advice, they said they would be fine for 10 years due to the storage. I used them for a further 3 years, still looked good. To some extent the age statement is just a guide. John
  4. If you look at some food manufacturing programs. Cameras scan the product on the conveyor and reject the bad ones. That’s done at a hell of a speed, with unbelievable accuracy. Scanning vehicles would be comparatively very easy. John
  5. It obviously has to be the action of the pads on the ball. In the same way that disc pads on cars have a reaction. The suggestion that was made by someone previously is that that MAY be responsible for setting up a vibration which lubricating the rear and the locating peg MAY quell. John Sorry, I should have said that, thought it was obvious. Also, only a tiny amount should be used. John
  6. Evidently some disc pads come with anti squeal shims and say do not grease. Could be the Alko pads have, or are supposed to have similar shims. John
  7. I stick to what I said, it’s common practice. And has been for many years. However, just done a little research and it seems I am out of date and there are some ceramic brake grease’s available specifically designed for brakes. Even silicone paste is suggested by some but not sure about the melting point. Perhaps that should be reserved for sliders only. Copper grease has been found to have some disadvantages. eg. It was once promoted partly for its heat transferring properties. It is now thought that that is a disadvantage. Historical https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?t=13469 This is a bit of an advert, so bias, but gives pros and cons. https://www.thepartsalliance.com/delphi-does-not-recommend-the-use-of-copper-grease/ I have a little high melting point grease left over from airplane landing gear. I will try that instead. John
  8. If you read the posts that suggest grease you will see that the suggestion is that it is only applied to the rear of the pads and that only a high melting point grease is used. For many years it was frowned upon to let grease near to vehicle brakes. It is now common practice, but only with high melting point grease. John
  9. My pads were renewed in March. No pronounced groaning including 6 weeks around France. Last time out they were really load. I did not have the kit to clean them with me so need to do it for our next trip. Don’t know how Andy went through 3 cans of spray. I am still on the same one I have had for years. I am going to try the copper ease idea. Just to warn others, don’t try ordinary grease. It can melt and contaminate the friction surface. John
  10. As Doosan, I am using Michelin and so far it seems good. I also have TomTom which is about £18 per year. This comes in two apps. An immediate nav app and one for planning routes which is needed for caravans. This would be my preference but the interface between the two apps has not yet been completed for Apple but works for Android versions. John
  11. Me too Martyn. Exactly what I do. It in the genes you know. John
  12. I agree with Johnaldo. YouTube will make things clearer. Regarding the position of the drawbar. If the gaiter it fully extended or compressed, there will be pressure on the ball which will make it harder to release. Get the drawbar in mid run. John
  13. I have never understood why sites don’t simply put an arrow with a H or V next to it on the site plan. This simple suggestion would make life a little easier for initial set up. John
  14. I agree with everyone regarding the very poor Dometic toilet design. With regards to the flush. When I got my van I kicked up a fuss about this and eventually got Dometic to supply a more powerful pump which the dealer fitted. The flush has worked well since. Another down side is the cost of a new seal. About 4 times that of the Thetford. And they are hard to find. It is this toilet which makes me believe that some caravan manufacturers do not research the products sufficiently or listen to customer feedback. If they did they would not keep fitting them. I think Lunar only fitted for a couple of years then went back to Thetford. John
  15. Yes, but still Alde for me. But each to their own. John Yes, but still Alde for me. But each to their own. John
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