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  1. If it suits you that's great, But for it to be equivalent it needs to cover what is listed from page 12 on in this: https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/globalassets/pdfs/insurance/overseas-holiday-insurance-motoring-and-personal-policy-booklet.pdf John
  2. As we travel by Eurotunnel next Wednesday, we had an amazing (their words) offer come through from them for insurance. Breakdown FROM £11.70 and health FROM £8 per person. So, for our 39 days that comes to a minimum of £1080.30 Think I will give it a miss. John
  3. I had a Corsair auto in the 70’s, so that would be a torque converter box. It was playing up, can’t remember the symptoms but I think Is was sluggish to change. An x policeman close to us opened a business specialising in auto boxes. He took it for a test in which the rev counter was an important feature. Quickly he diagnosed the problem as ‘front clutch’. As I never thought a clutch was involved I was surprised. He surprised me even further when he told me it was an easy and cheap job. I imagine (but don’t know), that that clutch does not take the main loads. John
  4. Not so silly, but my car is not that advanced I don't think. Though it does have SatNav but that was an optional extra. I feel sure that would have been in the handbook if it had it. Because mine are 'active' levelling is automatic.
  5. Thanks Roblevelo, that was my thoughts so I will refrain from fitting mine. At least for the time being as we leave for France on Tuesday so not enough time. John
  6. Some models of my car do that, sadly, not mine. That's as mine is supposed to be, but 3 of us now cant finds that lever. I have bought RING stick ons, which say they are OK for xenon. don't know if they are suitable for active headlights but I can always turn that feature off. John
  7. Thanks GS, I had seen that, I think it’s the older model. It shows the lever next to the bulb. My handbook says I should have something like that. But neither myself, or two Volvo mechanics can find it. John
  8. I think most people here look for a compromise as all vehicle costs favour the smaller car. Initial purchase, fuel, tax, depreciation, etc. Some are also compromised by what they are allowed with a company car. However common sense says a large heavy vehicle with a big engine will pull best. On top of that there is a tendency to get the biggest van they can manage (or just manage). Consequently we live on the edge, so to speak. John
  9. We go to France next Wednesday so today I looked into how my headlights adjust for continental use. Its a Volvo V70, latest version. The handbook provide two solutions. One for Halogen, they provide templates to make your own. The patterns are surprisingly big. But mine Ines has the active bi-xzenon lights. I need to find a lever and move it from A to B. There is a picture, but it’s worse than useless, so just where is this lever. The whole headlight comes out in seconds. It’s held on by two large pegs. Once out the back clips off. Well I had a good search, nothing. So I called in at the Volvo main dealer who tried to be helpful. They did what I did and were equally stumped. So they got on the phone and we followed some suggestions. Change it in in the car settings. Change it in the secondary computer which controls the dashboard. Look for a button and press it for 4 seconds. So that’s 4 options plus the halogen type template, and none work on my car. Dealer said stick some tape on them. So I have bought some beam benders, at least it will look like I have made the effort. Any Volvo owners, or anyone with similar headlights got any ideas? John
  10. I agree with you, and I don’t think it matters what side of the debate your on fact is fact, and history is just that. Nevertheless, I believe my documentary is possible by the right people. John
  11. I for one would like to see a documentary which was impartial. (Or as impartial as possible). On the thoughts of the general public towards the EU in all member states. At the moment we only get biased rubbish from governments (mainly UK obviously), the media, or from the EU itself. I don’t believe we have much idea of people’s real feelings are. John
  12. Then it should have a skid. Either/or. Or both to comply. John
  13. Can’t see why the make or model of van should make any difference. All Alko chassis will comply and be the same or essentially similar. I understand what some are saying about wheels mounted outside of the ‘A’ frame. Mine is within the ‘A’ frame but in order to get it to its maximum height it has to go on a slight angle. The yoke is always located into the locking groves. I raise the wheel until it’s touching the ‘A’ frame covering. Higher is not possible With the original wheel on there was no problem. I have since upgraded to a puncture proof pneumatic which is slightly larger in diameter. Nevertheless, I still have not had this problem. My outfit sits nice and level, and I take it easy over speed bumps etc. It could be that it is because the pneumatic tyre is more forgiving. I always travel with the jockey wheel on because: Its less work. Where would I put it? It makes sense in the event of an accident. Less messing about when pitching, particularly in the rain. It is a legal obligation according to Towtug. (I have never noticed a skid on mine). John
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