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  1. Hi Cloughie where have you gone from CT. Not like you to stay away perhaps the Mods know something?

    1. Johnaldo


      He was on-line on the 6th.

    2. lunarsorentoman


      It seem he no longer on on CT

  2. According to the German minister on yesterday, the Germans strength throughout this is that each state has responded to its own requirements. He also said that as AM has a physics degree she understood the difference between linear and exponential growth. Which I thought inferred that others didn’t and was a bit insulting. John
  3. The letter I got telling me to shield gave me the registration address but said I only needed to register if I needed support. I have spoken to Ian and we now think that click and collect is the way to go. There seems to be plenty of slots. There is definitely a gray area for the shielded to get delivery preference. Perhaps the lady who phoned me the day after I got the letter could have made it happen. But as I told her I was sorted through family it was left there. John
  4. I didn’t realise that I needed to register. Looking at Tesco and Sainsbury’s they both say the will be informed from the governments shielded list. So I assumed that as I am shielded, it would be automatic. I don’t expect to hear from Sainsbury’s as I have had no past dealings with them but we are Tesco club card holders so would expect them to be in touch. I will look into self registering. Simply no slots available from either locally. John
  5. I think they have got that covered in that they clearly state the scheme is for members only. So you will not be able to use them on a CMC site as you need to present your membership card on arrival. However they could be passed on to other members. John
  6. Thanks LG. The money laundering was mentioned in the CMC email to me which I posted on the previous page, about the 4th from the end of the page. They appear to be saying they withdrew the ‘change giving’ offer as it went against some, presumably legal, reason. John
  7. That’s nice and clear LG. But what is the legal position regarding them changing T&C’s after the purchase? Either for giving change or adding an expiry date? Also, do you agree with the CMC’s money laundering argument? As I have already said, I am keeping mine regardless and it will be no hardship to make use of them (sometime). But I fully understand others wanting to return theirs out of principle. John I simply ask out of general interest.
  8. Could be right, but then nothing ventured etc...... John
  9. Out of curiosity I just looked at how my vouchers can be used for my September bookings. Should it happen. I have £480 in vouchers, I will be able to use them all having to top up one by £11. On another I will need to overpay by the enormous amount of £0.60. I will just need to suck that 60 pence up. 🤣 So all in all it works. My biggest annoyance is how the organisation could get things so wrong. Perhaps those organisers in the know have been furloughed! As has been discussed above, I still can’t see how they can apply end dates to open ended vouchers. I
  10. Thanks for that. I just received this. Reply to my email today. So they were at least prompt. ——————————- Good morning John Thank you for your enquiry and for purchasing vouchers. Please accept our apologies, the information on change being given was amended on 17th April due to money laundering issues. We will send out the vouchers in £10 and £20 denominations to make them easier for members to use. If you are unhappy with the changes we can offer to refund your vouchers if you would like to send them back to us, please let me know if this is the case. I
  11. As you know Martyn, Salisbury is about 60 miles. But we have a Sainsbury’s about 4 miles away. I think Ian is going to try them this time. I just looked at delivery from Tesco and Sainsbury and there are none, I can’t get any priority until they inform me from the Governments list. That seems to be the way it works. Its very easy for us just sitting at home, but it would be nice if it was easier for them as they are still working. John
  12. How frustrating. So similar to us, everyone in my Son’s houshold are also working. My son might jokingly tell you he is a key worker (GCHQ). Not sure if many would agree. I just looked for Tesco deliveries, (not looked at others as yet). None available and no mention of any priority options. However, there is a fair number of click and collect slots on offer. John
  13. I am confused. How is it possible to get a car in a garage, just where would the important rubbish go? John
  14. Having been to Honk Kong, the density of people is such I find it hard to see how distancing would be possible even with good intentions. John
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