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  1. New Lunar Clubman Si Rejected

    Well done, it people like you who have that tanasity and are willing to fight for what is right which help everyone else by doing your bit to make a small step to improve the industry. Good luck for the future. As you say, luck has a lot to do with it. I have a 2015 Lunar SI which has only had moderate faults, nevertheless I have had to fight to get them fixed. It puts me off changing for another new van in case I have to start all over again. So lessons, pay part by credit card and keep an evidence trail including pictures. John
  2. A website to record fuel use and other data

    I don’t usually bother, (too lazy). But I have been pleasantly surprised by the mpg on my latest car it would be nice to have a double check and this system might make me record things. After signing up it provided me with this mind boggling advice under ‘tips’ ‘Few drivers are aware that by not driving your vehicle and taking public transit you will not burn any fuel at all’! With advice like that I can’t go wrong. John
  3. Pipe cleaning

    No one should compare a caravan or motor home water system with home domestic water which is in a sealed system. The damage is done when the internals of tanks and pipes come in contact with air and bacterior which then breed unseen. As said above, we sterilise our system about twice per year. And don’t use it for drinking. Once, when we had an internal tank, which was cleaned by letting steriliser stand in it, I exposed it. I was shocked at the mold clinging to the surfaces above the water line. At least I could take the tank out and see to it properly. Since then I have not been interested in having an onboard tank. John
  4. Pipe cleaning

    Sounds like what I do but before leaving home. Others don’t but we always find that the steriliser leaves a taste. So we either use bottled water for drinking, but will also test the site water, in a bottle, to see if it makes a decent cup of tea. If not stick to the cheapest bottled water the supermarket can supply. After the steriliser has been well flushed out we will use the vans water for cooking. John
  5. Stolen: Dometic Air Con unit

    Sorry, I did not read that correctly. I read it was spotted when they took it in. My fault. John
  6. Anyone for chips?

    I really don’t think I said they are the same. Just that both are potentially affected by the upcoming MOT changes. Just out of curiosity, when having a main dealer service, do you need to make sure they don’t overwrite your remap? John
  7. Help needed with a Solar project.

    I would Google supplier specialists. They would design and specify a complete and balanced system, even build it if you wanted. I imagine they would do that for free if they were able to supply. They may suggest things like automatic systems to follow the sun. Would security of the finished system be a problem? John
  8. Stolen: Dometic Air Con unit

    Wow,!!! Was that from storage or home? Was there any rain damage? John
  9. Anyone for chips?

    From May it could be fingers crossed then, along with those that removed the EGR valve. Doom sayer here. Not that that’s true, I was suggesting that the OP might want to go for a more powerful version of their car in the first place with the security that goes with this. The chips may well work. But clearly from the reports, even in this topic, it’s hit and miss, and cost reliant. In my post I was suggesting the chip option may not be cost effective when compared to purchasing the right vehicle in the first place. John
  10. Anyone for chips?

    Take that point but may not be so clear as from May. Previous comments have said they can increase the smoke. http://www. autoexpress. co. uk/car-news/102431/mot-test-changes-2018-new-failure-categories-and-tougher-tests-for-diesel-cars John
  11. New Zealand

    Just though I would register my profound jealousy. Sorry, not much help. We have done Australia, as Moorgate did, stopped off at Singapore and Hong Kong. Adds to the overall cost but fantastic places to see. John
  12. Hi. Frustrated newbie. 13 pin alignment

    I wonder if some of the plugs are faulty or poorly made. Only say that as clearly there is an issue for some, but I have never had a proble. Perhaps it’s luck. John
  13. Anyone for chips?

    My car is 136 hp, There is a more powerful version with the same engine, and an even more powerful version with a different engine. The 136 is adequate for my purposes. But if I felt is was not I would have gone for one of the other options. There is a mystery regarding mapping. some companies want to charge a lot of money but do put your car onto a rolling road so that its is a personal map to suit that engines characteristics. That sounds like a good option but I find it hard to believe it is cost effective. Other companies simply plug it in and update the existing map. They may well have spent some time on their software but the procedure should only take a few minutes. It does concern me that when a service is done the map will be returned to the manufacturers settings. I don't know about other makes but I think Citroen and Volvo check and update the map version as part of a service. At least the 'plug in' chips can be removed as and when, but just how effective? I would suggest that the OP goes for a car model which has the power they require from the start. John
  14. 10 Tips to Save Money While Caravanning

    Exactly. 👍
  15. 10 Tips to Save Money While Caravanning

    The blog or the link bother me not one I bit. I click on links hundreds/thousands of times. It’s mostly how the internet works. Just get good security, or stop using the internet. I did not learn anything new, but then I have been there and done it. But would certainly be useful to newbies. It’s very well presented and written. So is it promotion, perhaps, (but that’s fine with me), is this economical and sencible use of the medium. Most certainly. Does it advertise or sell, no, but the blog provider may put the odd banner in like CT does, just grow to ignore them. John