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  1. I believe it's a Westfalia tow bar which requires the knob to be pulled out & rotated whilst still being held out. It should lock open when the knob has been fully rotated. Refitting without the knob being in the locked open position will not allow the key to be removed as the bar will not fully engage. If the key cannot be removed the bar is not fully located. I had this same difficulty with the bar on my Santa Fe also a Westfalia. There are videos on YouTube showing the procedure.
  2. Fan on my Unicorn only came on with heavy 12v usage. What are you running at night. or could it be a battery problem?
  3. All parts that the dealer will require to do the job.
  4. Anyone actually needed to buy one as surely they are all been used under warranty.
  5. I had a similar issue with a Truma mover which I eventually discovered to be a bad connection in the main power leads from the battery.
  6. We had an occasion last year when we had to leave the site & it took 4 of us to get the awning down in a gale (Isabella porch).We considered afterwards how we would have coped if as usual there had been only the two of us. The result was we have now purchased a Bradcot Air Aspire with no poles to dent the van & that can be on the ground in seconds.
  7. Have you not got a figure of 8 strip to join it to your draft strip as intended?
  8. We purchased a new Milan in August 2011 and this only had a 6 year warranty unless the optional extension to 10 years was paid for. We didn't bother.
  9. That's what happened when my element failed on a previous caravan.
  10. My 14 plate Santa Fe has a 6 speed box with torque converter. I wouldn't have another dual clutch gearbox having suffered clutch judder & slip at 28k though more manufacturers seem to be going that way presumably for efficiency.
  11. I have a 2015 model and yes it is a perimeter only alarm.
  12. If it's a new van try looking in your bits & pieces bag (velcro for carpets TV adapters sink plugs etc.) Should be one with the van.
  13. Have you tried taking the fuse out & then replacing it (that's the one on the floor next to the fridge) mine appeared to be OK but I took it out & replaced it and hey presto it worked.
  14. I have a new Santa Fe with detachable bar Hyundai's own but I believe it's made by Thule. My bar is fine when inserted but by the time I reach my destination a very small amount of lateral play has developed. If you search the Caravan Club website you will find that the question has been asked before & they find that many of the cars they test have a small amount of play. Disconcerting though.
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