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  1. Agree Odd days. The car park is a much better option. Some of the parking Ericfield is talking about are often taken by lorries and the rubbish is another sight that's not pleasant. The roundabout there is often clogged up at busy times. There are numerous lay bys suitable for caravans along the A47. It might be just a case of traveling along and find one that is not taken by lorries. Good traveling.
  2. Our Audi 100 V6 was the most comfortable seat for us. Like driving on a sofa. And it went like the clappers. Just to go off the thread.
  3. Wouldn't say our seats in the Vectra are comfortable. But it does what it says on the tin. Can fit a bus in the boot.
  4. Vauxhall! Not Saab! Can't beat a red 2l hatchback Sri cavalier! We had two, both went to over 160k.
  5. Oh dear, this thread is being over taken by saab. I love Vauxhall!
  6. Oooh a Vauxhall Carlton. My dad had one of those. Dropped to bits after 100k. Don't want an Insignia estate. Not super keen on them. Want a 4x4.
  7. The Vectra has just clocked up 176k. Does what is says on the tin. Next car will be Nissan X trail or a bigger 4x4. We shall see.
  8. There are sewage repairs in town and traffic is bad at peak times. Was ok a bit ago when we went shopping.
  9. See the review of Antara's. We are on our 5th Vauxhall including a Mk 1, Cavalier SRI's (both went like the clappers), Frontera and Vectras. Our Vectra Estate had clocked up 175k and touch wood all ok. Must have had ones made in the week as none of them have given us much bother. I
  10. We narrowly missed buying a Ford Ranger from our garage. They are massive. Would not be towing with one as our caravan mojo has long gone. Would hold all our gear though! Our lad has a Nissan Nav and he loves it.
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