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  1. Had lots of experience of snobbery when we turned up at CMC sites in our old Sprite Musketeer which had the awful brown stripe down the sides. Then we got our Lunar Eclipse and snobbery went out the window, but we were at the stage where we just stayed at cl sites. Most enjoyable.
  2. All ferry fares for caravans are not cheap. We have been going to Ireland for over 15 years and we hardly see any Brits with caravans on the ferries. . We also take as much food as we can, as supermarkets are not cheap. Although we do frequent them to see what different things they sell to the UK. And yes we do spend our Euros. The roads are not all that good in places in Southern Ireland, so if you do take your caravan make sure everything is secure. Ireland is beautiful, both north and south, It is indeed a step back in time. Embrace it and the people. The Guinness is , nothing like in the UK. Jill
  3. We have had 6 Vauxhall's so far. Two 2 litre Sri. ..loved them and both reached 140k on the clock. Went like the clappers. Frontera was loved and adored. Have a Vectra estate 1. 9 tcdi at the moment, does what it says on the tin, a workhorse, got 122k on the clock, had starting trouble in the cold weather, but running ok at the moment. Seats are uncomfortable on long journeys, I fidget a lot! Think X Trail next.
  4. We have had 1 Vauxhall Mark 2, two Cavalier SRI. One Frontera, one Vectra hatchback, and our latest Vectra tdci estate. Does what it says on the tin, a work horse. Our Estate has 122k on the clock and seems to sound a little rough around the edges. Gets serviced every year, and any problems it's down the garage to get fixed if it's not going to cost more than the car is worth. I have to agree the seats are rubbish. I am always fidgeting! Nissan X Trail next.
  5. Oh dear, we have just got rid of our Leaky Lunar! Yes it leaked all over, BUT it was 17 years old and we had given it some wellie. The build quailty was not top notch. We now have an Abbey Award Transtar 1994 and there is a huge difference in build quality betwween the two. This Transtar will out live many new caravans of today.
  6. We have just got rid of our Lunar, 1994 Eclipse, and it was eventually a leaky lunar! BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had it for 11 years and we loved it! It did have a lot of use, mainly on Cl sites, and we were very sad to see it go, but it was of no use to man or beast in the end! Enjoy your Lunar!
  7. Lady Bird

    First Caravan

    No, no, you are not mad!!!!!!!!!!! As said life is too short, so enjoy!
  8. What happens when the Slip road runs out? If you are joining the A1 at Stamford, Wansford and Wittering the slip roads are not long enough, and because traffic won't let you in YOU HAVE TO STOP.
  9. Do you mean sites? You need to look on tinternet then. Not a lot open during the winter season. As for whats open in the towns, the usual high street shops are open, but the tourists one will be shut. Some cafes open during the lunchtime period, but don't expect the place to be teeming! Its the best time to go to Scarborough, Brid and Filey! As Terry says York is a bit far from the coast, but more going on there! I'd go to the coast though!
  10. Bailey this, Bailey that, give me a break, lets have Adria, Lunar, Coachman Pastiche, Elddis, Eriba and all the rest have I missed. Not forgetting Stealth!
  11. Simon, use the search facilities on the club sites. And use google, you will be surprised what will come to light.
  12. Traffic film remover? I clean ours with this, all over, top and bottom.
  13. WOW! Happy times ahead! Have a lot fo fun, and I will just turn a very sour green. ....................
  14. I think perhaps some people may like the system as it gives them a demonstration of the newness of their car (but perhaps will not admit to this). For goodness sake Ellisfield, who gives a monkeys what year their car is registered in! As long as its what the car driver wants, needs and is safe, and if they feel the need to brag about how new their car is so be it! Perhaps a bit like voting reform. Everyone seemed to be in favour of being screwed by the system. Why is the system screwing us? ipb. global. registerReputation( 'rep_post_590945', { domLikeStripId: 'like_post_590945', app: 'forums', type: 'pid', typeid: '590945' }, parseInt('') ); I suggest if you still feel so strongly about your car and regsitration you fork out for a personal registration number then no-one will know but yourself!
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