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  1. Got a Black Friday deal with Skyq. Just one downside, we are watching more telly than before on Freeview. Some good programmes, but Sky keep the good ones on Sky discovery+. Which we don't have as yet.....
  2. Spooky. We were traveling on the A1 this week in our trusty Vectra, we heard this weird noise and a bang bang noise. Hubby got to lay by, which thankfully was yards away and yes, a very flat tyre. He fitted one of those space saver tyres, then we plodded up the A1 to our destination, and then nipped to Kwik fit to have new tyre fitted. Kwik fit my ****. He was there two hours. Thankfully all ok.
  3. I think all covid patients should be in the Nightingale centres. Relatives cannot visit, the patients will only be with other covid patients. Makes me feel cross because the Nightingale centres cost us tax payers. Rant over. Good ol' Harrogate and Knaresborough.
  4. Lady Bird


    Knaresborough castle. You go in the dungeon and they turn the lights off! On a full moon the Knaresborough phantom is supposed to come out! .
  5. Hubby liked sea trout fishing there. I have seen pictures and on the television of the Falklands, and with Benbecula I would love to to visit.
  6. Hubby did many a tour in the Falklands. He liked it there as fishing was good.
  7. Give over! So I missed n out! A slab of beer is also a military saying. Johnaldo that's the one.
  8. Had our caravan broken into many years ago at our fav cl site. The young thugs took our slabs of 1964 Krone berg beer. Did not put us off going there once I knew who they were.
  9. In five, ten years time perhaps technology will have moved on, cars run on water? fresh air? Who knows. Thank you Jezzerb for your thoughts. Who knows what our next car shall be.
  10. Our Vectra diesel estate is near to 169k, still purring along. . Soon it will be time to replace it, but with what? Don't want an electric car, too much faff to have to charge it, our mileage is high, don't know much about the self charging car, so another diesel or petrol car will be on the agenda. Nissan X trail? Or does anyone know better?
  11. I am so jealous. We'd love to live in Duncannon, not far from Rosslare. But we think it would be so expensive to do so. Have done sums and seems we need to have more funds as the exchange rate is pretty poor at the moment. Have a lot of fun living your dream.
  12. Our GP surgery are doing triage phone calls, hubby and I have had no problems so far and all cases successfully completed by Surgery. The dentist, had two appointments rescheduled to January. Not seen him this year.
  13. I got some make up gloves from Wilko's and often use them especially in charity shops.
  14. So Grandpa Steve We clean everything we touch before going into the shops, we touch a can of whatever on the shelf that may have been touched by how many people before us.....
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