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  1. Lady Bird

    Saving Gas

    Lomax, sounds as though you are multi tasking! Taking advantage of hot BBQ coals/wood to make every ounce of heat count. Brill!
  2. We have had a washer/dryer for a few years now. An Indesit. Room in kitchen does not allow for both. Since we had a new combi boiler fitted, when the dryer is on the water pipe bangs away. Hubby has looked but can't see why. The BG service engineer hadn't got a clue. When the winter comes will look into the matter again. As for now washing goes outside, if not on the clothes line in conservatory with the windows open if not raining. The dryer works ok, but doesn't do a few cool minutes before end of cycle so clothes etc are a bit warm to touch. I open the door to let warm air out before
  3. Thank you WispMan. Will keep out of their way!
  4. Going to Haverigg in Cumbria next month. Does anyone know about the sea fishing in this area.
  5. There you go then! Secret squirrel
  6. Yes agree, but isn't it just nice to have a good ol' telephone conversation or go into the travel agents and speak to a real person. Letting people keep their jobs.
  7. I don't know about anyone else, but I am sick and tired of " only accepting bookings online" what is wrong with the old dog and bone? Talk to a human being! What happens if you have no online access? There are people out there who have not got access to online bookings. . Rant over.
  8. Such a sweet little Caravan. Hope you can restore her to her former glory. All the very best.
  9. County Kerry . Just love that county! Welcome to CT Jilli.
  10. I would certainly throw my teddy out of my cot if the over 50's were told to stay at home. I am at the stage now that I believe lockdown only prolongs covid19 as when lockdown ends the rate rises. We have to learn to live with covid19 as best we can. Get people back to work, kids back in school and get the economy moving upwards.
  11. We haven't been to the pub since pubs were allowed to open and can't see us wanting to go in one as yet. The one we pass just before the A1 is always rammed. Not appealing to us. Think this year is a wipe out for us. Just hope we can learn to live with covid19 and be as good as we can in social distancing and hand hygiene.
  12. Nick, just go for it! You will be fine.
  13. Guinness.....mmm! Got some face masks from Lidls this week. White cotton ones that are nice and soft and washable. But hate nappy masks... Going to look in charity shops for some homemade cotton ones, or into the cupboard to look for old pillow case to make one.
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