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  1. AJ Galaxy ordered from hindleys many thanks Shawn
  2. Ooh that’s stuff is nasty and full of carcinogenS ok now I have got to the bottom of what chemical composition it is I can get the correct weld solution for it thanks chaps for an interesting conversation. Shawn
  3. Hi guys another question for those in the know , yesterday my oldest daughter tried to open one of the small windows at the front of our 07 Bailey pageant Bordeaux she neglected to undonone of the four latches which resulted in it being twisted the two parts of the double glazed unit separated down only one side of it , my question is what kind of glue would be suitable to use to re bond it together ? I have a selection of flies I have a cement weld type used in plastics I also have superglue and a couple of others but not knowing the composition and type of plastic the glazing is I would rather not try anything until it is ascertained what adhesive is required.
  4. Thanks a lot my friend much appreciated
  5. Brecon thank you very much indeed i will take a look when i take it apart, i was aware of the one shots but not the size of the shoes once again thanks ,one more question do you know what torque the wheel nuts should be please ? . oh and another question if i may ,one shot nuts are advertised as three main sizes m22 m24 m27 and m32 are these measurements for the hex nut (spanner) size and not the bore ? Shawn
  6. Hi guys it’s been a couple of years since I have posted on here under Avondale4 however knowing there are some very knowledgable people on here I would like to ask a question. I have a 2006/7 bailey pageant series 5 Bordeaux I need to change the brake shoes on her but I am clueless where to find them or which ones they are Bailey , Knox etc ? i would appreciate some assistance from someone in the know please.
  7. yup the same offer is available on our Blue Light Cards too however the local Asda price nails it very well for us . ..
  8. would i be right in assuming it is a wifi camera ?
  9. wisp man i want to have your children, thank you so much. That is a weight off my mind sunday lunch tomorrow is going to be bliss in the new van, again thank you very much fella .
  10. Hi folks its been a while since my last post on this forum, i have been caravanning all the time since but not had much to say !. Bit of a wrong way of doing things but i have just taken delivery of the above caravan and would like to see if any one has any comments about any niggles to look out for with this model, it is the newest van we have ever had and my wife purchased it after falling in love with it yesterday when we looked at it and of course the price was right, today i took delivery of it on her birthday so now the fun begins . ..... Shawn
  11. Ahh was wondering what it was and couldn't figure out which way round it should go, any ideas which way it should be plumbed and is it to be kept high where it was ?
  12. Thetford c200 toilet pumping, I have a the c200 which means it comes with manual pump and led level indicator . inspired by another caravanner over Easter I converted my toilet to electric pump as Opposed to hand pump, the installation was fairly easy I removed the whole toilet and did the job on the tailgate of my landy as I had to do two jobs in one hit. I had the dreaded algae problem with the water tank on the toilet so I separated the tank from the pan and gubbins and proceeded to scrub out the old black stuff thoroughly then with the pumping stem removed I took out two small self tappers and removed the pump mechanism then fitted a new electric submersible pump and passed the original hose over the top of the original pump support and down through the hole where the push rod used to go on to the electrical pumps out put nozzle then reeassembled the whole lot and installed a new 12 v electrical supply direct from the distribution cabinet. Time had come to commission said upgrade so poised in the cassette door way and my wife on the controls inside she pushed the new switch and wirrr and out come the pink Water . ......... it wouldn't stop !! After using several towels and eventually unloading the whole tank (thankfully not a full one)! It stopped flowing aghast I couldn't believe it the blinking thing had started a very efficient siphoning action my question is how can I stop it syphoning after a simple flush ? Would it be as simple as putting a simple piercing into the output pipe somewhere inside the holding tank so air gets into it slowly to stop the syphoning or would changing the route of the pipe simply do it ?
  13. As fitted to an Abbey vogue 417 1997 . I intend to restore this tap as it has more leaks than Wales !
  14. urrrm . .. we broke our table on our first van so i made a table out of a very nice piece of indonesian 3/4inch ply sheet varnished it up with yacht varnish put the table fittings on to it, the thing looked fabulous better than the ****** chipboard and loads stronger . Now with a later caravan we have slatted beds but we havnt broken the slats we have broken the end board which pulls out the slats ! it being a weight bearing focal point as getting in and out of the bed gave way broke the board and strengthener so today we are looking into a way to reinforce this by replacing it with a small bit of steel box section hidden by the sculpted bit on the end of it having replaced the chip board end board first .
  15. All noted and good call Ern, i have sourced this gear http://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/Neoprene-Foam-Weather-Seal-Sticky-Back-Boat-Car-Window-Indoor-Outdoor-Many-Uses-/161723870801?var=&hash=item25a77e6e51 it is neoprene so long life and claims to be closed cell foam (not breathable) i have some carpet tiles which i will use to stick on the inside of the wooden cabinet where the fridge lives this will work well as there is room for it owing to it being lines with studding about ten mill thick for some kind of matchstick /lightweight strengthening !.
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