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  1. The cover at some point is likely to get wet, which yes will cause the cover to get marginally heavier (1kg at most) but will not pose a problem to towing nose weight restrictions etc.
  2. Without getting into specifics, most caravan manufacturers allow for approximately 140kg of spare weight within a caravan. The nose tends to be able to take approximately 7-8% of the full caravan weight. Throughout our extensive testing of the Tow Pro Elite and all orders placed, we have never experience a caravan tipping due to the weight of the Tow Pro Elite, regardless of whether it is wet or dry; however, as weight allowances and capacities vary depending on the individual caravan, the car used to tow and the amount of passengers, you will need to refer to your caravan literature when loading up your caravan, ensuring you are not over packing. As the Tow Pro Elite only weighs between 5-6kg, there should be plenty of allowance to allow for this in your travels. Kind regards
  3. Post updated guys, sorry wrong info! The post shows, as I'm sure you can all imagine, that a wet cover would not exceed the nose weight. WispMan - Think you may need a tank! Kind regards
  4. The cover, being completely wet through would not be enough itself to exceed nose weight limitations. Please bear in mind that the cover dry only weighs between 5-6KG and that typical nose weights for 4x4's are 130-140KG. We have been manufacturing the Tow Pro Elite for nearly 18 months and have not heard of the nose weight being exceeded due to the cover being wet and subsequently tipping the caravan etc. Kind regards
  5. Thank you for all of your comments regarding the Tow Pro Elite. I thought it might be worth addressing any concerns you have regarding rain water and the weight of the cover. I remember the conversation Roger had with Naomi, which I believe was specifically regarding the risk of the caravan tipping due to the additional weight of the Tow Pro Elite, particularly if it becomes saturated with rain water. This is not an issue we have ever experienced before and do not believe it to be a risk. Even if the cover was fully saturated (which is highly unlikely) the weight of the cover would not be enough to tip the caravan. As you were advised at the time, the cover is not designed for long term storage, so the risk of excessive water saturation is minimal. Whilst in transit, the cover is forced back against the caravan, due to the pressure from oncoming wind, which prevents any rain water getting between the cover and the caravan. As you have mentioned, the Tow Pro Elite is designed for short term storage, such as a brief stop off or overnight and we do understand your concerns that the cover may become wet, if the rain is particularly heavy. Whilst some rain water may get behind the cover, due to the tailored fit, it is unlikely that this will be excessive and, although some saturation is possible, as per Roberts response above, the covers are fitted with a wide awning tape, preventing the cover from sliding down the caravan. This, along with the tension straps at the top of the cover, will secure the towing protector in place, even with the potential additional weight. You are correct; the Tow Pro Elite is designed to cater for the Australian market. It is more durable as journeys may be longer, over harsher terrain and it will withstand the stronger UV but, alongside the beautiful sunshine they get in Australia, they also experience torrential rain storms, so the cover has been designed around the most severe of weather; therefore, the cover should not have any issues sustaining the dreary British climate. Should customers experience any issue with their cover, we would ask that they contact us directly, so we are able to assess any problems on a case by case basis. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us on 01943 864646 or via email.
  6. The sliding down will not occur if the Fiamma stoppers provided are used. They basically act as a fixed anchoring for the cover, which are to be used on caravans which do not have the plastic mouldings at the bottom of the rails. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any advise or technical help
  7. Dear CTS 50 Any customers that have our Tow Pro Elite and have experienced the issue with the water we would encourage them to contact us for the modification free of charge. It is not a cover wide issue and only appears on certain caravans due to shape of the fronts and the location of the gutter rail. The modification allows you to tension the top section further preventing any movement and reducing the water travelling down the back of the cover. If you have any queries please call on 01943 864646. Thanks Katie
  8. Hi lizzie14, just wondered what your thoughts on your a-frame cover were?
  9. Hi bonzodog, Speak to Gobur themselves, I know they offer tailored covers for all their vans! Hope this helps!
  10. Hi Ondaroadagain, We're a UK based manufacturer of bespoke covers for cars, caravans, motorbikes and more or less anything on wheels, or not! There are plenty of options on the market, varying in price, features and materials. We'd advise you write a little list of; How much you want to spend What features you are looking for What you prioritise (aesthetically pleasing, waterproof, soft underside etc). Guarantee Whether you want to be able to use it again if you change your van regularly (Universal/Tailored). Hope this helps! http://www. specialisedcovers. com/towing-covers. html
  11. “It's unwise to pay too much, but it's worse to pay too little." - John Ruskin
  12. Thanks Lizzie14. As far as I can see from photographs online your caravan has 2 full awning rails. We're currently researching and ammending our Tow Pro Lite (universal cover) to fit caravans with the wider and thinner a-frames, which stopped the cover fitting. What I would ask is if you could email Alex Feather our Business Development Executive (alex@specialisedcovers. com) with your details, he is aware that you may contact him. He will be in touch with the details of the Tow Pro Lite and let you know when the 'new shape' towing cover is available. Thank you
  13. BradleyWiggins if you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact our customer services department on 01943 864 646 for technical advice. Once the stoppers that Midsman1 mentioned are inserted, the cover will essentially sit ontop of them and not be able to move anywhere! Hope this helps.
  14. What make, model and year of manufacture is your caravan lizzie14?
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