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  1. Hi Folks, is there a recommended Torque ( in Ft lbs) for tow ball fixing nuts/bolts (16mm) cheers Terry
  2. Hi folks in 2 days I will be towing with my 2010 petrol Kia Sportage 4WD ( not the new shape) for the first time, the recommended tyre pressures solo driving is 32psi all round. I am unable to find any specific pressures for towing, so do I just stick to 32psi. My old Mazda 6 was 32psi all round solo, but increased to 39 psi rear and 35psi front . Any advice would be very welcome many thanks Terry
  3. Hi Folks, I've just bough a replacement tow car, it is a 2010 Petrol Kia Sportage 4x4 and I will be towing with it my Ace Award Morningstar ( 1400 KG laden max) . My previous car was a Mazda6 2. 0 Diesel. We visit North Wales quite often and the old Mazda had no problem dealing with Rhuallt Hill. I'm sure the kia will cope fine but I admit to feeling a bit apprehensive using the new combination for the first time . A few words of wisdom would be really appreciated Many thanks Terry
  4. Hi Dacs that does make sense thanks, I'll test all the function whilst the van is parked up. Cheers Terry
  5. Steven, its food for thought. .... the manner that the two looms are fitted look like it was done professionally, all individual conductors are contained inside two outer plastic sleeves and neatly tied back to the towbar using cable ties, but I suppose that proves nothing . I think I might plug the van in and run a stationary test . But I'll probably end up taking the car to a very expensive professional for his opinion. Thanks Terry
  6. Hi Stevan, It is a 7pin socket (2 female top, 2 female bottom and 3 male in the middle) with 2 looms and viewed from above one loom enters more or less in the center and the other enters to the right of center. I,m Still puzzled
  7. Hi folks I have just bought a 2010 Kia Sportage 4x4 (not the new shape) which is already fitted with a tow bar and a 7pin electrics socket, I notice that the 7 pin socket has two looms running into it, can anyone tell me please why it has two looms. ?? Many thanks Terry
  8. Hi folks, Has anyone towed with a petrol Suzuki Grand Vitara 2. 4 SZ5 and if so, can you give me your comments please. Thanks a million Terry
  9. Hi folks, does anyone tow a Caravan with a Kia Sportage Diesel please, and if so, could I have their opinion, towing performance MPG etc. I would be towing a 1409 Kg van ( laden weight) I believe that the van to car ratio is 74% Many thanks Terry
  10. In my search for a petrol tow car to pull my 1409Kg (fully laden) van I'm wondering what the Kia Sportage petrol (circa 2009) is like, the van / sportage ratio is 78% . Does anyone tow with a petrol Sportage and if so what is your opinion please, i. e. towing performance, MPG etc. Very many thanks Terry
  11. Thank's RandR, my van is 1400 Kg laden weight, the unladen weight is 1209Kg so the CRV's towing limit of 1500 Kg should be fine or have I got it wrong ? advice needed please Cheers Terry
  12. Hi, caravaning friends, here's wishing us all a very Happy New Year with lots of good weather. I'm very close to replacing my tow car, ideally my replacement will be a Petrol Automatic to pull a 1400 kg (laden weight) caravan. I cant run to a new car but I've got my eye on a very nice used 2000cc Honda CRV which fits the above spec. Does anyone have experience of this combination (or something similar), I would really welcome any constructive comment, as soon as poss please. very many thanks Terry
  13. Thanks everyone, what if I went for an Automatic CRV ? to pull my 1400kg van is that a feasible combination Cheers Terry
  14. Hi Oscarmax, Thanks for your very useful reply, so on a journey of 300 miles, a petrol CRV would use about 1. 8 gallons more fuel than a diesel or about £9. 50 more cost. I could live with that, the next question is " how does the petrol CRV perform generally?? Cheers Terry
  15. Hi folks, a friend is selling his "mint" 2008 petrol Honda Crv EX, since I'm on the lookout for a replacement towcar for my 1400kg van (my wife is against me getting a diesel) what are the "Committee's" thoughts about me going for this car i. e. would it cope ok. I value any comments. Many thanks Terry
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