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  1. Hank you very much for your suggestion. My assumption was that when extracting the staples and inner bead the rubber would become useless. I suppose I would be happier replacing the rubber if I new the correct size.Alistair.
  2. Good afternoon Following the annual service there is a damp issue at the bottom of the n/S front window and it is centrally located. I propose to change the seal. I would appreciate confirmation of the width of the new seal...would it be 27 or 30mm and by any chance is there a part number that would denote the appropriate profile. I would prefer to buy all the necessary spare parts prior to removing the old seal. Thanks in anticipation of your help. Alistair.
  3. Thanks so much...looks like 5/6000 a day then! Evening visits preferable I fancy. P&R what a great itinerary...we will be away for 8 weeks so your experience will be invaluable. Thanks very much. Alistair.
  4. John Thank you for your helpful comments. I am fairly determined to reach Dubrovnik and hopefully at the end of September there may be fewer cruise ships. i am still going to pursue obtaining insurance cover in the UK in the meantime. Alistair.
  5. Dear Moorgate Thanks so much for your advice. I spoke with them this week and even after referring the enquiry to their underwriters they could not help. thanks again. Alistair.
  6. Thank you David, Borussia 1900 and moor gate for your information. i Have not been able to secure over from any UK insurer, although I am prepared to change from Saga. So I think I will purchase third party cover at Bijaca border crossing, re-Enter Croatia and then travel to Neum and hopefully Solitudo , Dubrovnik. THird party a risk I know but will have to do. Alistair.
  7. Thank you so much for your advice and suggested route and campsites. I am most grateful.
  8. Good evening We are just finalising our trip to Croatia for Sept 2020. I am aware of the green card problem with entering BH and am resigned to purchase local minimum cover at the border crossing. The leg of the journey I need advice for is from Podgora Resort to Solitudo Camping Dubrovnik. My unit will be a BMW 5 series towing a 7metre( shipping length) CARAVAN. Will I need to purchase 2 green cards and what is the anticipated cost please? A recommended route please including suggested border crossing. I would propose to use the same route on the return trip. Thank you in advance to you all for your advice and help. Alistair.
  9. Thanks. ...myconcern is how to clip/tie down the vacuum breaker prior to reinserting pump? Any further thoughts please?
  10. Thank you very much for your replies. I assume that vacuum needs to be fixed somehow prior to replacing the pump. ....any further guidance for a simpleton would be appreciated.

  11. The pump has failed but when removing a lot more appeared! It looks like a water filter as the photos show. Can anyone helpfully tell me howto replce this primo to fitting new pump. Thanks in anticipation.
  12. Thanks again to you all for responding. A great help. Alistair.
  13. Good evening Russ We thought we would return via St Gothard Tunnel, possibly Zurich and Stuttgart. ..a couple of days in a Swiss village may be nice. Any ideas? Thanks moderator for your advice. ..Verona Venice Garda etc already done.
  14. We are travelling to Europe with a car and 7m caravan for a couple of months returning the second week of October. We have decided our route down via Namur, Saarbrucken, Strasbourg, Lucerne, Milan, Cinque Terre, Florence, Perrugia,Rome and finally the Amalphi Coast. Montecassino is on my visit list and would Camping Parking Europa Cassino accept car+van for a stopover? We are decided on our route to Bologna. .it is after this we need advice please. We shall have two weeks from Bologna to Dunkirk. We will have Swiss vignettes, would like to see picturesque sites and just wonder if you could help with a route back through Germany then of course Belgium. Any help would be most appreciated. Alistair.
  15. Thank you very much indeed for all your replies. I am most grateful for the advice and plenty to think about.
  16. Can anyone advise on the merits of the telepass with via card. We propose to spend a month touring,with caravan, Italy in Sept this year and assume we will use the motorways. Is the expense of the pass justified for a month? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  17. We wish to tow our van after a holiday in Sorrento via the east coast of Italy aiming for the St Gothard Tunnel. We would welcome any advice as to route and campsites that may be open. Thanks very much for your help. Alistair.
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