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  1. You must be terrified everytime some one knocks on your door if you agree with some of the extreme advice given in this thread GAS. Believe me Anne Marie although some basic precautions are well in order not everyone is out to rob people and are just out to make a living or make genuine enquiries, remember if you don't ask you don't get. Jimmy
  2. Wow talk about a lynch mob. There is being cautious and there is going over the top. What else is this chap going to get accused of next, and all for knocking on a door and making an enquiry.
  3. Why not fit a ventalation vent in the door. this would equalise the temperature and give ventalation to the room. Jimmy
  4. I was doing some work on my caravan earlie on this year at the side of the house when a van drew up, the guy asked if it was for sale. I said no but I have one at my friends haulage yard. He sounded interested so I took him down to see it and he bought it for cash from a large wad he had in his pocket. He left me a card as he does building and garden work. Wonder if its the same guy. Jimmy
  5. Thank you for your replys. I think in the wardrobe or in a shoe locker is a better idea than something easily removed like a drawer. Will get down and stick it in today and thanks again for your help. Jimmy
  6. I have got my CRiS extra pack sent through last week, but I am not sure of the best place to stick the label. The instructions say it has to be easily accessible but still out of view. where do other vanners put their labels? Jimmy
  7. Used this guy for my heater earlier this year and came back very fast with everything working fine. http://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/We-Repair-Recondition-your-Carver-Cascade-Burner-Unit-/150873782923?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&var=&hash=item2320c73a8b hope you get it sorted out ok. Jimmy
  8. I found that I have enough room in my loft to lay out the panels and main awning on the rafters to dry, as this was initially a worry as we don't have a garage or shed to hang it up. Some people may not have this option though. Jimmy
  9. We also have two awnings. for weekends we stick up the porch and have it completely set up in 30 mins. for longer stays we use the full awning and as said before the more you use it the quicker you can put it up. there is no big deal in putting up a full awning just takes a bit longer but worth it for the extra space. Jimmy
  10. Next month we are spending 10 days around Cambridge, and we have two dogs. Its maybe a bit worrying as its so close to the affected area. Jimmy
  11. Last time out we went to a car boot sale and bought an old sega megadrive for a tenner. I have it all wired up to work off the battery now so next trip we will give it laldy. Jimmy
  12. Seems the jump on the op season is still with us, thought it was just throught the winter when they have nothing else to do. the op has a very valid complaint and the real moaners are the ones doing chastising. Jimmy
  13. Lovely town. enjoy your hol Jimmy
  14. Ours is 19 year old and this is our first season. Even with the unbeleavable weather we have had the caravan has been away 7 times so far and more on the way. We hope to use it more next year and will pray for some better weather. Jimmy
  15. Why not just take one spare wheel and a spare tyre on its own to save on weight. you can always get a tyre depot to put the tyre on a punctured wheel for a small cost. Jimmy
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