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  1. Alan we are up to about 40nights in our Barcelona, its a great van, no major problems. Speaker cable snapped, and some air in the Alde heating system. Things to look out for from me is a clean awning rail and some additional sealant around the shower tray. Just give it a good test before you take it away I have modded mine with 200w of PV and second 110ah battery otherwise all standard
  2. We have done over 40 nights this year in our U2 Barcelona, its a great van. Through some very cold spells and even some sunshine ! the van is very comfortable. I did exactly the same as you and became very concerned about our choice. Don't fret, this forum, like most, has its fair share of complainers, etc but Bailey wouldn't have one of the healthiest balance sheets out of the UK manufactures if they were doing it as wrong as sometimes made out. Have a great day tomorrow picking up your van and most importantly enjoy it
  3. Thanks for the advice. Ideally want 2 tv s from the digi box without trailing cables the van has 3 tv points plus the outside aerial connector. I must have a think
  4. Trying to figure out how to connect my sat dish to the freesatbox and be able to use 2 of the tv points without switching cables over. Satellite cable to outside aerial connection via a f plug adapter. And lol that's as far as I have got. This cable I assume runs to the amp in the overhead locker. Any suggestions welcome
  5. Just don't mix polycrystalline and monocrstyline etc, it needs to be the same type of panel so the flexible one may not be suitable
  6. You need to match the voltage output of both panels if you are connecting them together. Try and buy an identical panel if you can If your panels are 12 volt and your controller and batteries are 12 volt, then you would need to wire your panels in parallel- you would connect all the positive connections together and separately connect all the negatives together. You can use a MC4 parallel connector (-) PV-AZB4 for easy of install
  7. How abrupt, way to go Steve. You take time to censor, but don't have the time to let the OP even know that you have reworded their post. This again is heavy handed censorship going too far
  8. Who edited my title why ? Was it because it had the word knob in it. ? What next CT mods going to get your red pen out for recipe books, no more knobs of butter. ? No door knobs in B&Q catalogues. Etc etc C'mon get a grip, in English its called Lord Herefords Knob, Twmpa in Welsh https://www. google. co. uk/search?q=lord+hereford's+knob&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-gb&client=safari Censorship too far
  9. Chuckling as I read through these as done several my self. Right then better get off to the office, now then where did I leave the laptop? So heading off right now 1 1/4 hr drive as went to the van straight from work and decided to stash it under the front seats as didn't want to leave it in the truck overnight. Doh
  10. I asked the same question when we started caravanning nt that long ago. Cooking showering,dish washing and using the toilet as the manufacturers intended. If you use the chemicals for the loo as described then all is broken down . As said several times before why pay for it if you are not going to use it !
  11. Here is one situation Nostalgia, an old van you spent time in as a child, or with your parents who don't use it anymore,but it is still in the family.
  12. MartinandLynn what rig do you have ?
  13. Wow, amazed is all I can say. Sounds like half the people posting on here are as bad as the person who walked by someone having difficulty, without a word, even if you were physically unable to help. Shame on you and hope you don't find yourselves in a moment of need, whether its your own fault or not
  14. How much do they charge for an upgrade plate ?
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