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  1. Go for it, you won’t regret it
  2. Prices will only change next year again, if you can/want to got for it, IMO Think you will get the auto all wheel mover if you push them a bit harder, we did
  3. Happy birthday Graham Ps with a happy Buccaneer
  4. Try United British Caravans at Gosforth got ours from there excellent dealer, they are only 40 miles from Buccaneer Factory so go pick there vans up and have v good selection
  5. Buccaneer every time for us, it's not always about price, it's about what you prefer IMO
  6. Easy really buy a Cruiser lol no such issue
  7. The only way is too weigh the van unhitched, or got get the car weighed first then go back for your van, then do the maths.
  8. Our Cruiser steady as a rock, up to now, behind our Range Rover Sport
  9. I use to tow with a xc90. No problems at all, enjoy your new van and car.
  10. Our old 2016 Cruiser seems ok too.
  11. Agree dealer should sort problem on brand new van, and he should sort warranty with Elddis
  12. We love our Buccaneer Cruiser, had a few niggles nothing major, upto now, we all have had bad experience with the caravan industry, but for a change we have got a good one, All the best to everybody in there search for a good van, whatever the make.
  13. Thanks Tim for the check list, have check the van throughly and continue to do so, as I would with any product I buy. Am very sorry you had a really bad van, and hope your next van whatever it is, is everything you want. We are delighted with our Cruiser and hopefully will be for a while yet. Enjoy your new van. Cheers Simon
  14. We sold our Bessacarr Cameo 645 and bought a new Buccaneer Cruiser. Bessacarr was a great van and Couplands best dealer in the country but our Buccaneer Cruiser is far superior van, in space and equipment IMO and up to now fault Free except for a few minor niggles which I sorted myself. Enjoy your new van.
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