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  1. Because they have ranked the whole thing up over the last year (in line with everything ells of cource) Where by Pubs, Bookies and takeaways are now within there own category which means full change of use now required Planning seams to be nearly a faceless operation where a lot of my enquires go unanswered! (or even ignored) And with taking upto 12 weeks to get planning permission to leave my porter cabin on the ground after the hours of trading it would be easier to leave on a motor vihircle where they can do nothing as (the man quite rightly said) its movable I think I got the HGV thing cleared and out of the way on the other forum the gross weight dose not apply Well I am talking about a 3.5T transit van hear. But what do you think a static caravan would weigh? I wonder how easy it would be to split the caravan from the chassis/ frame making it a mobile home
  2. I think I got as far as I am going to go ells where with this one http://www.trucknetuk.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=168708 So I though I would ask the question hear as there must be loads of people that have considered towing a static caravan with there own car What I have learnt is the the maximum trailer width for a car is 2.55M. But you are allowed to have over hangs with markers light and informing the police I have seen these static caravans go for as little as 99p on ebay (but not now! https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=static+caravan&_sacat=0&_sop=1&rt=nc&LH_Auction=1) in the autumn fall as you have to tow it away your self and as I have been told you can not tow them on the road as they are to big and they must go on a lorry. But as I learnt in the above link I posted not the case! It can be any size vhircle but again as I was advised it must be an over hang and not part of the vhircle. But defining this is where dose one draw the line from welded, nut and bolt to ratchet strap? If all you want is somewhere for your customers to sit eat and drink to get round planning regulations then a towable trailer springs to mind. And that give me several options to consider 1. log porter cabin 2. office type porter cabin 3. A static caravan 4. a normal size caravan But if I want to keep the cost down to a minimum and to buy second hand that way if I pack it up in a short space of time for what ever reason then I have only lost transport costs and the listing fee costs; as opposed to half the value I paid for said container then I would look at buying an old caravan that looked tidy on the outside and did not leak but was a tip on the inside as all I will ever do is strip the inside out board up any holes with wood and shagpile it with carpet then table and chairs and fit gas heaters So what do you think? Thinking size wise the bigger the better!
  3. I have made a few enquiries about porterloo hire. I have to say I do not like the idea of porterloo little plastic units and I would prefer to buy a proper porter cabin block I have know ground worker that dig holes in 6 feet deep wet and raining full on clay and there rigger boots and completely capped up in mud and refuse to use such porter loos and only use a proper block. So asking my customers the general public to use such blocks I am not so keen I remember A while ago someone telling me at the tip they charged 130 pound a tone. If this is the case and it is indeed price per weight then I guess its good and I ant going to have that much waste I was actully thinking of parking over a sewer manhole cover
  4. No; I looked up recycling centre on the net and they tend to be listed as bottle banks ,paper, cans etc. Not where you would dispose of food waste
  5. I got someone to quote me for that thanks! but it was a collection service and quite expencive. If they was some way I could deliver it to a landfill site and pay a small fee I would do So for that to work then it would be included in the standing charge
  6. You think it will be less then business rates of a commercial premises I would presume business rates and not water rates since all business are on a meter and not a standing charge
  7. I emailed them 2 days ago but not had a responce yet Sorry forgot to say that on the application for a street traders permit that do ask for duty of care waste disposal That would make sence, but talking a big company like that. It would be very difficult as i dont see them dealing with this enquiry very often
  8. That probably a better idea then before A lot of them dont seam to be trading anymore. I dont rate much to yell.com. It was better when you got a full 2" thick book though the post There is nothing on the application form that states this what so ever! But porterloo hire companies offer a regular once a week collection so I would go with that Did I mention the idea before about opening up a foul drain manhole cover and pouring it down the sewer. has anyone tried this with there camper van. Can not see any reason why it is illegal since its a public sewer. But legal ease might pass comment hear
  9. yer went round all that. But the end goal woul be to have my own that I dont pay for the hire of
  10. No Sorry I must have goton the name of it wrong! it will be undernight a trailered porterloo I tried this, but not a lot of companies have come up https://www.yell.com/s/septic+tank+emptying-manchester.html Are they the right kind of companies I need those? would they come out and empty your tank for you?
  11. No its black and grey water from a septic tank that customers will use. Just trying to find a company that deals with this kind of thing thats all. I did an internet search for waste disposal companies in my area and emailed about 6 of them; but non of them replied!
  12. I mean where one dose not have to park for the night. I mean where you can just turn up and pay a small fee (smaller then overnight parking) Also is it legal to find a road side/ pavement sewer, take the inspection cover off and pour it down that?
  13. I have done some searching on the net and can not find anything Im looking for some kind of UK list that lists all the places you can empty your sewer tanks? Thanks
  14. Hi I am looking at running a mobile electrical setup to be powered by Leisure batteries, inverter and a generator The electrical load I will be drawing will be apox 4kWh a day (8X domestic house hold fridges for mobile catering van) and this load will run consecutively through out the night and day And the generator want to be run about twice a day idealy So can anyone recommend a size and type of battery please? And also a suitable size generator? Thanks
  15. I am sorry that the presents of my caravan where it is situated and my being on this plant has deeply disturbed you But I am sorry you are wrong as I am using the road traffic acts to justify my allowance hear (as quoted by other members) Despite what you or other say about it being private land, it is not! I have the right to walk on the land and I have the right to drive along the road that passes though the land, the rest of it is for debate which has upset a lot of members on this forum __________________________________________________________ I look forward to the reply!
  16. It is just a caravan towed by a car parked up on the road side. I am just trying to find out my rights for how long I am allowed hear. Admin comment: Expletive and challenging comment removed from your posting. We note that you have asked for advice from our forum members so please accept that is offered freely but of course you can choose not to follow that advice. And do you have anything to back this up with? Now you have just contradiction your self, as there is nothing to say parking on the road side is not allowed
  17. Thanks for your replies. my situation is as follows I have a caravan that I have been part living in that is situated on the road side on common land (that I believe) and belongs to the lowther estate. The road that passes through the land is a very rough track but according to the ordnance survey map to be some kind of other road https://www. ordnancesurvey. co. uk/doc. ..ter-legend. pdf. I have attached a map of the area where it is situated I have had a planning enforcement officer come round to have a look at it the other day and his reply in his email is as follows As discussed with you, the siting of your caravan for permanent residential purposes at the above location is an unauthorised development and represents a breach of Planning Control under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. Although you could submit an application in respect of your caravan, I must advise you that it is extremely unlikely that it would be looked on favourably. In the circumstances, I must ask you to remove the caravan and associated items from this site by 17 May 2017 at the latest. If you do not do so, the matter will be raised with the Authority’s Planning Committee along with a recommendation that Enforcement Action be considered. This could include an Enforcement Notice which would indicate the steps needed to remedy the breach along with a timescale for compliance, and could result in prosecution if you do not comply. I must also point out that similar action will be considered if you re-site the caravan on common ground elsewhere within the National Park. Dose anyone know what he means by an Enforcement Notice? Thanks
  18. Hello there Have been searching this online but been unable to find any real documented info What I would like to know are things like Would a caravan be allowed to be parked on the grass verge of a public highway attached or unattached motor vehicle and or how long for? Who owns the land next to the road? what about if this was not designated as a public highway but a public byroad or public byway? And what about laybys? Thanks
  19. MOT HGV trailers are required by la, but smaller trailer are not But the establishment will find any excuse posible to bring about more fascism so long as there is a big enough majority to belive they are doing it in there best interest
  20. There is no modal name/ number on the fridge and I can't find a manual from that link you posted So I have found the pilot inspection hole you are talking about and I did as you said "pressed the knob in and ignighted it" and yes there is a flame that appears, I held the knob in for over 2 minutes and let go and the flame went out! so the fridge dose work but there is something wrong! any ideas pleased?
  21. Hello there I have an Electrolux fridge that at a guess is mains powered/ gas On the top of the fridge are the knobs to work it. To the left hand side there is an ignighter that you press with a symbol of a finger next to it. Next to that there is a knob with 1, 2, 3 on the left hand side and 0 on the right with a symbol of a gas flame next to it. On the right hand side of the fridge there is a knob of 0 to 8 on it with a symbol of an electric current next to it and next to that there is a switch with (what looks like) mains power and then an off 0 symbol then a symbol of a battery. Not used something like this before. Dose any one know what to do please?
  22. The link you provided to the one you have dose not give a lot of power out put 2. 5KW I would of though your normal domestic and camping burners would of given out that same power out put as that. But you manage to get a 10 liter pan to near boiling point in a fast time though?
  23. That is a good idea, I will look into that later thanks Yer I can see stuff for beer brewing being done in the 25 liter quanity so that would do the job. What wattage is yours rated at and what size pan are you using and how long to boil? Thanks Shower I like your theory about comparasion to a houes hold kettles, so I guess if I want a proper one that will boil in the same time then I need a 15kW one really. But I am on a 13KG propane bottles so I guess I will never get enough gas flow from the bottle for it to work at its maximum capacity The regulators on the propane bottles in the scrap yard (what they use for gas&oxy burning) are unique I must say. If I got a larger regulator then what I am using now on my domestic cooking and heating then that may do the trick, do you have anything in mind please Thankns
  24. So I am looking for a gas cooker ring that produces the highest heat source there is on the market that can be plumbed up into my 8mm gas hose and run off my standard propane bottle (its for boiling 2 gallon of water) Any ideas please
  25. So once again another second hand carver heater on eBay has broken First the sparker goes then its the thermocoupler that stops working and no gas Well now these carver heaters are not cheep I tell myself and all these problems with it as well OK I know they are a big heater for heating a big room up and not needed that size to heat a Transit van up But I have had so many of them fail in the past that I think it is time to look at something ells Well its like the guy in the tool hire shop says; well that ones perfect proper old school there is nothing on it to go wrong, no electrics no fancy this or that So I guess I would like to purchase a small but basic gas heater that has a flue pipe out of it But finding something new with out any fancy electronics nowerdays is going to be hard work
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