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  1. I saw the coolest thing ever at a site over the Easter break. Guy next to us had some sort of motor that reversed in his caravan by remote control. .. any idea what is was or what it is called??? very relevant for mise as I can only tow forwards (not that it requires much skill, I just move the car and the caravan generally follows on) Thanks, Lola.
  2. oh I love it, it forces my family to talk! absolutely nothing to do although it does prove to me the less you do the less you want to do because even making the beds up seems like a chore after a while. Have noticed though a few people with tv's/tables/chairs/blow up sofas. ..
  3. siuire

    Piper 1100

  4. yea normal three pin plugs and it was on site running from generator.
  5. have no idea and can't find out so basically I can buy a transformer, is that right? and it will probably cost more than the caravan :-)
  6. thanks but (and try not to laugh) we have no electrics in the caravan only plug points and nothing wrote on them. ..its a really old Piper I wonder. ..
  7. Hi everyone, Hope you all had a great start to 2012????? we went to the storage area today to text the electrics on the caravan. The connection at the front was yellow and the only power in the shed was the blue connections so I was afraid to plug it in. the yellow connector states 100 - 130 what does this mean? My questions are. .. will it be ok to connect up to electricity at a caravan site? If not, what is it designed to run off? Can we get something that will convert the electric current for the campsite if its not suitable. . I have fingers, toes and everything else crossed here that this connection is fine but better to ask in advance. .. Thanks guys, Lola.
  8. siuire

    Piper 1100

    Thanks guys, really helpful. Have to admit only joined here a few months back and everyone is so helpful.
  9. siuire

    Piper 1100

    guys, any idea what size tyre/rim I need for this caravan. Have no spares, picked up a 13" but the bolt holes were different. .... Thanks Lola Ps Happy New year and happy camping for 2012 :-)
  10. Hi everyone, we are normally tent people and decided to take the plunge and buy our first caravan. We were so excited a lovely little 12 ft for towing but now have discovered that we don't have anything under the sink!! I think I need a pump water container and container for waste water from what I have read but don't know the difference between any of these and not certain what I can get away with. Also don't have a water heater etc. To make matters worse I see the seller is offering all of these extras again and I know its our own fault for not checking or asking but it would be nice to be able to trust people wouldn't it! I am looking at water waste containers and can someone tell me do they go in under the sink? also do I also put the water holder and pump under the sink too? and what is the lead I need to connect the pump to the tap??? Caravan is really old and great until we get into the swing of it but as you can imagine I don't want to put putting a lot of money into it. Really would appreciate any advise you can give. .. Thanks,
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