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  1. John, I was a little concerned when your usual departure date came and went and your blog didn't materialise. I always look forward to reading your posts over the winter and I am pleased that you have been able to get away at last. You are an inspiration to all of us who can only follow your posts and dream of making a similar journey. Have a safe trip. Steve.
  2. I have just returned home following collection of our van. One of the warranty items being fixed was the brake squeal problem. It was a 50 mile trip to our storage yard ( not that far I agree) but I am happy to report that there wasnt the slightest hint of any brake noise (fingers crossed it continues.) The brake shoes were replaced with the updated version but the drums are still the originals. Hopefully the problem is now history for us.
  3. I have never used one .....but we were at Old Oaks last summer where there is a cassette cleaning machine. I spoke to a chap who was trying to use it. His money had been taken, correct buttons pushed apparently and then that was it. It wouldn't return his cassette cleaned or otherwise. This was approx 7am and he was all set to depart for home. We both messed about a bit with various combinations of buttons pushed, but no luck. The office wasn't open at the time but he did manage to locate a staff member & I guess he was successful as he wasnt there an hour later. That aside I dont think I would use one anyway for 5 minutes effort.
  4. I believe this is part of the fix. I was told (how true I don't know) that part of the problem was caused by brake shoes that had a high metal content.
  5. Hope you sort your problem. Our friends Vigo has been looked at twice to deal with the problem and I believe the last time 'Copperslip' or similar was used. It worked for a couple of days .
  6. Not sure what modifications you've had done to your van, but our year old Unicorn Cadiz S4 is back at the dealers at the moment for a brake fix along with a couple of other snags. Apparently it is having new drums and shoes fitted. Our brakes havent squeaked or squealed as bad as others have ( like our friends Vigo) but we were told that there is now a recall for the work to be done.
  7. Thanks again. Hopefully the good inspection applies to all dealers - although mine are aware of my concerns and a note made, along with a couple of other snag list items. Our brakes have squeaked/squealed intermittently so hopefully they will also be fixed.
  8. Glad to hear that your axle is ok. Our S4 Cadiz will have its first service the end of next month. I have been concerned with the apparent lack of clearance but, fingers crossed, I may have been worrying unecessarily.
  9. Or these? https://leisurelines. net/mains-inlet-90deg-blue-cee-connection-lead-socket-3772-p. asp
  10. Surely another year hasn't gone by already . ....... ? Glad to see that your ferry crossing & first stop went ok and hopefully the rest of your trip to your destination will be equally stress free. Im looking forward reading your blog again over the winter as food for thought for a possible future jaunt for us. Always very interesting. Safe journey. Steve.
  11. I have been following your unfortunate axle problems and I am concerned as we have a S4 Cadiz which we collected new in Jan 2018. I realise the 'hand between the tyre' measure is never going to be scientific ( as all hands are different) but it is certainly a guide. I visited the van today and on the nearside my hand was a sliding fit up to the back of the palm & no further. On the offside I could get a sliding but tighter fit up to approx the second finger joint. I measured the gaps on our last trip out 2 weeks ago as: Nearside - to plastic wheelarch 18mm. To bottom of wheelbox 35mm. Offside - to plastic wheelarch 15m. To bottom of wheelbox 35mm.
  12. Thanks for the info update. I will try & source the mesh and fit it before our next outing.
  13. Thanks for the pics of the mesh. Is it fixed or a loose, pressure fit? I will try something similar on our van.
  14. I have considered the possibility of fixing something that allows heat out but prevents stuff getting stuck again but couldn't work out the best way of fixing it in place. Any advice re this would be great unless it is just a pressure fit? Thanks.
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