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  1. Thank you so much for those replies. I will now order the replacements (from primaleisure). Thanks again.
  2. Hello Please could one of the helpful people on this forum advise me as to how I replace the catches on the blinds in my Unicorn Seville caravan. they have mostly broken. They are just grey bits of plastic that keep the blind and the flyscreens together. Bailey part number 1230215 I believe. I cannot see how to remove the broken bits and don't know how to fit the new ones if I buy them?? many thanks.
  3. do you leave the fridge switched onto the 12v supply and if so does this flatten the battery after 32 hours??
  4. Hello We are going to Spain for the first time with our caravan. I'm not sure what to do about the fridge on the ferry as it takes more than 24 hours?? Any advice or tips would be much appreciated, what do other people with more experience do?? Many Thanks.
  5. Thank you very much for the information.
  6. Hello We will be in northern Spain early September. Can anyone offer any advice about seeing some of the Vuelta which I understand is happening at the same time. We were hoping to see some of it on the 7th and 8th. Any tips or information would be much appreciated. Many thanks.
  7. thanks everyone John the bike cave looks brilliant. I'm going to start with a cheap waterproof cover and graduate to a bike cave if necessary. The bikes do sometimes get wet when we ride (but not for too long if I can help it!) However if it rains overnight it doesn't do the gears, chains and other moving parts much good. Thanks again.
  8. Hello How do you keep your bikes dry when on a caravan site? I think I am looking for some advice on some sort of bag or cover? Thanks
  9. A few weeks ago whilst travelling the flyscreen/ blind in the shower fell off as 2 of the lugs broke. In falling down it hit the wall and caused a split. So check your shower blinds/fly screens as they are cheaper than a new shower wall. Interestingly when we took it in for repair we were told splits in the shower wall are a common problem and the cause is likely tobesun damage. This wasn't the case for us but we usually keep the van under cover. We were told to keep the blind closed if it is ever stored in covered. This was news to us. I pass it on for others to consider.
  10. It seems splits in the shower walls are a common problem. We are having ours replaced this week by the dealer I hope they do a good job. They said we should keep the blind closed when the van is not in use to eliminate sun damage.
  11. The offending part was a stem elbow connector which was easily replaced after removing the screws. Well it was fiddly but otherwise straightforward. Thanks for the help.
  12. thanks for the reply Tomorrow I will take out the screws into the floor so that I can pull back the pipe and see if that fixes the problem.
  13. hello Please can anyone help. The water connector to the boiler in my 2011 bailey unicorn is leaking. It is very difficult to get at. it sits next to the boiler joining the pipe from the drain down valve to the boiler. I can see a whale push fit connector on the pipe but I don't know what the other end looks like as it goes into the boiler, it can't be a standard elbow joint with 2 push fit connectors. Does anyone know what I need to buy as a replacement? Can anyone advise as to how I set about replacing the offending item? It looks as if I will have to undo the 2 screws into the floo
  14. Because I don't have one and I want to use the van. Also they seem to cost nearly £50.
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