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  1. Perhaps when we get out of EU the parts will be manufactured in the UK, where then there will be no excuse for poor quality control.
  2. Instructions says just pull out. I found when I changed some in a previous caravan I had to grip them to pull out with long nosed pliers.
  3. No there is a picture of the lamp with the two fixing screws removed with cover off, just showing pulling the bulb out. There is no make shown on the picture. As you own a Swift caravan why not join the Swift Talk forum
  4. Do you belong to Swift Talk forum. If so go on there and there is a section with useful information on it . One section is showing how to change bulbs in different lamps. I have found links to Swift have not worked on here before as there is a bit of animosity between this forum and Swift since Swift set up their own forum.
  5. click on this link section 2-7 shows how. https://www.swift-Talk.co.uk/image/img/module/jrCore/file_type_pdf.png?skin=SwiftTalk&v=1559727287
  6. To get a decent shower pressure you need to change to a Shurflo onboard pump as Swift now fit. The sucking noise you can hear is the non return valve leaking back. Probably scaled up but easier to just change it. Shurflo will give you 20 or 30 psi depending which model you choose.
  7. Take the tap off and unscrew the bottom to allow the spout to pull off .There are two silicon seals which are available from Caravan Components web site.
  8. As Stevan's post, look inside caravan behind battery box for a 20 amp fuse. Ours is at floor level. I have had ours come apart but fuse OK. Now strapped together tightly with a cable tie so cannot happen again.
  9. We had a new 2001 Europa 500 and when new was supplied with pump hook up lead and step. When traded in our dealer said he would have the pump to supply new customer but he always supplied a new hook up lead and step. He did not want the old ones as supplying new covered him under health and safety regulations.
  10. Caravans do not come with a battery from new but second hand, dealer should be supplying water pump and electric hook up lead. These are basics.
  11. As above post this has been mentioned on Swift Talk forum and does not affect the seal underneath.
  12. If it has not has already been uprated it can be increased another 96 kg. This has to be done via a Swift dealer at the cost of £50 +vat. This covers cost of a new weight plate and certificate.
  13. Yes they are a sealed unit bonded to the side of the caravan. You will probably find if you try to part the lens from the body it will break resulting in need for new lamp anyhow. Remove the old lamp from side of caravan with a cheese cutting wire.
  14. Personally I will not use a waterline. If you leave the caravan and do not turn the site supply tap off you always have the risk of flooding if a pipe connection parts under pressure. I prefer and Aquaroll with a float valve and whenever leaving the caravan just switch the pump off above the door when leaving. No chance then of any leaking whilst away.
  15. Whether running on gas, mains or 12 volt when towing you need the black button on the consumer unit pressed in for the control side to work. If the button is in and the 20amp fuse behind the battery box is OK check fuses in fuse box on consumer box. Another thing to look for if they are all OK remove bottom grill outside and you should see at the bottom a white connector. Make sure this is connected as I had ours come apart. I reconnected and put a cable tie round it to stop it happening again.
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