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  1. The bracket on the vertical slider rail twist to unlock. Alter angle an then tighten agin
  2. I have towed with Sorento self levelling and now with Santa fe non levelling. The Sorento and Santa fe are built in the same floor pan and suspension as each other. I have been towing caravans for 47 years now and having towed the same caravan with levelling and non levelling cannot tell a scrap of difference. Many people have posted that when self levelling shocks have failed they have fitted Peddars conversion non levelling due to price difference,with no I'll effects.
  3. Habitation relay will not stop fridge from working as has no connection to it. You need to remove lower outside grill and locate connector. With engine running check voltage to fridge. If volts are 13 v or higher the fault will either be the circuit board or the 12 v element.
  4. The Celebration is a Sport dealer special. It will have better seating and upholstery and cushions. Also it will have extras such as extractor fan, burglar alarm,solar panel,Alko wheel lock and jack which not is fitted compared to the standard Sport model. Ours is a dealer special.
  5. We have had 8 Swift caravans over the last 47 years and they have been in differing places on different years and models. Either in top of wardrobe or in the bottom underneath a plywood bottom to wardrobe. Inside a floor level cupboard or inside a seating locker.
  6. Another for Hankooks have them on caravan and cars
  7. Have you checked the 20 amp fuse inside the caravan behind the battery box as if blown charger cannot charge the battery.
  8. You can click on web site and put in basket so presumably still available. This is the model i. fitted to my friends 2006 model directly plugged in,
  9. Also check internally all around at just above floor level with damp meter. This is the year a batch were made and the lower awning skirt rail not sealed properly as panel aluminium had been cut short, and just relied on sealant. Water got in and rotted the framework.
  10. Sargent to a direct replacement for £115 that plugs straight in existing.
  11. Although your charger is on you need to check the battery voltage with a test meter. If the voltage is low it will not open the gas valve and ignite flame.
  12. Friend has one on motor home but does not use it as steps more often than not to high if pitches are not dead level. Bought a double Milenco step in plastic which they take with them. Did not use fitted step on previous motorhome either.
  13. Just Google caravan towing services you will find several.
  14. Inside caravan you should find at floor level behind battery box a 20amp fuse check this has not blown.
  15. He already has internal and looking to change to external.
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