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  1. Have you taken the bracket off. May be make stamped on the back of it.
  2. If the fault is not the actual charger is the leisure battery connected up correctly or has the battery failed and taking to much current. ie cells failed. What is the battery voltage before switching charger on.
  3. Your best hope of a set would be caravan breakers such as SFM breakers. 01422384508
  4. I would think it more likely the switch the problem unless a loose connection behind it. Have you removed the light and checked.? If you do need to replace which I would think very unlikely as it should be repairable this will be a Swift dealer only to obtain for you as the unit is Swift precific. We have the same lamp in our caravan.
  5. The recall is for 2017 models with the angle bracket fixing bulkhead to sidewall screws coming loose. I have read on Swift Talk of a case of Swift floor and side wall parting but this was in Australia.
  6. You should of had one with caravan. Did you not buy it new. Should be stored in narrow cupboard between shower and entrance door. Have a look on Ebay often see them advertised. Or try SFM caravan breakers Bradford 01422384508
  7. They are bulbs not LEDs. Can't remember which seller but on Ebay. This was 4 years ago. But your picture shows a Led so someone has previously changed them from bulbs.
  8. They are bulbs and got some from Ebay.
  9. When you set it,the awning light comes on for about 2 minutes then goes off again. When using fob low level orange lights flash
  10. This has happened on a few Swift caravans and is subject of a warranty recall.
  11. If the tapped seams are lifting and black marks this is a sure sign of damp. The most likely place for this is coming in from awning rai In first instance I would Talk to seller and if no offer to rectify it will need to be done by yourself or get a mobile caravan engineer to sort it for you. As regards floor it will need a close inspection underneath for possible water damage there.
  12. The warranty for window has long expired as caravan is now 5 years old. Just Google Swift caravan warranty 2012 to 2016 and this also only applies to condition ofcaravan being serviced annually.
  13. If the power supply connector on switch has corroded or come off. neither switch will work. You need to remove switch unit and check you have voltage on this connector.
  14. If the doors have been left open over winter the have probably distorted with moisture in the air.
  15. As the Swift warranty was void when you purchased it I presume the dealer gave you some warranty. There never has been a recall on the caravans, but some did have the problem as other manufactures also have had. If your dealer warranty has expired and Swift offer a goodwill to supply a new panel I would grab it as a new panel alone is around £2500.
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