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  1. If the power supply connector on switch has corroded or come off. neither switch will work. You need to remove switch unit and check you have voltage on this connector.
  2. If the doors have been left open over winter the have probably distorted with moisture in the air.
  3. As the Swift warranty was void when you purchased it I presume the dealer gave you some warranty. There never has been a recall on the caravans, but some did have the problem as other manufactures also have had. If your dealer warranty has expired and Swift offer a goodwill to supply a new panel I would grab it as a new panel alone is around £2500.
  4. This problem arrose with Windows around 2009 which bowed whilst towing. Ours bowed at 40 MPH I could see it in my mirror. Window was replaced twice under warranty, but the second window was a modified version to prevent this happening. This problem I have not seen posted about since on any of the forums especially on the Swift Talk one.
  5. Does the display light up? If not probably the contacts on the front panel not making contact. If OK get the removal tools and slide in each side and pull it out and check connections on back and aerial connection. You don't say what year the caravan is,but if it has the aerial on the side of the caravan is it fully extended? These aerials have a built in amplifier which is fed from a wire at back of radio if memory is correct Blue colour. Check this is OK. These aerials are known to fail and need replacing. If the problem is the actual radio set it is cheap to replace as only a bog standard car radio.
  6. We had the same problem when we had a Bailey. Cured it adding magnetic catches. We have had 11 caravans over 47 years and the only caravan we have ever had the problem was the one and only Bailey. Other manufacturers seem to fit catches that actually click on the closed position.
  7. You only have to look on dealers sales areas with dozens of new motorhomes standing unsold, and with the price reductions up to £6000 is not attracting sales.
  8. Try O'Leary or Magnum motorhomes as they stock parts for self build projects and factory surplus parts.
  9. If between panes as above post or leave plugs out while sun dries them out. If condensation on inside of caravan leave windows on the first catch to allow air to circulate.
  10. Many years ago at Billing Aquadromes Landrover weekend several external pumps went missing. Surprise surprise the following morning one of the stall holders had lots of secondhand ones on their stall for sale.
  11. I think there is more to this than we are being told. If the design of the caravan was at fault there would be lots of this model with a problem and we do not hear of them. The poster has been posting on Swift Talk and a lot has been said which could lead to lead to court actions. He has been advised to seek legal help and not slag off on forums. His posts have now been removed by Swift.
  12. Instead of replacing mine i put these on and does two jobs covers rusty heads and also gives visual indication of bolts tight. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_nkw=wheel bolt indicators
  13. We had our first dealer special 36 years ago and are still buying dealer specials to the present day. Admittedly you can have all the extras fitted but you will not get the uprated seats and upholstery which we get with our dealers specials, and comfort is a number one with us.
  14. The bracket on the vertical slider rail twist to unlock. Alter angle an then tighten agin
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