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  1. Yes had a look at both Via Michelin and Google map, both offer 3 routes basically A3, A7 and A61 via Munich. Was wondering which is the least congested to use. Was just going to use ACSI book as basically only overnight stops.
  2. Hi We intend to travel from Rotterdam to Croatia (Istria) beginning of September, as the topic says I am looking for advice as the best route (motorways) and suggested stop overs, comfortable with 250 to 300 miles per day. Thanks in anticipation Walter
  3. Hi Thanks for the replies, a little food for thought. I was looking at Camping Playa Arenillas at Islares around 60Km from Santander, the downside to the dates when we arrive is that it Easter holidays so I anticipate having to book. Looked at Virgen del Mar, however it appears that you can not book in advance, which may be an issue at Easter. What is the suitability of service stations in Spain for stopping for 1 to 2 hours with the caravan. Walter
  4. Hi Arriving into Santander at 1730 heading over to the med, probably around Tarragona or Valencia areas not decided weather dependent in late April. So I am looking for suggestions as to a night halt 1 to 2 hours from Santander on a Saturday night 20th April. (Caravan so will probably need a site close to the motorways.) Walter
  5. Hi MAZ99 I have a 2016 X3 and was not happy with the way the milenco grand aero's fitted so I purchased a pair of EMUK towing mirrors model specific for the car. They were not cheap but are the best fitting with no vibration mirrors I have owned. You have made a good choice. Walter
  6. I think you are correct Thank you IanV8 not sure how you mixed up.
  7. Thanks Moorgate very useful picture, it gives another option if arriving later in the day.
  8. In reply to Moorgate. I tend to agree the sites don't matter very much as there is no need to specifically choose them in advance it was to get a list of two or three sites around the distance we towed for the day. If after 250 miles we fell we can go on for another 50 miles and we were confident that we knew of some sites there we would go on. The quality of the site is not really more important than the location as the site is the means to an end somewhere to park and put the head down for the night. In reality the post was to get a list of sites that I knew I could use on the journey down with a degree of confidence that they were near the motorway. I will also be using the ACSI 2018 part 1 book. Quite interested in the concept of the Autohof at Vipiteno and would like to hear comments from people who have used similar autohofs.
  9. Hi As the heading says we are travelling from Rotterdam to Lake Garda via the Brenner pass. A61, A6, A5 and A8 through Germany in May returning early June I am intending to take 4 days covering around 350 Km on the first 3 days, staying around Bolzano (Italy A22) on night 3. I am looking for site suggestions from people who have done a similar journey. Main requirement is closeness to the motorway and cheap fuel. a bonus would be to stay hooked up. Also suggestions for the return journey. A list of caravan friendly service stations would also be nice to have. I have just booked the Hull to Rotterdam ferry going out and returning on a Saturday night for half the asking price of the Newcastle to Amsterdam ferry. Regards Walter
  10. Hi Considering visiting Lac de Sainte-Croix in September. Journeying from Calais south via Lyon, however the possible routes are A7 and A51, or A48 and A51 via Grenoble. What is the best route if towing a caravan. Regards Walter
  11. Thanks for all the information at present the La Francilienne is looking the best bet particularly for a Sunday morning in September. now need to pick your brains for campsite on the Calais side of Charles de Gaulle airport just off the A1.
  12. Hi Thanks for the contributions, one of the reasons I posted was that I was of several minds as to what route to take, bite the bullet and spend on the eastern toll roads via Reims, Troyes, Dijon, Lyon, Montpellier and along the coast or via Paris A71/75 or via Calais, Abbeville, Rouen, Evreux, Dreux, Chartres, Orleans, Vierzon onto the A71/75. It appears very much a personal choice, and as yet I need to sit down with Google Map and look closely at the routes. I potentially have just over 3 weeks holiday and want to be on site at Perpignan for at least 15 nights. So once again thanks but keep the options coming.
  13. Hi We have a 2016 SB, and have used the Isabella Magnum, it ended up covering the edge of the front window due to the tightness of the door to window, however it also covered the rear window also preventing opening. I have just purchased a Kampa ace air 400 which should just clear the rear window if I have gotten my measurements correct. When up the magnum didn't mark the windows it just prevented me from opening the window on my side of the van at night. The space at the door is tight and it may be a squeeze not to have the side over the edge of the window. Hope this helps.
  14. Hi We may need to change the crossing from Portsmouth to the Euro tunnel, we are going down to Perpignan. If we were to go around Paris it would be around 1030 on a Sunday morning, would the peripherique be okay at that time of day, Google Map takes me around the Southern route. Viamichelin suggests A16 then A86 around Paris which looks the better route. I am looking for some advice from others who have travel via Paris to get to the south.
  15. Hi I re-plated my 2016 clubman SB to 1500Kg, in my opinion it was worthwhile as I now have 195Kg to play with, which can still be difficult. I have just been looking at my weight spreadsheet and said to the wife that the caravan is close to going on a diet. For example battery, motor mover and second gas bottle add 65Kg just for the 3 items.
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