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  1. I am fairly certain all "08" numbers piggy back on a normal land line number and are not individual stand alone numbers. This is what happened when we ran a business.
  2. The number 0871 9642113 piggy backs onto a normal land line number with area code so it is a matter of finding out that normal land line number.
  3. On the Mondeo you have a cruise control and a separate control for speed limiter which once set prevents you exceeding that speed if you press down on the accelerator. If you "boot" it, the limiter is over riden.
  4. I give up on Lutz who is always right although he is wrong, but maybe I should have added the words "B licence" which is what the thread is all about anyway!
  5. Thank you Ian as you have probably put it across better than me. I had this feature on my 2010 Mondeo and I think it was situated on the lower right hand spoke of the wheel. I cannot remember if it kept the same speed on a downhill though.
  6. Read my post Lutz "The regulation revolves around maximum gross weight therefore 3500kg minus maximum gross weight to determine MTPLM of caravan that can be towed" which is perfectly correct. Every one else understands it, but as a foreigner even less familiar with the English language than me, we will forgive you this once!!
  7. The limiter on the Mondeo governs the speed and if you set it to 30mph you cannot exceed that speed unless you boot it and it then over rides. With manual and most automatic cars if you need to slow down on a descent all you do is flick it into a lower gear and let the engine act as a brake. I don't think there is any cruise control that keeps a car at a steady speed on a descent which is why they like to trap at the bottom of hills! We are quite happy to toodle along towing at 56mph as it saves fuel and when solo at about 75mph as no rush to get anywhere most times. However where pos
  8. Statement from Safeguard is a bit confusing unless you have worded it wrong or I am misunderstanding it. What if you are on site and your caravan rolls away or catches fire and damages another car or caravan? Would the caravan insurance 3rd party liability kick in?
  9. An update. previously on changing a battery we never had contact from Phantom however when we changed the battery last week while the alarm was de-activated we received an alert. Seems now that if the battery is removed even if alarm is off, you get the alert.
  10. I agree but the smoke alarm in the caravan doesn't.
  11. Don't you normally have two types of contents cover for a caravan? I think with the CC we have about £3000 contents cover and £500 personal cover. Personal cover being the lowest as our home contents cover covers personal stuff, but not TV or Sky Digibox.
  12. When we looked at doing this, we found that the weight of the vinyl was a lot more than the carpet in the caravan. I guess a lot depends on the thickness of the carpet in the caravan as some caravans have carpet as thin as the cloth on a billiard table.
  13. On some of our A roads who in their right mind wants to do more 50mph will all the bumps and potholes in the road the caravan will be shaken to pieces?
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