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  1. Thanks everyone! Very interesting and making me so envious!! Please keep up the Reports - and Enjoy Your Holidays!
  2. e-mail Knaus - use Google to translate it into German, Quote your model ID number.... and they'll reply.
  3. We have a GO1 x3 with the 3 litre diesel engine - I only tow 1500kg - and it's superb! .... But remember - EMUK mirrors are essential!
  4. I asked the question in German - as politely as possible!
  5. Hi I e-mailed Knaus - it's 236watts (1.03amps at 230v) for the Starclass 480 - probably more for a Big'un!
  6. And sadly Andrew James is no more - Liquidation alas - we had some great products from them over the 2 short years that they were trading...
  7. 17...... ah yes, 1963 - I'd saved up £17 and 10 shillings to buy a 1946 Morris 8 Series E - side valve - 8hp and complete with a leaking (sun) roof ...... just like a modern caravan!
  8. Hi Cosy Yes - we've had the same problem - PCB failed the the first time 1 week into an 8 week holiday to France and Spain (and nothing could be done by Dealer, Red Pennant or Dometic until we returned to UK - even though Dometic could have posted a replacement as it's so easy to change!) - we're now the owners of a 240v/12v Coolbox! Dometic's local dealer changed the PCB soon after we returned home. . . .. . The replacement PCB lasted 20 days - back came the Dometic engineer with another new PCB - that was duff out of the box! - luckily he carried more than 1 - the replacement replacement worked! And it's still working 2 years on (all fingers crossed!) So it's not an unknown problem down Dometic way. . . ..
  9. Thanks ascsbe - found it! I've printed out the PDF to take with me (with the BF ticket!) Pabst
  10. Err . .... can't seem to find Riva Bella in the 2017 ACSI book - perhaps they haven't joined afterall?
  11. Hi Blackpool Belle - the 3 euro charge is for p & p - it's mentioned in the contract . ..... We all had to pay it! Pabst
  12. Thanks Brecon, well van needs a service in April so will get it done then. The van is in storage at site throughout year will get local service here to complete. Hi Journeyman - did you get the hinge fixed? - and what caused the problem? Did they say? Pabst
  13. My 2014 model Avante was also manufactured with the necessary supports built in, the (Fiama) cycle rack was listed on the manufacturer's Price List - but was available to be Dealer Fitted. I can only say as I find - both the BPW chassis and the manufacturer's supports would surely have been considered as suitable for purpose before their approval - and as I stated in my earlier reply, I cannot detect any difference in the caravan's towing characteristics over the 18 months since we bought it (towing 4288 miles without the bike and 5236 miles with the bike on the rack). But I've only been towing for 35 years and I've never had a snake either . ...... something to do with matching the outfits, loading sensibly and driving sensibly I suppose - or perhaps I'm just lucky? - hope my luck continues for another 35 years! Pabst
  14. Hi Darren, We have one fitted to our 2014 Avante 460 (we had the weight upgrade) - and I only carry 1 lightweight Claud Butler road bike (13. 5Kg approx). The c'van is on the BPW chassis and has always been an easy tow - no difference with or without the bike. Pabst
  15. We've had 2 of these fail now - the first after 1 week of an 8 week holiday to France & Spain (not condusive to luxurious Mediteranean Caravanning!) and the second after 2 days before the end of a 3 week holiday in Wales (on gas this time). Anyone else had a similar problem - or are we just very unlucky! Pabst
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