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    2012 Bailey Unicorn Valencia
  1. Hi I have the very same problem in my Valencia 1. May I ask where you got the replacement plastic wall from, thanks.
  2. Interesting video on Baileys website now showing the new unicorn
  3. I notice there is what looks like a join in the roof, also can be seen from the inside on the ceiling near the bathroom is this due to the new rounded shape at the back.
  4. Looks like a gloss finish on the cabinets if the reflection is anything to go by
  5. I tow a Unicorn Valencia with a 2007 auto Santa Fe, 7 seat version with self levelling suspension. It is a brilliant tow car. Pulls the van like its not there, I've towed with manual cars in the past and I personally prefer the auto box. Car is totally reliable, I've had it for 4 years and maintained full dealer service. I think the cam belt or chain is changed around 100,000 I'm not there yet as its only done 64,000. I think the 2010 versions had a slightly different engine, but from what I have read its even better than the 2007 version. My MPG when towing is between 25 to 28 mpg and I have had in excess of 40mpg solo. Santa Fe would get my vote.
  6. Hi Just an update and Dreadly well done you were bang on. Just had the tow bar fitters out, different guy, the tow bar wires had not been tied up properly and had melted to the exhaust. All sorted now and obviously no charge. But yet again it just shows how careful and vigilant you have to be with the 'professionals'. Thank you to all for your help. Ian
  7. I would like to see a timber free floor and keep the pricing on par with current models, I think this would give Swift a bit of a scare.
  8. Many thanks for the replies I have checked the plugs and all seems OK. I must admit I had been connecting with the ignition on but not anymore. Just to add to the mystery the 20amp fuse has blown while driving solo with no effect on the indicators on the car, so I'm thinking a wiring problem within the car. The electrics were fitted in 2011, a dedicated system, and all has been great up to now. I think it may be time to get them back out to check it. Unless I'm missing something obvious. Could I have damaged something by connecting with the engine running? Ian
  9. Hi My Santa Fe keeps blowing the tow bar fuses namely the Charging 15amp and Canbus 20amp system when the caravan, a 2012 Valencia, is connected causing the caravan indicators and rear of car indicators to fail. When I change the fuses they work for a while before blowing again. Nothing else seems to be affected. Any ideas would be welcomed. Thanks Ian
  10. Check the fuse box in the caravan, on my unicorn there is a 15 amp fuse labelled car, when I took this out while hooked up to the car ( I was checking for a related problem), the ATC went off.
  11. Hi Thanks for the input. I changed the fuses and ran without air con and all was ok. So off to A/C guy on Monday to see what the problem is. Ian
  12. Hi Thanks for the replies. The mystery continues. I thought I had solved it, 2 fuses on the dedicated electrics in the car had blown, I replaced and all indicators worked perfectly. However when towing today there was a whirring whistling sound followed by rattles etc coming from the car, and the indicator fault reappeared. I have tracked the noises to the air conditioning, not sure what the problem is, could be compressor, but the same fuses on the dedicated electric circuit have blown again. I can only assume some sort of power spike, due to the air con fault, but that's where my guesses run out. Will get it checked out. Any further thoughts? Ian
  13. Hi all When I connect up to the car ( Santa Fe with dedicated electrics) the indicators on my Valencia S1 do not work, but all the other lights do work. I've also noticed that the rear indicators on the car are also not operating until I disconnect the 13 pin plug, then they do. I have checked fuses, bulbs and the plugs, but cannot see any obvious signs of the problem. The car front indicators flash very quickly, as giving a warning of bulb failure. It all worked perfectly when I last towed, which was in February. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ian
  14. We had this problem in our 2012 Valencia. We noticed it the first day we picked it up, it went back to bailey for about 4 weeks. I have no idea what they did but the bubbles had gone and have never reappeared. I'm sure I have read others having this problem too so maybe the dealers have a fix now. It was clearly a problem that Bailey wanted to sort out. Hope you get it sorted. Ian
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