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  1. Thanks for all your advice on this. We returned home at the weekend set everything up the same and everything worked perfect. We contacted the cl and the water is supplied via a borehole so they are checking the supply but I don’t know if anything could cause the problem. I did notice that the pump hose had a slimy feel to it when removing it even though it was being taken out every day.
  2. Yes tried direct connection to mains and all works but that just tests pipes and taps at higher pressure and not the ic and pump at normal pressure so still doesn’t rule out any electrical problems. Thanks for help.
  3. I’ve tried two new pumps and changed all the o rings. Only managing by opening the taps for a few seconds at a time. The shower works for longer by opening the sink tap at the same time. Thanks for all suggestions.
  4. Thanks I have fitted new o rings and non return valve with no joy. Pump is only sat in the barrel so how can air enter. I wondered if new ic unit has been damaged some way. I can’t contact dealer they have closed for 3 week due to covid.
  5. I did they have been very helpful but couldn’t come up with any other ideas that I hadn’t tried.
  6. Hi we’ve had it from new with no previous water system problems.
  7. I wondered if anyone has had this problem. It’s a 2018 coachman VIP the water system fills up and bleeds ok but after running either hot or cold taps after about 20seconds the pump appears to speed up and flow stops. You then have to disconnect pump from van and remove air the pump will then restart but the same happens again. Tried new pump contacted whale sent ic controller which appeared to cure the problem for a short while but then the problem returned.
  8. That all seems a little extreme surely if it was that bad you could reject the caravan and have your money back.
  9. Junglejim. That’s the same as is we’ve had a few issues as well and are fed up. We had ordered a new VIP and went to look at it on delivery to the dealers and found several marks and scratches on the bodywork and as we’d had paint problems on our current van we rejected it and had deposit back. So thought it’s time for a change, sadly I think the finished product is not always good with any of the manufacturers. Good luck
  10. I’m thinking of changing our 2018 460 VIP for a Swift 480 Elegance having only owned Coachmen’s has anyone got experience of a change similar to this.
  11. Coachy


    Hi I’m thinking of changing from our 3rd Coachman 460 VIP for a new 480 Elegance having never owned a Swift I’m looking for any advice on the swap.
  12. After waiting 5 months it’s disappointing that a caravan can’t be delivered to the dealer without damage or faults ! We’ve also found that paint repairs can show later.
  13. We have recently been to our dealer to check over our factory fresh 460 VIP prior to motor mover being fitted and found a couple of scratches on paintwork a small dent above the fridge grille and rough paint on panel behind the entrance door ! We were really disappointed to find these faults as we were told it had only been built on 5th June and came straight from the factory so down to poor QC and as we had paint problems on our previous 2018 VIP we decided to opt for a return of our deposit the dealer was happy to do that as they could not source another van.
  14. I'm thinking of purchasing a 65 reg Volvo xc69 r design lux nav awd automatic 2. 4 d4 and would like to hear any comments from anyone with experience of this car. At the moment I have a Kia Sportage which has performed well towing our coachman pastiche 460/2. I know the r design has a stiffer chassis and suspension but don't know if that would effect solo comfort adversely. Also is the Volvo towbar on the r design ok with the Al-Ko stabiliser coupling. I
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