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  1. Is the awning switch not on the panel above the entrance door, along with the water pump switch, main power switch etc? It was on my Clubman and my current Delta.
  2. I switch the blind spot system off on my Sorento. It is bound to be compromised as the radar it uses is in the rear wings and the front of the van will constantly activate it. I have no problems with the lane warning system, which operates as normal when towing. I have no idea about the fridge as I don't activate it when towing. I have a Tow Trust detachable towbar fitted by a local specialist.
  3. simon100

    DAB Radio

    Marquis have one for sale which has a 'digital radio' in the specification.
  4. I had one of these go in my Delta. It was diagnosed as the wiring loom; dodgy connections and a known problem. Have a play with the wiring, if you can access it, before trying to replace the lights. You could try seeing if there is power reaching the light if you have a multimeter.
  5. The reviews on Techmoan are excellent. http://www. techmoan. com
  6. I had a Westfalia detachable tow bar fitted to my 175bhp AWD Sport in 2013. I used a local fitter in Stockport and they attached it to the canbus. It cost me £510. If Mazda had fitted it they would have used the same firm and then added their own profit margin.
  7. When you order the towbar make sure that you specify that you have an Alko stabilizer and need the appropriate tow ball. If it is a detachable towbar I think that most, if not all, are compatible. If the software needs updating then the garage should do that as part of the fitting. I think that the software on my CX5 was updated but can't remember for sure. It is unusual for Mazda to be able to fit a tow bar for less than a specialist fitter. Are you comparing like for like?
  8. Yes. This is how I have my TV working at Cirencester. As above, you will need some adapters depending upon what connector the bollard offers.
  9. My clubman had a black tube with a brass plug at the rear in the middle. My Delta has the same underneath the near side rear window.
  10. In my 2016 TS there are two switches to the left of the door (as you look out of the caravan) under the bottle holders, one is for the illuminated grab handles and the other the ceiling lights. There are two switches next to the spot light under the cupboard to the right of the door which operate the mood lighting and two square lights in the corners. There are two switches near the sink, one for the sink mood lighting and the other the outside light over the battery box.
  11. What car and what caravan? My Sorento does not need an increase in pressure my Mondeo suggested an increase but it towed perfectly well without. My Lunar Clubman was 54psi, my Lunar Delta is 45psi. Check your manual or search on line.
  12. Three Lunars in the past 6 years and no major problems, yet! Few owners post on forums and it is usually only those with a problem that complain. You really see a post commenting positively on any caravan. Therefore you are reading the concerns of only a small percentage of owners.
  13. My last three vans have been Lunars. A Quasar, followed by a Clubman and now a Delta TS. I have been very happy with them all. The Delta has had a new Truma water inlet, due to overtightened screws cracking the inlet (a common fault if you read other threads) but no other major issues. Check for hairline cracks in the plastic surrounding screws securing external lockers etc. The Delta is very comfortable and very well equipped. It tows very well.
  14. The CX5 is a great towcar. I had the manual version of your model. Twin axles are more stable than single axles. As above, the 85% ratio is only a recommendation and considered outdated by many given modern driving and towing aids.
  15. On my third lunar in the past 6 years and all have been reliable. Some minor snagging issues but nothing major. I find that they are well built, comfortable and, in my opinion, better designed than Bailey. Why worry about 85%? It is just a recommendation. Both clubs state that up to 100% is fine for experienced towers.
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