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  1. Greasbyite

    Challenger Electrics

    have you tried operating the test button on the distribution board, mine only works if mains is getting to the master switch ?
  2. A search for "Repsol gas in UK" came up with one or two, thanks Val
  3. Greasbyite

    Fridge door

    We arrived home to find the fridge door on the floor. I filled the void where the hinge pin goes with Evo Stik repair putty, leaving the pin (suitably oiled ) in where it will need to end up. It has worked ok for 2 years
  4. Greasbyite

    Drain valve constantly letting small stream of water out

    If my drain valve is pushed slightly beyond being horizontal then water trickles out. Alan
  5. Greasbyite

    Northern Spain

    I used Camping Orio at Orio and stayed for a week in April using ACSI, it was €17/n. The reception staff were excellent. It is a flat walk of about 20mins to the village. There is a large Eroski supermarket in nearby Zarautz in the back streets. The campsite at Zarautz is up hill to the east of the town though I did not visit it.
  6. Greasbyite

    Perran Sands (Haven) Info please

    The Euro pitches are to the bottom left of the picture at about "7. 00 O'clock" to the left of the row of white blobs
  7. Greasbyite

    Perran Sands (Haven) Info please

    We stopped there for 10 days in September and were on a large grass pitch. The water taps and waste water point are shared between about 20 pitches. I looked at the Euro pitches and it seemed a squeeze to get an awning and car on. The bus service was good to Newquay or Truro. Alan
  8. Greasbyite

    0. 8 Amp Drain On Battery

    Duff standby battery in alarm ?
  9. Greasbyite

    Ehic Versus Sip?

    My wife used the EHIC at a private clinic in Munchen (the local doctor was on holiday) we only had to pay €10 for medication when we got home.
  10. Greasbyite

    First Time Winter In Spain. Any Tips?

    Our hearing isn't very good so the barking 'campo' dog didn't bother us. Also there is a waste recycling plant adjacent which could be heard occasionally.
  11. Greasbyite

    First Time Winter In Spain. Any Tips?

    I used Imperium this year, its actually on the outskirts of Villajoyosa (a 20min walk to nearest supermarket). There is only one toilet block which could be a problem if the site is full. I struggled to get rock pegs in the pitch and had to borrow a heavier hammer ! A 15min walk gets you to the excellent electric train which gets you to the centre of Alicante or the outskirts of Benidorm. Alan
  12. Greasbyite

    Lightweight 2 Berth Caravan

    Cambells at Lostock Hall had a nice 2nd hand Swift Merlin in a couple of weeks ago around the £7K mark i think.
  13. Greasbyite

    Options For Using Larger Gas Bottle On Van?

    If the bottle is free standing and gets knocked over, liquid gas could enter the pipework. I know it wouldn't help you but I chain an external 13 kg bottle to the grab handle. Alan
  14. Greasbyite

    Tyron Safety Bands A Must Have.

    I thought alloy rims had a shallower well so a flat tyre is less likely to come off the rim ?