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  1. Thanks Guys for replying: I live in Kent 40 mins from Dover which is why I use Dover/Calais also I take my dog so a short crossing is preferable. I normally use route through Dreaux etc but the traffic is horrendous so I tried circumnavigating Paris last summer, however that proved difficult due to some Major roadworks and a low bridge.I would like to try again keeping to the west of Versailles joining the A11/A10 then picking up the route to Orleans.
  2. I'm sure this has been covered before ....does anyone have a reasonable route to circumnavigate Paris. I'm heading later this year to the Dordogne, I'm fed up with the Rouen/Evereaux/Dreaux route. Last year I tried Amien and then toward Versailles but almost came to grief with a low tunnel. I wonder if anyone has tried Amien/Beauvais/Orsay towing a van? Ideally need to join A10 somewhere east of Chartre near junction of A10/A11 Any suggestions will be appreciated
  3. Hi Stevew; I have a Cello 19" inc. Sat receiver picture is good, sound good, however very difficult to set up because signal strength does not refresh when moving dish you will need a reasonable sat finder, otherwise half the price of Avtex. Previously had maplin box which altered both signal strength and quality, both were displayed on screen. Advantage is no seperate box; I still prefer sky EPG - if space is the issue buy it, otherwise use normal tv with skybox.
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