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  1. Many thanks everyone who replied to this topic. Great information is always better from those of us who have personally experienced the routes and sites .I will now start checking these sites and routes. Much appreciated.
  2. I will be travelling (Towing) back from the south of spain in early November this year. I am looking for suggestions for sites in France I can use on the way back.Most sites seem to close around mis to late September. I don't particularly want to use the toll road"auto route de sol" so will probably come from northern spain visToulouse and the A20 back to Rouen area. I could use the Tunnel or Caen to Portsmouth for return across channel. I am looking just for overnight stops. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. hi how did your installation go and can I ask who installed as I'm seriously considering but have been given a "cheapest price for under locker Truma at £19500 just a tad more than I wanted to pay!
  4. Has anyone considered , assuming the FCO allow, taking their van to spain later in the year say September/October? Should their "R" rate remain low and ours be higher it may be safer? Currently looking forward to self isolating in the van(as much as I can)in the uk providing that CMC are correct in their assumption of opening on July 4th. Just wondered what peoples thoughts were generally, unless I'm looking in the wrong place I haven't seen as much discussion as I would have expected!
  5. Thanks Guys for replying: I live in Kent 40 mins from Dover which is why I use Dover/Calais also I take my dog so a short crossing is preferable. I normally use route through Dreaux etc but the traffic is horrendous so I tried circumnavigating Paris last summer, however that proved difficult due to some Major roadworks and a low bridge.I would like to try again keeping to the west of Versailles joining the A11/A10 then picking up the route to Orleans.
  6. I'm sure this has been covered before ....does anyone have a reasonable route to circumnavigate Paris. I'm heading later this year to the Dordogne, I'm fed up with the Rouen/Evereaux/Dreaux route. Last year I tried Amien and then toward Versailles but almost came to grief with a low tunnel. I wonder if anyone has tried Amien/Beauvais/Orsay towing a van? Ideally need to join A10 somewhere east of Chartre near junction of A10/A11 Any suggestions will be appreciated
  7. Hi Stevew; I have a Cello 19" inc. Sat receiver picture is good, sound good, however very difficult to set up because signal strength does not refresh when moving dish you will need a reasonable sat finder, otherwise half the price of Avtex. Previously had maplin box which altered both signal strength and quality, both were displayed on screen. Advantage is no seperate box; I still prefer sky EPG - if space is the issue buy it, otherwise use normal tv with skybox.
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